Here's a selection of sites that we think are worth visiting. Please do not e-mail us asking for a link to be placed here. If we see a site that we like, we will link to it.

epicWorks Creations
A website that makes video game and anime inspired chocolates and cakes. Cakes are deliverable only to the South Florida area.

Gate of Magus
A Super Robot Wars reference site featuring character and mecha profiles, as well as a sprite gallery.

GEARS Online
A long-running mecha website covering everything from Gundam to Gunbuster to Super Robot Wars.

Gundam Plus II
This website features information on various Gundam series, along with a Forum and gallery.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes
The definitive site for information on the epic space opera Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The website included brief synopses of every episode, as well as extensive character biographies, maps and a complete listing of classical music in each episode.

Macross Compendium
An extensive fan site that is officially sanctioned by Bandai Visual as a source for Macross information. Read up on the production history of Macross, as well as character profiles, mecha profiles and more.

Macross Mecha Manual
M3 features detailed, custom colored lineart and mecha profiles for the entire Macross franchise.

Macross World
A Macross community site featuring a large Forum, extensive model information and Macross art.

Mecha Damashii
This blog focuses on mecha video games and model kits.

MechaScientific Wiki
This Wiki community focuses on the Zeta Gundam side story Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans.

Ngee Khiong
This blog features all the latest model kit news from Gundam and other mecha franchises.

Mobile Suit Gundam: High Frontier
This website takes an in-depth look at the science behind Gundam. Topics such as space colonies, Lagrange points and a massive Universal Century timeline are covered.

As a part of the Modern Method network, TOMOPOP focuses on collectible toy culture, including vinyl, figures, garage kits and mecha model kits.

Ultimate Mark
Want to know more about Mark Simmons, the webmaster of the now-retired Gundam Project? At his personal site, check out some of his vacation art as well as some Gundam-related articles.