1/100 LM314V23 Victory 2 Buster Gundam

General and Technical Data

LM314V23 Victory 2 Buster Gundam
Release Date:
Suggested Price:
¥ 1800
No. of Parts:
9 runners + 1 runner polycaps
Plastic colors: white, red, blue, gray, yellow, clear, clear pink
Gimmicks: beam rifle, beam saber, beam fan, beam shield,
transformation into Core Fighter, V2 Top, or V2 Bottom


Contributor: Chris 'KokopelliChindi' Knudtson
Date: July 26, 2004

This kit is nearly the same as the V2 Gundam with add-on parts for the Buster mode. Because of this only the add-on parts will be reviewed. All the accessories for the V2 are included as well as spare parts to build the suit as the regular V2.


Same as V2.


The hatch that covered the head’s connection has been replaced with a backpack that supports the beam cannon and beam spray pod. Because of the way the backpack connects, the wings have to be removed and attached to the weapon pods. This leaves the two connection pegs sticking out and a gap between the body and the wings. Due to the increased weight, the upper body pulls away from the rest of the torso
easier. There’s a blue sticker for the mega beam cannon but nothing for the red part of the beam spray pod. The front skirt armors are larger with missile pods on them. They are big unpainted bulges that need some blue on them. The rear skirt armor has missile pods attached to them. Like
the rear skirt armor they’re hollow and white instead of blue.


The weapons pods do not get in the way of the shoulder armor; other than that same as V2.


Missile pods attach to the leg hard points. All molded in white. Other than that, same as the V2.

Weapons and Accessories

Beam rifle - The nice and simple with the oversized sight. The V2 holds it easily and the barrel rotates so it can be attached to the top section or held in a stabilized firing position. Two barrels are included, the regular
one, and one with a grenade launcher.

Beam saber- One big piece of clear pink plastic, the handle need to be painted. Also, it’s easy to get scars from cutting it off the tree.

Beam fan- Same as the beam saber but has less problems with scars and looks better.

Beam shield- Excellent molding to get the starburst on the plastic. The red generator has a piece (that’s best pulled out with needle nosed pliers) that fits through the hole in the shield and plug into the main part again.

Transformation- For the Core Fighter, the backpack hinges forward so that
the beam cannon and beam spray pod are facing forward. For he Top and Bottom, same as V2.


There are not many differences between the Buster and the regular V2 since almost all the missile pods are add-ons and the weapons pods can be easily swapped for the regular cover hatch. The bulk of the Buster components are the weapons pods, which are simple in construction. The inclusion of all the V2’s weapons plus the new rifle is excellent. However,
the gap between the wings and body is horrible and there’s a lot that needs to be painted that stickers are not provided for. I like this variation better than the Assault due to the backpack and all of the V2’s accessories.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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