1/100 LM314V24 V2 Assault Gundam

General and Technical Data

LM314V24 V2 Assault Gundam
Release Date:
Suggested Price:
¥ 1800
No. of Parts:
8 runners + 1 runner polycaps
Plastic colors:
white, red, blue, gray, yellow, clear, gold chrome
Gimmicks: beam rifle, mega beam rifle, mega beam shield, add-on parts for transformation into Core Fighter, V2 Top, or V2 Bottom


Contributor: Chris 'KokopelliChindi' Knudtson
Date: July 25, 2004

This kit is nearly the same as the V2 Gundam with add-on parts for the Assault mode. Because of this, only the add-on parts will be reviewed. Unfortunately with the addition of the parts, the beam saber, fan, and shield have been taken out of the kit. The use of chrome for the Assault armor was nice except for the fact that not all the Assault armor was
chromed. Spare parts allow the model to be built as the regular V2.


Same as V2.


A large gold piece replaces the crotch piece. The VSBR’s are single pieces that plug into the hardpoint on the side skirts. They’re hollow on the inside, but it’s not that noticeable. The VSBR’s are thinner and longer than in the lineart and also molded in an open position.


The blue part on the top of the shoulder armor has pegs added so that the assault armor can snap over it. Due to the way this piece plugs into the shoulder, the armor is prone to falling off and is best glued on. The shoulders are one of my biggest gripe about the kit because parts that should have the chrome treatment like the rest of the armor is molded in blue. There are also large gaps in the sides of the armor. There is a small chrome part attached by a swing bar that is very obvious and looks toyish. The shoulder armors are a lot wider and boxier than in the lineart.


Gold armor replaces the knee armor. Its hollow on the inside like the previous knee armors. Other than that, same as the V2.

Weapons and Accessories

Beam rifle- The nice and simple with the oversized sight. The V2 holds it easily and the barrel rotates so it can be attached to the top section or held in a stabilized firing position.

Mega beam rifle- Very nice weapon consisting of two parts than can separate and be stored on the leg hardpoints. The beam shield generator of the arm must be removed to plug the weapon in. The barrel extends, the handle fold out, and two hatches open when it goes into firing mode. A large, excellent weapon in the tradition of the Zeta’s hyper mega

Mega beam shield- Molded almost all in white, so it needs stickers or paint. Three small pieces clip onto the shield and can fall off. Its hollow on the inside besides the connection piece. The shield plugs into the beam shield generator. The V2 can hand carry it but the connection peg gets in the way.

For the Core Fighter, same as V2. For the Top, that swing bar on the shoulder armors serves its only purpose. The little gold part it connects swings up so the Assault armor can fold onto the shoulder armor when it transforms. For the Bottom, a new frame is included that has the Assault crotch piece molded into it. Other than that, same as V2.


I wanted to praise this kit for the chrome armor and the excellent weapons, but it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The shoulder armor is all blue, looks horrible without paint, and sacrifices appearance for transformation. With the two-color molding its annoying to have an all-white shield. Finally, no beam saber, fan, or shield. On the plus side you get a nice-looking mega beam rifle, shield, and some chrome armor. With work, the kit looks more impressive than the V2, but it still suffers from similar design problems.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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