This is the Editorials section, where you will find a variety of editorials ranging from professional, to angry, to downright ludicrous. We will try our best to keep an even mix of all three. Many of these editorials were previously featured on About.com's anime page, and some are exclusive to our website.

04/27/2006: The Gundam Crusader

08/15/2003: Letting go of Fansubs

06/03/2002: Newer Isn't Always Better

01/09/2002: Elitist Anime Fans are Never Satisfied

12/01/2000: Digital Editing: Magic or Menace?

11/27/2000: PoJo Is Full Of Crap-o

10/04/2000: The Encode Controversy: Hypocrisies Galore

09/19/2000: Escaflowne on FOX: Hollywood Strikes Again

08/25/2000: The Death of Subtitled VHS

07/31/2000: Hollywood Execs Like Slashing Anime

07/08/2000: When Fans go too Far

05/30/2000: Cut Uncut: An Oxymoron?

04/17/2000: Cheap Websites, Stolen Items, and the Woes they Cause

04/14/2000: Lunar 2: Preorder Blues

04/09/2000: Toonami: Things Past and Yet to Come

04/01/2000: Scooby Doo on DVD: Has Warner Brothers Gone Mad?

11/02/1999: Another Princess Mononoke Injustice

08/31/1999: A Princess Mononoke Injustice

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