This section features interviews conducted with people who are involved with the anime community, be it through production, distribution or other methods.

11/15/2014: Chuck Huber, FUNimation

03/22/2014: Phil LaMarr, Disney

07/19/2013: Sam Daly, Warner Brothers

07/17/2012: Tricia Helfer, Disney

07/17/2012: Bruce Boxleitner, Disney

05/26/2012: Dan Woren, Viz Media

07/25/2011: Jeff Kline, The Hub

04/01/2011: Alan Burnett, Warner Bros. Animation

09/04/2010: Tom Kenny, Lions Gate Entertainment

07/05/2008: David Hayter, Konami

07/17/2007: Justin Sevakis, ImaginAsian Entertainment

03/07/2005: Jerry Chu, Bandai Entertainment

06/17/2002: Robert Woodhead, AnimEigo

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