Mailbag 75: Escape of the Rider Warriors Ascension of Victory with the Final Neverending Golden Moon Power Rebirth

Posted January 19, 2010

All things must come to the end, and so too must the Mailbag. But like the Phoenix, or an annoying cockroach that won't die, the Mailbag is being reborn as a regular feature on the Gundamn! @ MAHQ podcast. So without wasting any further time, here's the final web installment of the Mailbag.

zgapd asks:
1. Is it just me or is Shinn Asuka a real pansy?

2. What happens to Amuro and Char at the end of CCA?

3. Has any one else noticed that the story writers in Gundam like to kill off half of the characters by the end of each series?

Chris responds:
1. I don't know - is this supposed to be a question? Obviously, you're not a fan of Shinn Asuka. What would you like me to say? Do you want me to affirm your belief that he is a pansy? What would be the point of that? In the end, it all just comes down to opinion, so what does it matter what I think of Shinn?

2. Oh boy. I'd like to think you're joking about this, but I suspect not. I guess it's fitting that this question follows me until the very end of the Mailbag. Ok, so for the really real last time, here's what happens: the overload of the psycoframe and the wills of all the people causes a Minovsky particle overload that opens a transdimensional rift. Amuro's consciousness is separated from his body, and he finds himself in another universe in a strange new body with the name "Ribbons Almark." Driven insane by this experience, Amuro/Ribbons develops a god complex and decides to conquer the world. At the same time, Char's consciousness ends up in another universe, and he finds himself in a body with the name "Gilbert Durandal." Having realized that his father's theories about Newtypes and space migration didn't appeal to the public, Char/Durandal devotes himself to devising something much more palatable: the Destiny Plan. And that's what happened. It's completely true.

3. No, in more than 30 years, no one has ever noticed this at all before you mentioned it. I'm not sure that this is a question either. Aside from it not being true in every series, what am I supposed to say here? Sorry if I don't get the point of what you're trying to ask.

TheGoose asks:
Would you ever like to see a Gundam show that isn't a war story? Do you think that a Gundam show can only function as a war story?

Chris responds:
I don't know what else Gundam could be other than a war story. Sure, there's SD Gundam, but that's pure comedy and doesn't try to be anything other than that. I don't see what Gundam could do that doesn't involve war or conflict somehow. Could you imagine Dragon Ball Z without tournament fighting, Macross without singing or One Piece without pirates? I'm sure there's other ways Gundam can explore the theme of war (ie G Gundam), but it can't get away from this basic conceit that forms the core of every series. If there was a Gundam series that wasn't about war, it would fundamentally not be a Gundam series. Besides, Bandai wants us to buy robot toys and kits. If the robots don't fight each other, what's the point in them making the series?

InjuredPelican asks:
Why is Gundam X the only series to ever have a security system (albeit weak) for their Gundam mobile suits. In that universe, the Federation deemed it worthwhile to have at least a simple security lock to keep the powerful Gundam X from being captured. So why hasn't any other universe done that? In real life, when enemy vehicle's and weapons are captured, usually a shipment is stolen and then hacked into/broken down to study it. Wouldn't it be interesting if ZAFT actually had to cart away their stolen Federation Gundams and then have maintenance crews figure out how to override security measures? I guess it would slow things down action wise, but would make a whole lot more sense in the end.

Chris responds:
Gundam X isn't the only series to have mobile suit security systems. In Gundam 00, Celestial Being's Gundams have a security system that reads biometric data. There are examples of this when Setsuna jumps into the Gundam Exia's cockpit and has to undergo an eye scan to activate the suit. As we see, the only thefts in 00 are when Ali uses Veda to overwrite the biometrics for the Gundam Throne Zwei, and when Revive briefly makes off with the 0 Raiser. Since those were both inside jobs, you could say that Celestial Being's system if foolproof because no outside party gets its hands on anything without inside help. As for ZAFT, well, they're just stupid. Given that they first acquired Gundams through theft, you'd think they would at least take some precautions so that it doesn't happen to them. But they get more stuff stolen from them than what some guy could shoplift from a Wal-Mart.

David Perry asks:
On the Gundamn! podcast, yourself and your fellows have (jokingly?) suggested the Gundam Unicorn OVA doesn't exist for you. Can you elaborate on your opinion of the anime version of this storyline? Why/why aren't you happy to see it converted to a new medium?

Chris responds:
There is a bit of a story behind this. Earlier in 2009, the first news about Gundam Unicorn being animated broke at an Italian animation event. For awhile, there was no outside confirmation aside from Italian fan sites. Personally, I was waiting for outside confirmation to see what was really happening. Not too long before this, the news of Gundam 0081 had come out, and many people (myself included) jumped to the conclusion that it would be an anime, rather than just a PS3 game. After this, I didn't want to jump the gun on Unicorn and assume it was something that it wasn't. However, some people on 4chan's /m/ forum bitched/moaned/complained/whatever wondering how much longer I would "deny" the existence of Unicorn. Given that they're all idiots, this is beyond stupid. So I shared the anecdote with Paul and Adam, and it's become a sort of in-joke between us on the show. I have no opinion for or against Unicorn because I've never read it. Like any other new Gundam, I'm waiting to see what it's actually like before passing judgment.

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