April Fool's 2003 Prank

Since the website was originally founded on April 1, 2000, we've never done an April Fool's prank since we usually focus on an anniversary update. However, for April 1, 2003, we set up an elaborate prank about a sequel to Gundam SEED, including fake lineart of the new "Grandiose Gundam" drawn by Jen Zee. Below is the original text from the update, along with the mock profile for the Grandiose Gundam and the original full-sized drawing:

The mock profile for the GAT-X401 Grandiose Gundam

Full-sized Grandiose Gundam by Jen Zee

April 1, 2003

Special Update by Chris 12:02 A.M. EST
Today's update marks the third anniversary of MAHQ, and I'm amazed the site has come so far in the last few years. As part of the anniversary update, I've got an exclusive scoop leaked to me from an unpublished article of Newtype magazine. This article describes various plot threads involving SEED and its upcoming sequel. According to the article, the epic final battle of the series will be fought in space. As a last gambit, ZAFT has developed the 'Tenshi no Haro'- a massive sphere-shaped fortress designed to turn all Naturals into Coordinators to end the conflict as well as fix the genetic deficiency present in current Coordinators. Of course, there will be an epic final battle between Kira and Athrun.

But that's not the end. Due to SEED's popularity, Bandai is following up with a direct sequel entitled Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Blue Wind. In this sequel, the Earth Alliance has been devastated by the cataclysmic final battle with ZAFT. In the middle of the chaos, the Blue Cosmos terrorist group seizes control of the remaining Alliance forces. With the Alliance under their control, Blue Cosmos begins a genocidal war against all Coordinators. Now, the remaining crew of the Archangel must rebel against the Alliance to save Coordinators and bring peace to the Earth Sphere. This series is expected to run 52 episodes and will begin immediately after episode 52 of the first series. The article I obtained also has a scan of Kira's new suit: the Grandiose Gundam. Click here to read more about it. There's one more bit of information I have, but I should have confirmation on it tomorrow.

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