AMA-01X Jamru Fin


Model number(s): AMA-01X (mobile armor); AMA-01X+AMF-02R (equipped with Mega Booster)
Code name: Jamru Fin
Unit type: prototype space combat transformable mobile armor
Manufacturer: Axis
Operator(s): Neo Zeon; Oldsmobile Army
First deployment: November UC 0088
Accommodation: pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in head; additional standard cockpit located in nose of optional mega booster
Dimensions: mobile suit mode: overall height 17.2 meters, head height 15.0 meters; mobile armor mode: overall length 20.5 meters, overall width 14.9 meters; mobile armor mode with Mega Booster: overall length 28.2 meters, overall width 15.2 meters
Weight: mobile suit/mobile armor modes: empty 24.7 metric tons, max gross 58.5 metric tons, mass ratio 2.04; mobile armor mode with Mega Booster: empty 35.5 metric tons, max gross 103.6 metric tons, mass ratio 2.62
Armor materials: Gundarium alloy
Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 4,750 kW
Propulsion: 121,300 kg total (rocket thrusters: 34,400 kg, 2 x 24,100 kg; Mega Booster additional rocket thrusters: 2 x 38,700 kg, 28,200 kg); vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 10
Equipment and design features: sensors, range 13,400 meters; optional AMF-02R Mega Booster, mounted in mobile armor mode only, must be ejected before transforming into mobile suit mode; optional nuclear pulse engine booster
Fixed armaments: high mega cannon, power rated at 6.0 MW in mobile suit mode and 30.1 MW in mobile armor mode, mounted in torso; 2 x 3-tube small missile launcher, mounted in shoulders in mobile suit and mobile armor modes; 2 x beam cannon/saber, power rated at 5.3 MW, mounted in hands
Additional Mega Booster fixed armaments: mega launcher, connects to and replaces high mega cannon, variable power rating from 6.2 to 40.5 MW, mounted in nose; 2 x 8-tube missile launcher, mounted in nose; 2 x beam gun, power rated at 3.2 MW, mounted on main body; bomber unit, mounted in main body

The AMA-01X Jamru Fin was a transformable mobile armor being developed by Neo Zeon during the First Neo Zeon War that was never completed. Instead, the three unfinished prototypes were fitted with makeshift arms and heads and put into service, piloted by the “3-D” team of Dale, Dune and Danny. The Jamru Fin was a fast and powerful mobile armor, its primary armament being a high mega cannon capable of knocking out enemy warships outside of their sensor ranges. The Jamru Fin could transform into a squat, mobile suit-like form armed with hand-mounted beam guns/beam sabers for close combat. Its mobile armor form could also be fitted with the AMF-02R Mega Booster, which mounted additional weapons, increased the Jamru Fin’s speed and range, and also increased the output power of its high mega cannon. The Jamru Fin was also designed to be fitted with another, much larger, super-long-range booster powered by a nuclear pulse engine capable of operating in the intense gravity well of Jupiter.

Pilot(s): Dale, Dune, Danny, Kitche Kitchener
First appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Original mechanical designer: Mika Akitaka


Beam cannon/saber




High mega cannon


Rear view (Mobile armor mode)


Rear view (Mobile armor mode, equipped with Mega Booster)


Rear view (Mobile suit mode)

Gundam ZZ Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yumiko Suzuki
Minoru Onoya
Hidemi Kamata
Meigo Endo
Ken Terasawa

Mechanical Designer(s):
Mika Akitaka
Makoto Kobayashi
Hideo Okamoto
Yutaka Izubuchi
Hajime Katoki
Yoshinori Sayama
Masahiko Asano
Mamoru Nagano

Character Designer:
Hiroyuki Kitazume

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

47 episodes

Japan 03.01.1986 – 01.31.1987


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