Model number: AOL-43
Code name: N/A
Unit type: unmanned submersible construction labor
Manufacturer(s): Hishii Heavy Industries; Schaft Enterprises
Operator: civilians
Rollout: unknown
Accommodation: none
Dimensions: unknown
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; spotlight, mounted on forward section of main body
Fixed armaments: none

The AOL-43 was a civilian use submersible construction labor manufactured by Hishii Heavy Industries. Similar to the SOV-9800 Nautilas, the AOL-43 was unmanned and piloted via remote control. A long cable connected the labor to a boat on the surface where the operator controlled its movements. In 2000, an AOL-43 unit working on an undersea cable in Tokyo Bay was attacked and destroyed by a genetically engineered monster. The police later determined that the AOL-43’s superconductive motor, manufactured by Schaft, was attracting the monster. As a result, the police and the Self-Defense Forces deployed several AOL-43s to lure the monster into a trap at the Budokan stadium.

First appearance: WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3
Original mechanical designer:
Yutaka Izubuchi


WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3

Fumihiko Takayama

Miki Tori

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yutaka Izubuchi
Shoji Kawamori
Hajime Katoki

Character Designer:
Hiroki Takagi

Musical Composer:
Kenji Kawai

1 movie

Theatrical Release:
Japan 03.30.2002
U.S. 01.10.2003


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