Asuka II


Class: unknown
Name: CVN-99 Asuka II
Ships of the line: CVN-99 Asuka II
Unit type:
 aircraft carrier
Manufacturer: Japan Self-Defense Force (initial construction)
Operator: U.N. Navy
First deployment: unknown
Dimensions: overall length 276.0 meters
Weight: standard operating displacement 38,200.0 metric tons
Powerplant: Westinghouse Electric Corporation A6W nuclear reactor
Propulsion: 4 x steam turbine
Performance: maximum speed 40 knots
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; aft docking ports for ADR-03-Mk.III Destroid Cheyenne to function as CIWS
Fixed armaments: OverTechnology beam gun, mounted on starboard side; many x Phalanx CIWS, mounted across vessel; VLS missile launcher, mounted on starboard midship
Mecha/aircraft: many x VF-0 Phoenix; many x ADR-03-Mk.III Destroid CheyenneHWR-00-Mk.IP Prototype Monster
Launch catapults: 2

The CVN-99 Asuka II was an aircraft carrier used by the U.N. Navy. Originally constructed as a conventionally powered vessel with Japan’s Self-Defense Force, the Asuka II was transferred to the U.N. Navy after Japan joined the world government. The ship was then completed as a nuclear-powered vessel and put into service. In September 2008, the Asuka II participated in combat against the Anti-U.N. at the South Pacific island of Mayan in what was later known as the Bird Human Incident.

First appearance: Macross Zero
Original mechanical designer: Junya Ishigaki


Rear view

Macross Zero Info

Shoji Kawamori

Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Junya Ishigaki
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Takuya Saito

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

5 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 12.21.2002 – 10.22.2004


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