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Code Geass R2 Turn 3: Imprisoned at Campus


As Zero, Lelouch once again declares the formation of the United States of Japan, saying that anyone who wants to be a citizen should carry out justice. Outside the Chinese consulate, Rolo is shocked to get a phone call from Lelouch, and he wonders if the Zero giving the speech is someone else. Viletta takes the phone from Lelouch and tells Rolo to get back to school. Inside the consulate, Kallen addresses Lelouch, but it’s actually C.C. in the Zero costume. Kallen is bothered about them hiding such a switch. Back at school, Lelouch helps Milly cook because Rivalz and Shirley are useless. Lelouch asks Milly about this party for him and Rolo surviving the terrorist attack, and he notices that they’ve all forgotten about Nunnally. Underneath the school, Rolo meets with Viletta in their secret observation headquarters. Rolo asks Viletta about C.C.’s location and concludes they’re in the same position as before. In class, Lelouch thinks to himself that Charles must be the one holding Nunnally, which makes things difficult for him. Viletta tells him to make sure to get to class, and he recalls that he’s already used Geass on her. Elsewhere, Britannian forces are held back by Panzer Hummel Knightmares from Italy and Germany, at least until Suzaku arrives in the Lancelot Air Cavalry. Suzaku addresses the Panzer Hummel pilots and asks them to surrender, but they refuse and charge at him. He attacks them with his slash harkens, then follows up with his swords and VARIS rifle. Schneizel’s subordinate Kanon Maldini asks if it’s ok for Suzaku to attack like that, and Schneizel reminds him that Suzaku is no longer his subordinate and reports directly to Charles now. Lelouch looks through photos of events, and Rolo asks him what he’s doing. Rolo asks Lelouch how he escaped from Babel Tower, and Lelouch answers that he used an emergency escape route. Lelouch notices that Rolo is gripping onto the locket on his cell phone, which he gave him on his birthday – or rather, Nunnally’s birthday. He tries to take the locket back, but Rolo refuses. Under the school, Rolo reports to Viletta that Lelouch doesn’t seem to be using Geass. Another team member walks in, and Rolo uses Geass on him to freeze his mind in place. He then kills him with a knife and explains to Viletta that Geass is top secret. The standoff at the Chinese consulate continues, and Kallen wonders what Lelouch’s plans are as she showers. Wearing only a towel, she then runs into a room to yell at C.C. about dressing as Zero, and she’s shocked when she sees Gao Hai and Li there too. A Black Knight then rushes in with bad news – Guilford is threatening to execute Ohgi and the other captured Black Knights unless Zero duels with him. Shirley tells Lelouch she has to buy a birthday present for Viletta, and Lelouch asks to tag along, with Rivalz eavesdropping outside.

Lelouch replaces the special contact lens C.C. gave him to cover his Geass. He tells Rolo he’s going out to get a birthday present, and after he leaves, Milly forces him to tag along with her and Rivalz to spy on Lelouch and Shirley. At the Omotesando Mall, Lelouch and Shirley shop for wine, and Shirley wonders if they’re on a date. Lelouch looks around and spots Milly and the others spying on him. Viletta watches Lelouch on surveillance cameras, and Rolo wonders if he really isn’t Zero. Lelouch spots the other people spying on him, and while filling out a form, he uses Geass on a mall employee. Shirley watches a couple kissing, and when Lelouch surprises her, she points to a poster and says she’d like to ride a cable car. Lelouch then recalls what happened with Mao and blames himself for what happened to the memories of Shirley and the others. He tells Shirley that they’re being followed by Milly, but he has an idea. They go inside a clothing store, and he asks Shirley to pretend as though he’s in the dressing room. Lelouch then changes clothes and calls the security office with a bomb threat. The mall then broadcasts an announcement that is the secret code for a terrorist threat, and C.C. orders her spies to stay in place. Lelouch heads out and is followed by a spy, but just then the Geassed employee activates the fire alarm, setting off a panic. Rolo runs into the clothing store, but Lelouch isn’t there. Viletta decides to head to the scene, and Rolo runs back to the school’s surveillance room, which is empty. Lelouch then pulls a gun on him, and Rolo comments that he must have awakened. Lelouch says that they must have C.C.’s capture as a top priority. He says that the school of imprisonment will become his castle of freedom. Removing the contact lens, he says that he’ll use Rolo as a pawn in his search for Nunnally. Just then, Rolo vanishes and reappears behind Lelouch, holding his own gun. Lelouch is surprised that Rolo has Geass and wonders if he stopped time. Rolo tells Lelouch to die and begins to press the trigger. An explosion occurs at the Chinese consulate, and Li attacks a Black Knight, saying their group will be destroyed right now.


Now that he’s back in command of at least a small group of Black Knights, Lelouch gets back to what he does best: manipulating people and situations. He manages to fool Rolo (and just about everyone else) by having C.C. dress as Zero again. Now that he’s back in school and with his memories, he’s starting to make plans to deal with Rolo. I think it’s somewhat interesting that Viletta’s secret base is set up underneath the school, where Mao had previously held Nunnally hostage. Suzaku also returns to the battlefield, and this is the first time we see him fight as a Knight of the Round (not that he fights any differently from how he used to). Now that Lelouch has his memories back, we see that he regrets all that has happened to Shirley and the others as a result of him, but there’s not much he can do at the moment. Though he manages to lay a great trap to get Rolo alone, his position is instantly reversed thanks to Rolo’s Geass. With trouble also happening at the Chinese consulate, it’s not going to be an easy ride for Lelouch.

Overall Rating

Code Geass Info

Goro Taniguchi

Ichiro Okouchi
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Yuuichi Nomura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kenji Teraoka
Junichi Akutsu
Eiji Nakata
Takumi Sakura

Character Designer(s):
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer(s):
Hitomi Kuroishi
Kotaro Nakagawa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 10.05.2006 – 07.28.2007 (S1);
04.06.2008 – 09.28.2008 (S2)
U.S. 04.27.2008 – 10.26.2008 (S1);
11.02.2008 – 06.07.2009 (S2)

Theatrical Release:
Japan 10.21.2017 – 05.26.2018


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