Da-Garn Ep. 17: The Sabers, Dead?!


The doll tortures and berates Butcho for not producing any results and forcing them to rely on Seven Changer. The doll then begrudgingly contacts Seven Changer to thank him for his help, and the latter says that he was only following Ohboss’ orders. The doll says that their job would be more fun if they got along, but Seven Changer retorts that he doesn’t confuse business with pleasure unlike them and cuts the transmission. The doll warns Butcho not to be upstaged by Seven Changer again, and Butcho vows to get rid of all of their problems at once. As Seiji walks to school, a strong gust of wind distracts him from the sudden appearance of Hotaru. Hotaru warns Seiji not to go anywhere today because something terrible will happen to him and his friends. Hikaru runs up to Seiji and asks what he’s doing, and the latter turns around to discover that Hotaru has vanished. At school, the Director beeps and Seiji pretends to have a stomachache so he can leave the classroom. Morisawa asks Hikaru to accompany Seiji but Hotaru loudly says that Seiji mustn’t go. Seiji insists he can go by himself and exits. Da-Garn informs Seiji that Shuttle Saber spotted enemy robots in South America. Seiji decides to ignore Hotaru’s warning and tells Da-Garn to pick him up from school. On the way, Jumbo Saber shows Seiji an image of an armored beast that Shuttle Saber recorded while on patrol and adds that the armored beasts were spotted in four locations. The Irene armored beasts place several planet energy reservoir probes as part of Butcho’s plan to search for the reservoirs and bait the Brave Fighters into a trap at the same time. Da-Garn and the Sabers land and Seiji disembarks from Jumbo Saber while Butcho watches through the eyes of an Elizabeth spy beast. The probes release a sticky purple substance that quickly spreads out and sinks anything in its path. Seiji observes one of the Irenes drilling into the ground and tells Jumbo Saber to get closer to investigate. The purple goo reaches Seiji’s feet and traps him before leaping onto Jumbo Saber. Seiji quickly warns the others in time for them to avoid the goo and retaliate against the attacking Irenes. Jumbo Saber saves Seiji from an attacking Irene but gets knocked back further into the goo. Jumbo Saber fires a grappling line for Seiji to latch on to and tells the latter to save himself because the line can’t support his weight. The rest of the Brave Fighters destroy the remaining Irenes and Da-Garn rushes to Seiji’s aid. Da-Garn manages to pull Seiji out but is unable to save Jumbo Saber from sinking completely into the goo.

Butcho tortures the captured Jumbo Saber as his computer inform him that the probes were destroyed before they could locate any planet energy reservoirs. Butcho tells Jumbo Saber that he will show him some mercy if he tells him Da-Garn’s weakness and the identity of their commander, but Jumbo Saber refuses to divulge anything. Butcho’s computer informs him that the Brave Fighters are regrouping near the surface of the goo. Seiji tells the Landers to come quickly while Shuttle Saber tries to burn the goo. Suddenly Butcho rises from the goo in the armored beast Catherine with Jumbo Saber strapped to its top. Butcho warns the Brave Fighters not to attack him by electrocuting Jumbo Saber. Butcho pelts the helpless Brave Fighters with laser blasts and spikes. Jumbo Saber tells Seiji to forget about him and give the order to attack. Butcho tells Seiji to reveal his face or he will destroy Jumbo Saber. Seiji is about to comply when it suddenly starts raining. At school, Hikaru comes back from the nurse’s office and says that Seiji never went there. Just then, Hotaru collapses. The rain blocks Butcho’s vision and Seiji uses the chance to order Da-Garn to attack. However, Butcho notices and blasts Da-Garn. He turns his sights on Seiji and says he’s better off killing him. Butcho fires at Seiji but Shuttle Saber and Jet Saber shield Seiji with their bodies. The Landers finally arrive and blast Butcho. Mach Lander uses his Wing Cutter to free Jumbo Saber while the rest of the Landers catch him. Seiji quickly has Da-Garn combine into Da-Garn X while the Landers attack Butcho. Butcho decides to borrow into the ground to escape but Da-Garn X destroys Catherine with Breast Earth Flash. Butcho lands in the goo and offers Seiji all his secrets in exchange for mercy. Suddenly Seven Changer arrives and fires at Seiji, forcing Da-Garn X to quickly move him out of the way. Butcho chides Seven Changer for being late then quickly apologizes and begs to be saved. Da-Garn X fires Breast Earth Flash but Seven Changer redirects the blast back at the former. Seiji has the Landers combine into Land Bison who immediately attacks Seven Changer, but the latter quickly overwhelms Land Bison and Da-Garn X with his tank and flying panther form. The Sabers ask Seiji to allow them to combine, but the latter refuses because of the Sabers’ weakened condition. The Sabers argue that they might stand a chance in the air, and Seiji tells them to withdraw if things get rough. The Sabers combine into Sky Saber and Seven Changer charges at him in his griffin form. The two robots clash and Sky Saber loses one of his wings. Sky Saber fires at Seven Changer but the latter swiftly avoids the former’s shots and rams him. Sky Saber then throws his Sky Boomerang but Seven Changer uses his extendable tread to destroy it and pierce Sky Saber’s torso. Seven Changer grabs Butcho and leaves as Sky Saber falls to the ground. Sky Saber’s body turns grey and the Sabers’ Brave Stones float out of it and into Seiji’s hands. As Seiji recalls Hotaru’s warning earlier, the Brave Stones lose their color and form cracks on their surface.


Butcho nearly gains the upper hand in this action-heavy episode, but unfortunately he wasn’t equipped to handle the combined might of all eight Brave Fighters. Seven Changer on the other hand, was more than able to hold his own against them and displayed his overwhelming power by killing the Sabers. Seven Changer is a really cool design and I’m glad they made a new multi-changer robot for the show instead of recycling Sixshot from Transformers. With three members of the Brave Fighters out of commission, the episode ends on the show’s first big cliffhanger and Seiji really wishing he heeded Hotaru’s warning.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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