Da-Garn Ep. 18: Be Reborn, Brave Fighters!


Seiji quickly asks Da-Garn X how he can revive Sky Saber, but Da-Garn X says that he has no idea. At a loss for what to do, Seiji fails to notice the Director glowing. Elsewhere, a giant statue of a hawk glows and causes a green phoenix to materialize. The doll prepares to punish Butcho for failing again but he quickly says that he has a new plan. Butcho explains that with the Brave Fighter’s flying robot destroyed, they’ll be powerless against a flying armored beast. Seven Changer however interrupts the conversation and says that he will take care of Da-Garn. Seven Changer says that he’s tired of bailing Butcho out of trouble and will go into battle personally to relieve his boredom. The voice of the doll; which belongs to a mysterious woman sitting on a throne surrounded by male servants; says that she will allow Seven Changer to fight as long as she takes credit for defeating Da-Garn. Butcho asks what his role will be, and the doll relegates him to taking out the GDO’s fighter jets. When Butcho complains about the task being menial, the doll zaps him for not realizing that controlling the Earth’s skies will make finding planet energy reservoirs much easier. Butcho reluctantly follows his orders using his flying armored beasts Margarete and Annette. However, he orders Annette to rampage through the skies on its own while he goes off with Margarete for a different purpose. Seiji decides to ask Hotaru because she knew what was going to happen. The phoenix flies down and tries to get Seiji’s attention but he brushes it off. Seiji tells Da-Garn and Land Bison to watch of Sky Saber’s body while he takes the Da-Garn Jet to Japan. The phoenix flies after him and Da-Garn faintly detects a power similar to his. Annette attacks the Da-Garn Jet and tries to hit it with its tentacles, but only manages to graze the phoenix. Seiji accelerates and escapes while the phoenix falls into the ocean. Seiji beams down to Hotaru’s front door and is immediately greeted by the old woman who informs Seiji that he’s expected. Seiji is led to the backyard where he finds Hotaru surrounded by a large variety of exotic birds. Hotaru says that the birds told her that an evil being is trying to take control of the skies. Land Bison contacts Seiji and reports that Seven Changer came back. Seiji tells Hotaru that she needs to come with him quickly. They beam up to the Da-Garn Jet as crowd gathered in front of Hotaru’s house watches, including the Kosakas. On the way back, Seiji spots the phoenix flying towards them and Hotaru says that the phoenix is here to guide Seiji. Land Bison fires at Seven Changer but the latter evades the shots and disables Land Bison with his panther and griffith forms. Seven Changer then turns to Da-Garn and says that he’s next.

Seiji follows the phoenix into a narrow canyon and wonders where it’s leading them. Hotaru reveals that the phoenix spoke into her mind and told her he’s leading them to the Cave of Light. They arrive at a large cavern with the hawk statue and an opening in the ceiling shining sunlight on a rock pedestal. Seiji is directed to place the Sabers’ Brave Stones on the pedestal, where the cracks slowly start to heal. Seiji contacts Da-Garn with the good news but the celebration is cut short when Da-Garn reports that they’re being overwhelmed by Seven Changer. Hotaru cradles the dying Phoenix and Seiji finally realizes he could have avoided this situation if he listened to the phoenix earlier. Seiji apologizes to the phoenix for not being able to understand it and Hotaru says that a miracle will happen if Seiji wishes for it. Seven Changer stands over Da-Garn and Land Bison and asks if they intend to throw their lives away. Da-Garn replies that he would gladly do it if it means protecting the Earth or a friend. Seven Changer pulls out his sword and prepares to charge Da-Garn but Butcho suddenly streaks by in Margarete and rams Da-Garn. Seven Changer tells Butcho he doesn’t need his help and the latter retorts that he won’t let Seven Changer hog all the glory. Hotaru instructs Seiji to hold the phoenix over the Director. The Aurin starts to glow and the phoenix flies into the hawk statue. The hawk statue breaks and causes a blinding flash of light. Hotaru collapses and Seiji looks up to see a new Brave Fighter standing in front of him! The robot introduces itself as Hawk Saber and explains that the phoenix was a physical projection of his spirit. Seiji says that Da-Garn told him there were only eight Brave Fighters protecting the Earth, and Hawk Saber reveals that he existed to protect the skies long before humanity was born. When a new threat to the sky emerged, it awoke him from his deep slumber aided by Seiji’s desire to understand the hearts of animals. Hawk Saber asks for Seiji’s command, and the latter quickly orders him to save his comrades. Hawk Saber immediately transforms and flies out of cavern. Seiji picks up the unconscious Hotaru and thanks her for her help. Land Bison tries to shoot Margarete but Butcho easily avoids the shots and sends Annette to land the killing blow. However, Hawk Saber arrives and quickly destroys Annette while knocking Butcho away. Land Bison is surprised that the ancient Brave Fighters are awakening and Da-Garn recognizes Hawk Saber as the protector of Earth’s skies. Hawk Saber fires his Hawk Anchor at Margarete and Butcho calls out to Seven Changer to help him, not knowing that the latter has retreated to watch the battle from a distance. Seiji sets Hotaru down on the ground and has Da-Garn combine into Da-Garn X. Butcho tries to retaliate against Hawk Saber with Margarete’s tentacles but Da-Garn X shoots them and forces Butcho to retreat. Land Bison damages Margarete’s wings and Hawk Saber destroys one of them with Hawk Gimlet. Da-Garn X then destroys the armored beast with Breast Earth Buster. Seven Changer grabs Butcho and escapes once again. Back at the cavern, the Sabers’ Brave Stones are completely restored. When Hotaru comes to, she has forgotten everything that happened in the cave and asks about the phoenix. Seiji replies that the phoenix will be protecting the skies from now on. The Sabers’ Brave Stones fly back into Sky Saber, who revives just as a huge flock of birds flies overhead.


With Hotaru’s help, Seiji manages to restore the Sabers and in the process gains a new teammate for them. Hawk Saber came just in time to get the Brave Fighters out of a serious bind. We also discover that the Brave Fighters are so ancient that some of them existed before humanity even came into being. This does however raise the question of where Hawk Saber got his robot body from. On the other hand, I am completely baffled by this show continuing to spoil new robot introductions with really inane episode plots. How is Butcho wrecking some fighter jets over the ocean supposed to in any way imply total conquest of the Earth’s skies or endangerment of the world’s bird population? In fact the only bird that was physically harmed was the phoenix and that wasn’t even intentional. Unfortunately for Butcho he became too obsessed with upstaging Seven Changer to even finish the simple task he was given. We do however get a brief glimpse of the person calling the shots for Butcho so that’s another minor mystery to keep track of.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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