Da-Garn Ep. 19: Introducing Pegasus Saber


Seiji returns home to find a news van parked outside his house. An angry Misuzu demands to know why the house is a complete mess and why Seiji’s desk is gone. Misuzu thinks that Seiji started hanging out with a bad crowd, but the latter is saved by the arrival of the ringmaster. The ringmaster gives Seiji a new desk as thanks for saving his life earlier. Misuzu however senses that the ringmaster is a bad influence and forbids Seiji from seeing him again before leaving for work in the new van. Hikaru passes by and tells Seiji that she’s making a food delivery to the ringmaster at the circus. In the circus’ center ring, Butcho is approached by the doll who demands to know if he came up with a plan yet. Butcho reveals his new armored beast Misery which he created using a new genetic activator for fast growth. The doll says that the Brave Fighters have gotten stronger since gaining a new member and that failure this time will mean Butcho’s head on the chopping block. Butcho is alerted to someone approaching the circus and goes out to greet Seiji and Hikaru in his ringmaster form. Seiji thanks the ringmaster for the desk and the ringmaster thanks Hikaru for delivering the lunch. Seiji asks the ringmaster if they can hang out today but the latter replies that he has some urgent business. Elsewhere, Misuzu thinks that Seiji’s life changed for the worse since the ringmaster came to town and impulsively tells her news crew to head to the circus. As Misery continues to grow, Seiji and Hikaru find Hotaru staring horrified at all the trees in town withering. As Hotaru runs off, Hikaru remembers that she forgot to collect her payment from the ringmaster. While they return and enter the circus from the back entrance, Misuzu is trying to interview the ringmaster about when he was eaten by an armored beast. The ringmaster however refuses to give and interview and goes back inside the tent. Magical Pinky stops Misuzu from trying to enter the tent just as a passing Tadashin spots Misuzu. Seiji and Hikaru spot Misery’s synthesis chamber and Hikaru sees the ringmaster change into Butcho. Hikaru lets out a scream which alerts everyone outside. Butcho chases Hikaru who tells Seiji that the ringmaster transformed. Butcho says that they won’t escape just as Pinky, Tadashin, Misuzu and her news crew run inside and see him. Seiji uses the distraction to hit Butcho with a steel pipe but it bends harmlessly around Butcho’s head. Butcho chases Seiji and Hikaru and Misuzu tells Tadashin to shoot Butcho. The bullet however ricochets off Butcho’s body and hits his computer, causing a malfunction that pumps excess genetic activator into the synthesis chamber. Green goo bursts out of the chamber and sweeps everyone away. When Seiji is separated from Hikaru, he quickly suits up and calls Da-Garn to inform him that the circus was the enemy base all along. Da-Garn quickly rushes to help along with the Sabers. The goo bursts out of the tent and forms a giant plant. The Brave Fighters arrive and Da-Garn shoots Misery’s tentacles while the Sabers free all the trapped people. Hawk Saber grabs Seiji who tells them that his mother is still trapped.

Seiji grabs Misuzu and Hawk Saber puts them safely on the ground. Seiji then quickly has Da-Garn and the Sabers combine into Da-Garn X and Sky Saber. Misuzu thanks the costumed Seiji but then quickly grows concerned when Hikaru says that she didn’t see Seiji escape. The Brave Fighters cut off Misery’s clawed appendages but it regenerates them and the discarded ones rampage through the streets on their own. Hikaru tells the Brave Fighter’s commander that he needs to find Seiji, but Misuzu suspects that the boy in costume is actually Seiji himself. Seiji however denies this and says that his actual name is Luke Skywalker. Da-Garn X stops the Sabers from attacking and creating more independent limbs just as Butcho crawls out from under Misery and runs into the ruined remains of the circus. “Luke” tells Misuzu that he has no mother but will return Seiji safely to her before running off. Seiji disappears into the distance then runs back without his suit in full sight of everyone while being chased by one of the detached claws. Eventually, all the trees in the town wither. Seiji runs into Hotaru touching one of the withered trees. The old woman comes out brandishing a naginata and tells Hotaru that they must escape to safety. Hotaru tells Seiji that the armored beast will not die as long as there is life in the earth before she faints in his arms. A detached claw attacks them but Da-Garn X throws it away. Da-Garn X tells Seiji that the more they attack the armored beast the more it will multiply and grow. Seiji then understands Hotaru’s words and tells Da-Garn X that they need to get the armored beast off the planet. Butcho’s computer tells him that the Misery doubles in size every hour and will engulf the entire Earth in one week. Butcho thinks that they won but the doll angrily tells him that their plans will be ruined if the uncontrollable Misery drains all of Earth’s planet energy. Seiji suits up again while Da-Garn X wonders how they can lift Misery and all its pieces up into space. Sky Saber and Hawk Saber say that they can achieve that if they combine, so Seiji has them become the new robot Pegasus Saber! Pegasus Saber attaches a grappling line to an arrow and fires it through Misery and all its detached claws. Pegasus Saber and Da-Garn X then lift Misery up into space and destroy it with Saber Razor and Earth Graser. The absorbed planet energy falls back to the ground and revives all the trees. Da-Garn X tells Pegasus Saber that the enemy still remains. Seiji runs back to Misuzu who embraces him before reporting the events of the battle to the news camera. Da-Garn X and Pegasus Saber descend to the ground just as it starts shaking. Pinky runs towards the group yelling for help as Butcho’s spaceship rises up from the ground where the circus tent used to be.


It was bad enough for Butcho that he’s been backed into a wall, but then a string of events led to his cover being completely blown in front of most of the major characters. Misuzu comes back home after a long absence and pretty much figures out Seiji’s secret identity instantly. I’d predictably say that you can’t fool your own mother, but then Seiji manages to pull it off with an out of the blue Star Wars reference. Also defying predictability are the Sabers. It was no surprise that Hawk Saber could combine with the other Sabers but I never imagined they’d turn into a giant robot centaur. The mystery of Butcho’s superior gets more intriguing as we finally get to see her face. Though it’s not explicitly stated yet, we can clearly see that it’s just Magical Pinky with a different hair color. This of course leads to the obvious question of where Yamamoto Pink fits in all of this, but for now we have a cliffhanger where Butcho finally snaps and plans to destroy everything in his path.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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