Da-Garn Ep. 21: The Cat in the Darkness


GDO trucks arrive at the giant hole in the city where Butcho’s ship was hidden as Misuzu reports on the incident from a helicopter. At Tsukushi, Seiji, Magical Pinky and the Kosakas discuss the revelation about the ringmaster. Pinky laments not realizing his identity sooner while being watched by a purple cat from outside. The cat later visits Pinky in her mansion. Pinky is repulsed by the cat and douses it with water. The cat complains that Pinky is being cold before changing into a humanoid form. Pinky recognizes the figure as Violetche. Violetche says that Pinky coming to Earth without telling him was uncooperative. Pinky asks if Ohboss came with Violetche and the latter replies that Ohboss is on his way to Earth. He tells Pinky that she seems calm despite accomplishing nothing since arriving on Earth and suggests that they work together. Pinky retorts that she doesn’t need to make excuses to Violetche and the latter warns her not end up like Butcho because he reports directly to Ohboss. Pinky deduces that Violetche killed Butcho but Violetche doesn’t admit to it and leaves. Pinky enters her lair and changes into her Lady Pinky form, saying that if Ohboss’ auditor is here then Ohboss is now personally interested in conquering Earth, which means she must act quickly. Pinky tells her servants that they need to find the Earth robots and their leader. One of her underlings informs her that part of Butcho’s base is still intact. Pinky heads out personally to investigate it. She finds the sub-computer room with Butcho’s computer still intact and orders it to hand over any information that Butcho had. The computer says that it can’t provide anything without Butcho’s orders but spits out a CD when Pinky threatens to unplug it. Pinky orders her servant to engage the computer’s self destruct switch so it can’t be used against them. Just after they leave the room, Violetche enters it and the computer begs him to save it. Violetche however grabs another copy of the data and leaves the computer to perish in a large explosion. The next morning, Seiji has lunch with Misuzu as they watch the news about the explosion, which shows the tunnel that Pinky came in from. Seiji deduces that some of the alien invaders are still hiding out in the city. The broadcast cuts to a live feed from the GDO’s Japanese branch and Seiji is surprised to see Koichiro back in Japan. Misuzu explains that because of the recent incidents the GDO decided to make Japan their main priority. Koichiro addresses the Brave Fighters and thanks them for protecting the Earth, but says that they must identify themselves and work with the GDO against the invaders. Pinky watches the broadcast and says that she’s as good as dead if Ohboss finds out, so she starts scheming to get rid of Violetche.

Violetche searches for the Brave Fighters’ commander and finds him running down the street, but upon following him he discovers that he’s one of many kids cosplaying as the commander. Suddenly, a mysterious person wearing the costume uses a slingshot to fling pebbles at Violetche. An enraged Violetche follows him into an ambush by multiple costumed assailants. Pinky watches Violetche through a video feed while her killer doll robot Shanerun is being prepared. The fake commanders switch to guns and surround Violeteche, forcing him to change to a larger cat form. Seiji, Hikaru and Lady Pinky are standing at the edge of the giant hole when a siren starts blaring and GDO fighters fly overhead. Seiji quickly leaves the girls and contacts Da-Garn, who informs him that enemy robots have appeared. Seiji tells him to head out and suits up. He jumps out of the bush where he was hiding and is surprised by the many children cosplaying as him. Violetche cuts off one of the fake commanders’ arms, revealing them to be robots. The GDO fighters engage Shanerun and her drones but are easily destroyed. Da-Garn arrives and fires missiles at Shanerun while avoiding the drones. The costumed kids cheer for Da-Garn and Seiji tells them that they need to evacuate, but the kids get into an argument over who is the real commander and ignore him. Seiji tells Da-Garn to keep his distance and summons the Sabers to protect the kids. Da-Garn shoots at one of the drones but it summons two smaller drones and pelts him with laser fire, so Seiji has him combine into Da-Garn X. The fake commanders restrain Violetche with whips. Da-Garn X destroys one of the smaller drones with Earth Vulcan but the other drones restrain and him and lift him up towards Shanerun. The Sabers however arrive and turn the tide. Violetche destroys two fake commanders and lunges at the third just as it fires its arm machine gun. Seiji has the Sabers combine into Sky Saber and destroy the remaining drones with Da-Garn X. Violetche unmasks the remaining fake commander and demands to know who ordered the attack on him. One of the destroyed drones falls towards them but Violetche is unable to escape the explosion because the fake commander restrains him while declaring his loyalty to Lady Pinky. Da-Garn X destroys Shanerun with Earth Cannon as the kids cheer. Later, Pinky stands on her balcony drinking to Violetche’s demise, but is surprised to see him standing above her. Pinky denies trying to kill Violetche and fakes being worried about him, but the latter calls her a poor liar. Violetche says that he’ll overlook Pinky’s actions this time, but warns her that she’s dead if she tries this again before disappearing into the night.


Quite a lot happens in this first episode of the Lady Pinky arc. We’re properly introduced to Ohboss’ new shape-shifting underling Violetche and the revelation that Pinky came to Earth of her own volition, which explains why Butcho initially received his mission directly from Ohboss instead of her. Unfortunately this means that Pinky doesn’t get to start with a clean slate since she has to deal with the consequences of Butcho’s failure. On the other hand, the unexpected but short-lived survival of Butcho’s computer with all the information he collected on the Brave Fighters so far might give her (and Violetche) an edge in discovering Seiji’s identity. Say what you will about Pinky’s vanity, but at least she’s very practical. Her robot man slaves come with built in CD readers and machine guns which she wastes no time in sending after Violetche. It’s also amusing to see Seiji’s commander identity being idolized by children and respected by the GDO. Of course if anime taught us anything, just because Koichiro made a polite invitation to join forces it doesn’t mean all the GDO top brass will play nice if Seiji ever actually decides to cooperate with them.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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