Da-Garn Ep. 23: Dance of the Spy Dolls


In a desert location, Violetche examines a Redlone Eye and finds no reaction. After he leaves in his ship, Seven Changer flies down and informs Lady Pinky that Violetche will eventually find a planet energy reservoir. Pinky asks if Seven Changer will continue reporting to her, and the latter replies that he will follow Violetche and let her know of any new developments. At school, Seiji overhears Pink telling Hikaru that her sister Pinky is out of a job because the circus is gone. Seiji tells Hikaru to hire Pinky at Tsukushi. Haruo thinks that’s a great idea and wants Pinky to start right away. Pinky starts attracting customers by offering a free stuffed animal with every meal. Seiji is worried because the stuffed animals originally belonged to the ringmaster, but Pinky assures him that they’re harmless. Violetche tracks a Redlone Eye to Africa and finds that it’s giving off a reaction. However, he can’t approach it because it’s being investigating by some locals and a pair of police officers. Seven Changer arrives and offers to assist Violetche by firing upon the locals. In the ensuing chaos, one of the police officers calls for the GDO. Tsukushi is swamped with customers and Seiji is forced to help out with serving them because Pinky is out. When Da-Garn contacts him on the Director, Seiji fakes a stomachache and excuses himself. Da-Garn informs Seiji that a robot is attacking people in Africa, and they both deduce that it is likely Seven Changer. The Sabers; who were near the area monitoring GDO transmissions; are sent to investigate after combining into Pegasus Saber. Hikaru finds Seiji outside and Tadashin offers to take him to the hospital. Seiji declines and offers instead to find Pinky so she can take his place. The stuffed animals Pinky handed out come to life and start scanning the houses they are in for signs of the Brave Fighters and their commander. Seven Changer leads GDO fighters close to the Redlone Eye to distract Violetche from examining it. Pegasus Saber arrives and Seven Changer engages him right on top of Violetche. Seiji rings the doorbell to Pinky’s mansion and discovers that the front door is unlocked. He climbs a set of stairs and finds an attic that only has its metal infrastructure. Pinky panics when Seiji decides to stay in her house and doesn’t notice one of the spy dolls attacking.

Tadashin hears a women screaming and sees her being attacked by a spy doll. The spy doll jumps off the balcony and tries to bite Tadashin. When Pinky realizes that the dolls have been exposed, she commands all of them to attack. A group of dolls combine into the killer doll Jubanshi, which keeps growing bigger as more spy dolls combine with it. Pinky decides to change to her Magical Pinky form to deal with Seiji as Jubanshi heads towards her mansion. Pinky comes bursting into the living room crying for help and covered in spy dolls. The spy dolls spill out of the mansion while dragging Seiji with them and combine with Jubanshi. Inside Jubanshi, Seiji contacts him Da-Garn and tells him that he’s trapped somewhere and can’t get out. Da-Garn intercepts Jubanshi and throws his Da-Garn Bomber at it, but Jubanshi splits into the spy dolls and recombines in another place. Seiji gets thrown around and realizes that he’s actually inside Jubanshi just as Da-Garn kicks it. Jubanshi grabs Da-Garn and Seiji summons the Landers and Pegasus Saber to help, forcing the latter to quit his duel with Seven Changer. The Landers arrive and combine into Land Bison, who fires his Land Crusher at Jubanshi. Jubanshi however splits again and Da-Garn ends up eating the attack. Da-Garn informs Land Bison that Seiji is trapped inside the killer doll. They dodge Jubanshi’s flamethrower and Da-Garn says that they need to be careful with their attacks until they find Seiji. Land Bison suggests forcing Jubanshi to split and find Seiji before it recombines, and Seiji agrees to the idea despite the risks. They fire and Jubanshi splits again. Seiji pokes his hand out of the spy doll he’s trapped inside and Land Bison tries to grab it. However, other spy dolls push it aside and start attacking the Brave Fighters, eating through their armor. Pegasus Saber arrives and uses his Saber Breaster to rescue Seiji, then blows the spy dolls off his comrades with his Saber Tempest. Seiji has Da-Garn combine into Da-Garn X and the Brave Fighters quickly overwhelm Jubanshi before destroying it with Breast Earth Buster. Later, Tadashin douses Seiji with water so he can cool off when the latter suddenly realizes that he forgot about Africa. Violetche finally confirms that the planet energy reservoir is right below them, and Seven Changer remarks that Redlone would have succeeded in finding it had he not blundered his mission.


The Redlone Eyes finally reappear and bear fruit by allowing Violetche to find the second planet energy reservoir. Pinky on the other hand makes another failed attempt to locate the Brave Fighters by engaging in Butcho’s old espionage tactics. Hilariously she would have succeeded if she could actually see inside the spy dolls themselves. Seven Changer is the wild card here. It’s not really clear why he’s cooperating with Pinky and deliberately trying to sabotage Violetche’s search efforts. Other than all that, this was a fairly average episode action-wise. Seiji also stumbles into a strange part of Pinky’s mansion but is too enamored by her to suspect anything.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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