Da-Garn Ep. 25: The Brave Fighter of Kilimanjaro


The Brave Fighters fly all over Africa and report on the increasing seismic activity that’s splitting it apart. Hawk Saber asks Seiji if there is a way to stop the explosive eruptions, and the latter tells everyone to continue investigating until Da-Garn X can figure out a solution. Seiji notices a group of natives evacuating along with the animals and beams down to them. He asks where the natives are going and their chief says that they’re heading to Mount Kilimanjaro. The chief explains that a legend passed down among them tells of a great lion sleeping in the ice at the top of Kilimanjaro who will revive when Africa is threatened, hence why all the animals instinctively run towards the mountain. The chief tells the natives to continue moving after another quake and Seiji goes back on recon with Da-Garn X. Lady Pinky watches the unfolding destruction and vents her frustration by furiously whipping one of her servants. Pinky says that if Ohboss finds out about her incompetence she’ll be lucky to be left alive. The Brave Fighters regroup and Da-Garn X says that the only thing they can do is to close the divides from within. Da-Garn X volunteers to perform the task and Seiji protests that the lava will kill him. Da-Garn X says that allowing Earth to be in danger hurts him more than death. Seiji relents and agrees to let Da-Garn X try, but orders him to come back alive no matter what happens. Sky Saber and Land Bison offer to support Da-Garn X while Seiji has Hawk Saber fly him to Mount Kilimanjaro. Seiji recalls the events that led him to Hawk Saber and suspects he will find something at the top of the mountain. Da-Garn X goes into the divide and uses traction beams to draw the two sides together while Sky Saber and Land Bison do the same from outside.

Hotaru’s housekeeper arrives at the school infirmary where Hotaru is sleeping and asks to take her home. A trio of killer dolls arrives at the divide in Africa. Killer doll Eve attacks Land Bison with missiles and disrupts his traction beam. The other two killer dolls fly off and Land Bison realizes they’re going after Sky Saber and Da-Garn X, but Eve pins him down with more missiles. Seiji reaches the top of Mount Kilimanjaro but is unable to find a lion sleeping in ice. Killer doll San attacks Da-Garn X while killer doll Rolan engages Sky Saber. Da-Garn X and Sky Saber try to retaliate but the killer dolls are too fast and disrupt their traction beams. Seiji notices that the eruptions have started again and asks the Brave Fighters about what happened. When Sky Saber informs him that they’re under attack by Ohboss’ robots, Seiji sends Hawk Saber to help Da-Garn X. Seiji tries to check in on Land Bison but is interrupted by Kilimanjaro itself erupting. Hawk Saber rams into San and chases it out of the divide allowing Da-Garn X to reengage his traction beams. However, with the rest of the Brave Fighters preoccupied with the killer dolls, Da-Garn X has difficulty closing the divide by himself and is engulfed in a lava eruption. As Seiji despairs over not being able to save the Earth, the Director glows and tiny orbs of light emerge from all the evacuated animals. The orbs all converge into one large orb before slamming into an icy cliff side and breaking off part of it, revealing a large ice statue of a lion. The Director reveals to Seiji that the lion is a Brave Fighter. Seiji points the Director at the lion and asks it to awaken so it can protect the Earth. A lightning bolt hits the ice and shatters it, revealing a giant mechanical lion that immediately picks up Seiji and starts running down the mountain. The lion tackles Eve and rips its arm off, allowing Land Bison to destroy it. It rams San into a cliff side where Hawk Saber takes it out. The lion fires missiles at Rolan but the latter dodges and knocks the lion down. The lion retaliates by transforming to robot mode and jump kicking Rolan. Sky Saber pins Rolan with a flamethrower, allowing the robot to pull out a tomahawk and cut the killer doll in half. The robot then cries out that his name is Ga-Ohn while Lady Pinky fumes at losing all her killer dolls so easily. Sky Saber and Land Bison reengage their traction beams with Ga-Ohn helping as well. They finally manage to close the divide and Seiji informs Da-Garn X that everything is fine now. Da-Garn X however does not respond, and Sky Saber tells Seiji that Da-Garn X is too busy keeping the continent held together. Seiji asks how long will Da-Garn X have to remain underground, and Sky Saber replies that it’s until the fissure is mended. Up in space, Violetche gloats that the Brave Fighters haven’t won because once he knows the locations of all five planet energy reservoirs, he can activate them whenever he wants.


With the halfway point of the series upon us, it’s time to introduce the Brave series traditional secondary main robot. Unlike the previous two Brave shows however, this show opts to go down the Transformers Victory route and make Ga-Ohn a separate character rather than another body for Da-Garn. It even bucks another tradition in that Ga-Ohn’s appearance wasn’t necessitated by Da-Garn X being destroyed. Amusingly, Sho Hayami pulls double duty voicing both Da-Garn and Ga-Ohn, but given that the latter hasn’t said a single word other than his name this episode that might not be such a big load. Lady Pinky makes a token effort to salvage her reputation with Ohboss, but Ga-Ohn’s overwhelming power makes that all for naught. Seiji did well to learn from one of his past mistakes by immediately investigating the legend of the sleeping lion, which helped him get out of another mess caused by his carelessness. Not that it mattered much to Violetche who already got what he needed. On the other hand, I have to wonder why a robot with a face and melee weapon patterned after a Plains Indian chief was sleeping in Africa of all places.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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