Da-Garn Ep. 26: City Blockade


Back home, Seiji stares at the sea and calls out to Da-Garn to come back soon. Ga-Orn, who’s hiding in the water, addresses Seiji as chieftain and tells him not to worry because there are things only Seiji can do. Seiji wishes he knows where Ohboss’ underlings were hiding so he can prevent another incident like the one in Africa, then suddenly deduces that there might still be an enemy base hidden in town. Ga-Orn offers to investigate but Seiji has him hide again when Hikaru approaches. Hikaru tells Seiji that she’s worried about him but the latter distracts her and gets inside Ga-Orn. Seiji heads to the GDO headquarters in Japan and tells its alarmed staff that he wants to speak to Koichiro. A squad of armed soldiers cautiously greet Seiji. Information Bureau director Colonel Gojo introduces himself and asks Seiji to take off his helmet, but the latter makes up an excuse about not being able to breathe Earth’s air. Seiji tells the GDO about Ohboss and his suspicion that there’s an enemy base still in Midorigahama. Gojo asks Seiji to wait while the GDO discusses the matter privately. He tells Koichiro that they should confine Seiji and put a blockade on Midorigahama even though a task force is already investigating it. The other GDO commander agrees that Seiji is not telling them everything. Gojo returns to Seiji and asks him why he’s fighting Ohboss. Seiji says it’s because the Earth is in danger but Gojo retorts that Seiji should disclose everything about himself and the Brave Fighters. Ga-Orn calls Seiji and says that GDO technicians are examining him, so Seiji angrily decides to leave. He jumps out of a window and into Ga-Orn’s mouth. Gojo orders for Ga-Orn to be intercepted but the latter disappears from their radar after diving into the ocean. Seiji returns to the edge of town and finds the blockade in effect. One of the soldiers spot him but Tadashin arrives and tells them that he knows Seiji. Seiji asks Tadashin why Midorigahama is under lockdown and the latter replies that it’s because the GDO is looking for the invaders’ base. Tadashin takes Seiji home and instructs him not to tell the soldiers anything, secretly referring to his missing patrol car.

Seiji sees Hikaru and Magical Pinky being taken by the GDO. Hikaru’s parents explain that Hikaru was taken for questioning because she admitted to seeing the Brave Fighters’ commander several times. Seiji calls Koichiro and yells at him for allowing the blockade on Midorigahama. Koichiro says that they’re doing this to protect the people from the invaders, but is surprised when Seiji retorts that Hikaru was taken because of the GDO’s investigation. Gojo arrives at the detention center and interrogates Hikaru. He shows her footage of Pinky being interrogated and asks if Pinky is a friend of Hikaru’s. Hikaru says that Pinky isn’t a bad person but Gojo questions the truth of that. Pinky grows impatient with her interrogation and angrily demands to know what she’s being accused of. She spots Violetche in his cat form outside the window and he says that he’ll save her so she’ll owe him a favor. Violetche teleports back to his ship and activates the giant battle tank Mustang VX. Gojo tells Koichiro that he can’t release Hikaru even though she’s just a child. Mustang VX starts rampaging through the city and easily destroys the GDO’s tanks and fighter jets. Seiji suits up and summons Ga-Orn. Pinky uses the confusion to change to her Yamamoto Pink form and escape from the interrogation room. Gojo asks where Mustang VX came from and an officer informs him that it appeared out of thin air. They all spot Ga-Orn jumping down from a building and firing missiles at Mustang VX. The missiles have no effect on Mustang VX and it easily knocks Ga-Orn away. Ga-Orn transforms to robot mode and pushes against Mustang VX to stop it from running into the detention center still full of civilians. Seiji tells Gojo that flooding the town with GDO soldiers is what probably caused the giant tank to appear, and an angry Gojo reluctantly orders everyone to withdraw. Seiji runs inside to rescue Hikaru and Pinky but is surprised when he finds Pink. They rush outside just as Mustang VX rams Ga-Orn into the building. Ga-Orn fires more missiles at Mustang VX but it charges through them and rams Ga-Orn into the building again, destroying it. Pink tells Seiji that she came to look for Pinky who was still inside the detention center. Ga-Orn kicks Mustang VX off him and destroys its treads with his G Boomerang. Ga-Orn then destroys the tank with his G Vulcan and G Cannon to the cheers of the crowds. Seiji tells Ga-Orn to find Pinky but Ga-Orn’s sensors don’t pick up any life signs or corpses, leading Seiji to believe that the GDO still has her in custody. Gojo and two officers run towards Seiji.


Things wind down a bit after the Africa arc, but Seiji still doesn’t catch a break. He decides to take up Koichiro on his offer to join forces with the GDO, but predictably his faith in them is squandered thanks to the mistrust of Gojo. What is it with fictional intelligence operatives being secretive manipulators or sleazy jerks? The rest of the episode is fairly average and goes by quickly, with the battle being mostly a showcase for Ga-Orn’s weapons. Interestingly, there’s a surprise cameo by Magical Princess Minky Momo as one of the civilians escaping the detention center.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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