Da-Garn Ep. 28: Our Friend is a Witch!?


A recovered Hotaru takes a walk on the beach and tells her servant that the wind is changing. At Magical Pinky’s mansion, Seiji, Hikaru and Yamamoto Pink watch Misuzu on the news reporting that the GDO is still searching for invaders hiding in Midorigahama. Pink says that she’s worried about her sister but Seiji assures her that she’s probably safe in another country. Just then, GDO agents pay the mansion a visit and ask to speak to Pinky. Upon being told that Pinky hasn’t been home in a while, the agents attempt to search the mansion and a frantic Pink vainly tries to stop them. Seiji however gets them to leave by revealing who his father is. Pink thanks Seiji with a kiss on the cheek before he and Hikaru leave. Pink thinks to herself that she needs to prepare for launch now that the GDO is on to her. Seiji spots a GDO surveillance van parked in front of Pinky’s mansion and demands to know what it’s doing here, but Hikaru pulls him away before he angers the GDO agents. Seiji contacts Koichiro saying that it’s a matter of life and death, but when Koichiro finds out that Seiji just wants him to stop investigating Pinky he tells him to stay out of adult matters and hangs up. Hikaru tells Seiji that they don’t really know anything about Pink and Pinky before they arrived in town. Seiji angrily stalks off and says that if even Hikaru suspects them as well then he will protect Pink by himself. Koichiro tells Gojo that sending agents and surveillance vans to a house full of minors is going too far, but the latter responds by showing Koichiro x-ray images of the mansion that reveal nothing because its walls are made with a special metal. Gojo also adds that their investigation of the mansion showed that it was not receiving electricity, gas or plumbing of any kind, meaning that it is self-sustaining much like a space ship. Seiji informs a weeping Pink that even if the whole world turns against her he will protect her to the very end. GDO soldiers arrive at the mansion and run inside. Pink tricks Seiji into distracting the soldiers so she can buy herself some time. The soldiers start opening random doors and are surprised to find nothing but metal foundations behind them. Seiji locks the other doors and forces the soldiers to setup a ladder outside to get in through the balcony. However, Seiji causes them to fall off by pouring liquid soap down the ladder. The townspeople, angry from the GDO intruding on their lives, cheer Seiji on. Hikaru sneaks into the mansion from a window in the back to stop Seiji. She spots an elevator and takes it down but it surprised to find that the buttons have strange symbols on them.

The elevator leads Hikaru to an engine room where she sees Pink reveal her true form as Lady Pinky. Hikaru tries to escape to warn Seiji but one of Pinky’s servants catches her. Gojo and Koichiro arrive at the mansion and are informed that Seiji is barring the way inside. Koichiro calls Seiji with a megaphone and tells him that they have evidence strongly suggesting that the mansion is a base for the invaders. He adds that Seiji should come out immediately because it’s dangerous inside. Pink comes into the living room and Seiji tells her he doesn’t believe what Koichiro is saying. Pink however changes to her Magical Pinky form and tells Seiji he is incredibly naive for never doubting her. She changes to her Lady Pinky form and announces herself as Ohboss’ devoted retainer just as the mansion starts shaking and falling apart. Seiji asks why Pinky did all of this despite their friendship and the latter retorts that she only associated with insects like them to find and kill the Brave Fighters’ commander. The floor lowers and Seiji finds himself in front of a table with an unconscious Hikaru on it surrounded by automated dissection tools. Pinky says she might turn Hikaru into one of her mechanical dolls and an enraged Seiji tries to punch Pinky. Pinky teleports behind Seiji and ensnare him with her hair. Despite being suffocated, Seiji manages to reach the Director in his back pocket and whisper to Ga-Ohn to come. As Pinky’s ship rises into the sky and the GDO evacuates the panicked townspeople, Ga-Ohn comes crashing into the lower chamber and shoots a beam at Pinky’s hair. Seiji takes advantage of the chaos to grab Hikaru and escape into Ga-Ohn’s mouth. Ga-Ohn leaves the ship and lands on top of the arriving Shuttle Saber. Pinky opens fire with her ship’s beam cannons and Seiji has Ga-Ohn transform to robot mode to retaliate. Ga-Ohn’s G Vulcan and G Cannon however don’t have an effect on the large ship. Seiji asks if Ga-Ohn can power up his weapons by sticking them together and the latter combines his two guns into the G Buster. Ga-Ohn says that he never tried firing his weapon this way before and shoots a beam so powerful the recoil knocks him off of Shuttle Saber. The beam grazes the ship but still causes damage to its propulsion system. Pinky’s servant tells her that they can no longer defend themselves from more attacks and the former reluctantly orders for the ship to escape into space. Later a horrified Hikaru wakes up on the beach and finds Seiji watching over her. Seiji says that they were rescued by the Brave Fighters, and remarks that Pinky had them all fooled. Hikaru however breaks down in tears over the realization that Pinky was one of the invaders after all.


Pinky’s cover is finally blown and Seiji comes to the horrible realization that he was too busy being a love-struck idiot to notice an enemy commander right under his nose, but surprisingly Hikaru is the one who is affected the most by this turn of events. It’s also interesting to see that Gojo’s intrusive investigations of the town actually helped expose Pinky’s ruse. Robot action was brief in this episode including a silent non-transforming appearance by Shuttle Saber, but it was amusing to see Seiji engage in more genre savviness by having Ga-Ohn engage in the time honored mecha tradition of having two weapons combine into one stronger weapon.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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