Da-Garn Ep. 29: Da-Garn Revived!


Seiji wakes up from a nightmare where he thought Hikaru was actually an invader in disguise like Lady Pinky. He contacts the Sabers for a status report about Pinky’s ship and Da-Garn. Shuttle Saber says that they haven’t found the ship yet but the tectonic activity in Africa has calmed down. Seiji finds Hikaru waiting outside and she reminds him to bring his identification card or the GDO soldiers still stationed in town will arrest him. Hikaru wonders why they were called to school today, and Seiji thinks that it’s about the invaders. Hikaru suggests they don’t tell anyone about Pinky or it will cause everyone to suspect each other, and Seiji agrees. They reach the classroom to find everyone checking for aliens by pinching each other’s cheeks. Morisawa enters and notes that Pink and Hotaru are absent. One of the students says that Pink was an alien because her house turned out to be a spaceship, but nobody wants to believe him. Seiji and Hikaru visit Hotaru in her mansion after school. Seiji asks Hotaru if she’s feeling better now and the latter replies that her anxiety hasn’t eased. Hikaru wants to know if there are any aliens left in town because everyone is on edge. Up in space, Pinky violently whips one of her servants to let out her frustration when another servant informs her of a communication from Seven Changer. Pinky doesn’t want to talk to Seven Changer until the servant informs her that Seven Changer has a plan to help her that she can take all the credit for. Seven Changer tells Pinky that if she attacks Da-Garn X who is still holding the planet energy reservoir in Africa shut, she can unleash the reservoir’s energy again. Seiji discusses the situation in Africa with Ga-Ohn, and says that with things calming down he wants to free Da-Garn X so he can help them find Pinky’s spaceship. Ga-Ohn asks how Seiji will do that but the latter doesn’t know yet. Seiji goes to Hotaru’s house in Jet Saber and asks her to tell him how to free Da-Garn X. Hotaru says that she doesn’t have the power to grant Seiji his wish and the latter tells her to at least come with him. As Pinky prepares her killer doll Gian, Seven Changer asks a mysterious person if he’s sure of this plan. Seiji and Hotaru ride Jet Saber to Africa with Ga-Ohn following over the water. Shuttle Saber reports that an unidentified robot is heading to Africa, so Seiji scrambles the remaining Brave Fighters to protect Da-Garn X. Gian descends from space and fires drill missiles over the area where Da-Garn X is buried.

Seven Changer intercepts the Landers as well as Jumbo Saber and Shuttle Saber on their way to Africa and damages their vehicle modes to buy time for Pinky. Gian fires more drill missiles but Hawk Saber destroys them just as Ga-Ohn and Jet Saber arrive. Ga-Ohn blasts Gian with missiles and transforms to robot mode. Seiji and Hotaru disembark from Jet Saber and run to safety. Ga-Ohn and Hawk Saber try to attack Gian at once but the latter dodges and retaliates with its own attacks. Seiji asks if Hotaru can free Da-Garn X or find a new Brave Fighter but Hotaru says that she cannot. Seven Changer arrives and confronts the Brave Fighters to allow Gian to focus on Da-Garn X. Gian fires more drill missiles but Da-Garn X manages to shoot them before they get close. However, the explosion pushes the divide back and forces Da-Garn X to pull it back together again. Gian fires its drill missiles again and this time they cause magma to erupt from the ground. It then burrows into the ground to finish off Da-Garn X. Hawk Saber tries to follow Gian but Seven Changer trips him with his extendable tread. Gian reaches Da-Garn X and Pinky announces that she will now get her revenge on him for all the humiliation he caused her. Gian pulls out an energy whip and mercilessly wails on the defenseless Da-Garn X before aiming more drill missiles directly at him. Da-Garn X however fires his Breast Earth Buster and destroys Gian. Seven Changer jumps into the hole with Ga-Ohn chasing after him. With Da-Garn X low on energy and he is no longer able to hold the divides together. Seven Changer attempts to finish Da-Garn X off but Ga-Ohn interrupts him. Seven Changer knocks Ga-Ohn away and tries again to destroy Da-Garn X. Seiji screams out for Da-Garn X and a golden light suddenly envelops the latter along with Ga-Ohn. The light shoots out into the sky and knocks away Seven Changer. Hotaru says that this is a new power and the mysterious person inside Seven Changer remarks that this is the power of legend. Da-Garn X and Ga-Ohn combine into the giant robot Great Da-Garn GX! Pinky descends in her spaceships and fires upon Great Da-Garn GX with her cannons, but they have no effect. Great Da-Garn GX retaliates with his GX Buster and sends the spaceship crashing into the ground with one shot. Pinky flees into space in an escape craft but is immediately intercepted Violetche’s ship.


The first half of this episode felt like a setup for a plot about the townspeople suspecting each other of being aliens, but that gets quickly dropped in favor of Seiji deciding to unearth Da-Garn X at the conveniently exact same time that Pinky is goaded into mounting a last ditch attack on the latter by Seven Changer. Seven Changer had Seiji at such a disadvantage that the latter nearly lost Da-Garn X for good, but luckily Earth threw Seiji a bone at the last second and manifested a new power that allowed Da-Garn X to pull off the show’s ultimate Brave combination. Despite his antagonism so far, it almost seems like Seven Changer and his newly revealed mystery occupant actually wanted this to happen, which would explain a lot about the way he seemed to manipulate Ohboss’ underlings. On the flip side, whereas the ultimate combination in Exkaiser and Fighbird resulted in a believably proportioned bigger robot, Kunio Okawara kind of dropped the ball this time for Great Da-Garn GX. Great Da-Garn GX doesn’t exactly suffer from platform shoes syndrome the way Super Guardion did back in Fighbird, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that he’s basically Da-Garn X wearing Ga-Ohn’s severed torso as a vest and his legs as a pair of stilts.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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