Da-Garn Ep. 30: The Mystery Kid


Violetche tells an imprisoned Lady Pinky that he must punish her for revealing her identity to the Earthlings and losing her ship. Pinky begs for mercy, but Violetche reverts her to her child form and removes her transformation ability. Pinky secretly wanted this form but feigns frustration anyway. Violetche tells Pinky that Ohboss doesn’t think highly of her as a general, but when she couldn’t gather the planet energy of a primitive planet like Earth due to the Brave Fighters, Ohboss began to believe that the Earth might contain the power of legend. Violetche was dispatched to Earth ahead of Ohboss to investigate this, and now Pinky’s job is to defeat the Brave Fighters before Ohboss arrives. Violetche reveals Redlone, now a turned into a cyborg because of his failures, and Butcho, hiding a yet unrevealed change under an overcoat, as Pinky’s new teammates. At night, Hotaru wakes up from a nightmare about being chased by something. The next day, Seiji and Hikaru spot a cheerful Tadashin cleaning Da-Garn on the way to school. Hikaru asks Seiji why he’s smiling, and the latter replies that he’s happy the GDO finally left town. They run into Hotaru, who is frantic and saying someone is following her. They briefly spot a kid with strangely colored hair and clothes staring intently at them, so Seiji tells Hotaru to walk with them to school. They briefly spot the kid again in the school yard, and eventually he uses a whip to swig through the classroom window. The kid tells Hotaru to come with him, but she just smiles and nods no. Seiji tries to confront the kid but he swings back out of classroom and onto the roof. The kid chases after Hotaru during recess, but Seiji knocks him down with a volleyball. The kid angrily throws the ball back at Seiji and restricts him with his whip. The kid repeats his request to Hotaru to come with him but she refuses again, and Hikaru angrily calls the kid a pig for attacking a girl. Seiji throws the kid off of him but the kid ends up falling on top of Hikaru.

Hikaru and the kid’s lips meet and Seiji makes fun of them for kissing. Hikaru punches Seiji in the face and the kid angrily runs off. In the commotion, Hotaru is grabbed by Butcho and Seiji chases after them. Butcho lays the unconscious Hotaru against a tree and says that he will use her mysterious power to take out the Brave Fighters. Seiji catches up to them and Butcho reveals that he has been split into eight smaller clones of himself. The Butchos hide inside the overcoat again and escape with Hotaru while Seiji gets blown away by gusts from armored beast Gracie. Seiji summons Da-Garn, Earth Liner and Earth Fighter to intercept Gracie at the beach. Da-Garn is surprised to see Butcho is still alive and tells him to surrender, but the latter retorts by having Gracie attack. Gracie’s head splits into two and it fires spiked missiles. Da-Garn dodges and retaliates with Da-Garn Magnum before combining into Da-Garn X. Da-Garn X fires his Earth Vulcan but Gracie coats his entire body in a sticky green substance. Seiji summons Ga-Ohn to assist, but Butcho has Gracie fly out of his range because he knows Ga-Ohn can’t fly. Butcho has Gracie change to its final form but forgets that its lower appendage where he was sitting is part of the process, causing Hotaru to fall. Seiji tells Ga-Ohn to grab Hotaru but Seven Changer suddenly arrives and gets to her first. Seven Changer sets Hotaru on the ground and she thanks the kid who is sitting inside. Seiji grabs Hotaru and carries her away while Ga-Ohn attacks Seven Changer. Ga-Ohn transforms and dodges Seven Changer’s shots but they end up hitting the immobile Da-Garn X. Ga-Ohn tries to shield Da-Garn X from Seven Changer’s flamethrower attack but the flames end up melting the substance binding Da-Garn X. Seiji has Da-Garn X and Ga-Ohn combine into Great Da-Garn GX, who quickly finishes off Gracie with his GX Buster. Seven Changer escapes in the ensuing explosion. Later, the kid tells Seven Changer that nothing changed even when they saw the power of legend. He wanted to ask Hotaru about the Brave Fighters’ commander but Seiji kept getting in his way. He then remembers his kiss with Hikaru and remarks that nobody ever thanked him they way Hotaru did before.


If you hadn’t guessed already, the Lady Pinky arc ended an episode earlier than usual to introduce a new status quo. Ohboss is revealed to be searching for something called the power of legend and now Violetche is running the show. Surprisingly, we get the return of both Redlone and Butcho despite the latter having been apparently killed back in episode twenty. All three previous commanders now suffer from some kind of deformity, but I’m not quite sure what the point of having Butcho literally cut down to size is. We also meet the yet unnamed mystery occupant of Seven Changer in the flesh. Interestingly enough, both he and Butcho wanted Hotaru for as of yet unexplained reasons.

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Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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