Da-Garn Ep. 31: Another Commander


Violetche reports to Ohboss that he found a planet energy reservoir in Africa and is close to finding a few others, remarking that everything will be in order by the time Ohboss arrives. Violetche asks Ohboss if he’s personally coming to Earth to ascertain the existence of the power of legend that he’s been searching for, but the latter angrily retorts that such a matter is not for a servant such as Violetche to know and ends the communication. Violetche decides to investigate the legend on his own starting with the areas where Hawk Saber and Ga-Ohn first appeared. Elsewhere, Seven Changer’s occupant watches a romance movie and decides he can get the Brave Fighters’ commander’s whereabouts from Hotaru by giving her flowers. He tries to surprise her at the school gates but accidentally gives the flowers to Hikaru. Seiji teases them to kiss again and gets smacked over the head by Hikaru. The kid snatches the flowers from Hikaru and runs off. He ends up at Tsukushi where Hikaru’s parents feed him, but quickly runs out when Hikaru and Seiji walk in. Seiji chases after the kid and calls him a welcher for not paying for the food but Seven Changer picks him up in his truck form. Seven Changer informs the kid that he found Hotaru’s residence and takes him there. The housekeeper catches the kid picking flowers inside the garden and says that Hotaru is waiting for him. The kid asks Hotaru where he can find the Brave Fighters’ commander so he can talk to him. Seiji catches up to Seven Changer and finds him next to Hotaru’s front door. He sneaks under the mansion and eavesdrops on Hotaru telling the kid that he can find the Brave Fighters’ commander in Tibet. After leaving, Seiji is contacted by Da-Garn who tells him that an unidentified object just flew out of the city, so Seiji tells him to follow it. At Kilimanjaro, Violetche and Lady Pinky investigate the area where Ga-Ohn was sleeping but find no energy reaction. At Tibet, Seven Changer detects an energy source and finds the Cave of Light.

Da-Garn X and Seiji track Seven Changer to the Cave of Light. Seven Changer tells Da-Garn X that he’s not here to fight and that his prince wants to speak to the Brave Fighters’ commander. Getting impatient, the kid comes out of Seven Changer and calls Seiji a coward for not coming out to face him. Seiji recognizes him and tells Da-Garn X to stand down. He comes out and asks the kid what he wants. The latter says that he wants Seiji to work with him and Seiji retorts that he won’t help Ohboss’ underling. The kid says that he’s not their enemy but Seiji doesn’t believe and the two start trading insults. The kid uses his whip to swing over to Seiji and the two start grappling. Seiji calls the kid a welcher and the latter recognizes him as the person who was with Hikaru and Hotaru. Seiji asks the kid why he’s inside Seven Changer and the latter reveals that he has his own Aurin. The kid introduces himself as Yancharan Starlette Banner Grecius Jaqkinger Wilder XIV, but Seiji can only remember the name as Yanchar. Before Yanchar can explain further, Da-Garn X detects Violetche’s ship coming into the cave. Seven Changer blasts Da-Garn X out of the cave and follows after him, confirming Violetche’s suspicion that there’s something special about the location. Lady Pinky offers to take care of Da-Garn X and takes off in her own pod. She summons the killer doll Kaldan and attacks Seven Changer with missiles, telling him to stay out of the way. Seven Changer flies away and Pinky attacks Da-Garn X with an electric whip. Seiji summons Ga-Ohn who attacks Kaldan and knocks her away. Seiji has Da-Garn X and Ga-Ohn combine into Great Da-Garn GX, who fires his GX Buster at Kaldan. The blast destroys both Kaldan and Violetche’s ship just as he finished determining that the cave is a planet energy reservoir, forcing both occupants to flee in escape pods. Seiji vows to make Yanchar pay for lying to them, and elsewhere Yanchar hopes that Seiji understood that his attack was just to avoid blowing his cover in front of Ohboss’ underlings.


With this episode we get several revelations about Seven Changer’s occupant. We now know his name and that he’s royalty of some kind. Most importantly he has his own Aurin which confirms that Seven Changer is another Brave Fighter. We still don’t know where he’s from and why he’s working undercover with Ohboss thanks to both commanders being too hotheaded to talk things out, but that revelation probably isn’t far off. More importantly, Violetche is curious about the power of legend and his investigation led him to the Cave of Light from episode eighteen, which turned out to be another planet energy reservoir. That along with the initial hijinks involving Yanchar left little time for robot action. On the flip side, Violetche looks silly having a video conference with a lightning storm when Ohboss can’t be bothered to form a face to look at.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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