Dagwon Ep. 10: The Power in My Hand


At night, the alien Killad scans a gorilla at the Sankai Zoo. The gorilla attacks Killad, but he knocks it down. He then absorbs the gorilla’s powers and it vanishes. Two men transporting a tiger hear on the news that a gorilla is missing from the zoo. Their truck is attacked by Killad and crashes. The tiger escapes and runs over to a park, where it scares off a young couple. Ryu approaches the tiger and calms it down. He notices that the tiger is bleeding and dresses its wound. Killad appears and says that he’s found his target. The lion jumps at Killad, but he knocks it away. Ryu realizes that Killad is a Sargasso alien, so he puts on his armor and attacks. Killad deflects Ryu’s attack and is impressed by his transformation ability. Killad punches Ryu in the air, causing his mask to break. Ryu falls to the ground, and Killad fires a beam from his head to absorb Ryu. The tiger knocks Ryu out of the way and is absorbed by Killad. Ryu stands up, and Killad is surprised that he still has strength left. Ryu rushes toward Killad and slices at him, but Killad counterattacks. Part of Ryu’s right forearm armor breaks, and Killad is shocked to see a wound on his chest. Killad runs toward Ryu to finish him off, but Shin shoots at him with his rifle. En, Kai and Yoku also arrive on the scene, and Killad is amazed that there are so many strong people on Earth. He vows that they will settle this later and vanishes into the shadows. The next morning, Ryu explains to everyone that Killad is absorbing animals to become stronger. Yoku comments that he’d like to study Killad, but he’s too dangerous. Ryu decides to look for Killad, but En stops him and asks what he plans to do with the injuries he has. He tells Ryu that he shouldn’t do anything while his wounds are healing. Elsewhere, Killad watches as several tanks travel through the desert.

En ties Ryu up to a chair so that he doesn’t run off on his own. Ryu’s stomach grumbles, so En goes off to buy him some yakisoba. Before leaving, En ties Ryu up with even more ropes from head to toe, but Ryu easily slips out of them. Elsewhere, Shin, Yoku and Kai find the tank group, which has been completely destroyed. Yoku examines the damage and realizes that the tanks were absorbed by Killad. Now grown to giant size, Killad attacks a military base. En calls Kai and tells him that Ryu has escaped, and Yoku warns En that Killad is capable of absorbing weapons as well. Shadow Ryu arrives at the military base and attacks Killad, to no effect. Two fighter jets attack Killad, and he destroys one of them with his arm cannon. He jumps onto the other jet and absorbs it, which allows him to grow a pair of wings and thrusters. With his new abilities, he pummels Ryu easily. As he moves in for the final blow, En appears and grabs Ryu. Dag-Wing, Dag-Armor and Dag-Turbo also arrive and challenge Killad. En takes Ryu to safety, and Ryu reminds En that he told him not to interfere. En tells Ryu that they all feel the same way and don’t want Killad to run around on Earth. En then transforms into Dag-Fire and joins them in their attack. Shin blasts Killad into the water, and everyone believes for a moment that they’ve won. However, Killad absorbs a battleship and becomes even bigger. With his new power, he beats everyone down easily and tells them they’re all weaklings. Ryu transforms into Dag-Shadow and attacks Killad, but he’s knocks back. Killad repeatedly punches Dag-Shadow, but Dag-Shadow takes the punches because he wants to lure Killad to an oil tank. Killad finally corners Dag-Shadow in front of an oil tank and fires his absorbing beam. Dag-Shadow jumps up at the last second, causing the beam to hit the oil tank. Killad absorbs the oil tank and turns into a ball of oil, so Dag-Shadow restrains him with his Shadow Chains. Dag-Fire combines into Fire Dagwon and uses his Fire Star Burn to destroy Killad. Afterwards, Dag-Shadow finds a tiger tooth where Killad was standing. Back at school, Ryu sits alone on the rooftop and holds the tiger tooth, which he put on a necklace. He says that the tiger has been avenged, thanks to everyone’s help.


This episode focuses on the mysterious and little-seen Ryu. He has an almost fatal encounter with Killad at the beginning of the episode, but he’s saved by the sacrifice of a tiger and the appearance of the Dagwon team. Ryu’s determined to track Killad down and fight him, even though he’s been injured. En has the right idea about tying Ryu up with ropes, but he should know that a Dagwon member can easily get out of them. Killad is a bit different from some of the other aliens, as he’s sentient rather than being just a monster. He prided himself on his stolen strength, but in the end he was an idiot for falling for Ryu’s tactic.

Overall Rating

Dagwon Info

Tomomi Mochizuki

Kenichi Araki
Go Sakamoto
Hiroaki Kitajima
Mutsumi Nakano
Toshifumi Kawase
Yasunori Yamada
Yooshiyuki Suga

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Akira Oguro

Musical Composer:

48 episodes

Japan 02.03.1996 – 01.25.1997


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