Dagwon Ep. 12: A New Friend


Two steel alien Almas crash land onto Earth – one at a Sankai construction site, the other in a mountainous region. The Dagwon team head for the construction site, and End complains about aliens appearing in the middle of nowhere. They arrive at the construction site and transform into their Dag modes. Dag-Fire thinks that Alma looks weak, but Dag-Turbo and Dag-Wing tell him not to make those kinds of assumptions. Dag-Fire charges forward to punch Alma, but it turns into an armored punch to block his attack. It then unleashes one of its claws to knock Dag-Fire away. Wasting no time, Dag-Fire combines into Fire Dagwon and attacks Alma with his Fire Blade. Alma again rolls up into a ball, and the Fire Blade has no effect. Suddenly, Lian appears and announces he will repay his debt. He attacks with Lian Flare and Lian Vulcan, with no effect. The others offer to help him, but he says he’ll defeat Alma on his own. He transforms into sword mode and rams into Alma, destroying it. He says that the debt has been repaid, so he flies away. Elsewhere, the other Alma burrows deep into the ground and emerges in the city at night, where it eats a ferris wheel. The next morning, Kai tells Shin and Yoku that the second Alma has disappeared. Yoku theorizes that Alma needs to eat iron to grow larger. He’s brought back a piece of the first Alma’s body to study, but Shin thinks that’s disgusting. En arrives late and joins the discussion. He thinks they can defeat Alma by trying something else, but Yoku points out that Fire Blade is the most powerful attack they have. He suggests another possibility, and Kai guesses that he wants to make Lian an ally. En refuses to fight alongside someone so selfish, but Yoku says that Lian’s blade is probably much stronger than the Fire Blade. Ryu calls Kai and informs him that he found Lian’s hideout. En refuses to go, and Maria comes in to yell at them for being so loud. She asks them what they’re talking about, but they avoid her questions and leave.

The team arrives at the cave, and En shouts out for Lian to show himself. He asks what they want, and Kai says they want Lian to fight alongside them. Yoku says they need his help because their weapons can’t defeat Alma. Lian refuses and says that he has no further reason to help them. He says he can’t rely on people whose strength is built on favors. En tells everyone they’re wrong to think they can get help from someone like Lian. Kai says it must be hard for someone who has lost everything to place trust in people, and Lian asks them if they think they understand him. Lian angrily smashes rocks and tells them to leave. As they leave, En says that it must be lonely to live without trusting anyone. As they all fly off, Lian says to himself that he doesn’t need any friends. Suddenly, the Alma breaks through the ground and appears behind Lian. The team fly over the ocean when their sensors pick up Alma at Lian’s location. Kai realizes that Alma must see Lian as the ultimate enemy and will destroy him. Alma grows to gigantic size, and Lian’s attacks prove futile. He attempts to ram Alma is sword mode, but he’s knocked away. Alma fires two large spikes at Lian, impaling him against a rock face. It begins to spin in ball form to ram Lian with its spikes, but the Dagwon team open fire and stop it. Everyone combines and transforms into Fire Dagwon, Liner Dagwon and Shadow Dagwon. Liner Dagwon and Shadow Dagwon hold back Alma while Fire Dagwon attempts to free Lian. Lian asks why they’re risking their lives for him, and Fire Dagwon tells him they can’t stand by and watch someone die. Fire Dagwon breaks Lian free and tosses him into the air just as Alma overwhelms the others. Fire Dagwon tries to pick them up and get out of the way, but Alma rushes toward them. Lian transforms into sword mode and tells Fire Dagwon to use it. Fire Dagwon grabs Lian and cuts through Alma, slicing it in half. Kai asks Lian why he helped them, and he answers that he didn’t want to have any debts. En says that’s a typical response, but Lian says it’s not bad to have friends. He tells them he’ll be there when they need him and flies off.


As expected, Lian shows up again and finally resolves to join the Dagwon team. It’s no surprise he would stick around on Earth since he’s still looking to get revenge on Arch. For most of this episode, he acts like a loner and says that he can’t fight with people he can’t rely on. That certainly put the team in a pinch, since they need him to defeat Alma. However, their willingness to sacrifice themselves to save him must have sparked something inside him. Now that Lian is aboard the team, it should make things more interesting from now on, especially if Arch shows up again.

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Dagwon Info

Tomomi Mochizuki

Kenichi Araki
Go Sakamoto
Hiroaki Kitajima
Mutsumi Nakano
Toshifumi Kawase
Yasunori Yamada
Yooshiyuki Suga

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Akira Oguro

Musical Composer:

48 episodes

Japan 02.03.1996 – 01.25.1997


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