Dagwon Ep. 15: Dag-Armor’s Gone Crazy!


In the cafeteria, Shin eats with Yoku and Kai, and he criticizes Kai for eating the same thing everyday. The Sankai High News begins with a special report on Shin’s “secret” and Yoku wonders if they found out about Dagwon. The report shows Shin as being the top student in the Judo club with now losses. However, secret cameras show his many failures with every girl that he flirts with. The report concludes with a teaser for the next special – the secret of Maria. The entire cafeteria laughs at Shin, including En. At the newsroom, three girls laugh about the report they just aired. An angry Shin enters the room, and one of the girls backs herself into a corner. She apologizes, and Shin says he’ll forgive her, but only if she goes on a date with him. She begins to squirm away, so he grabs her by the shoulder. Erika, another member of the news club, grabs Shin and slaps him in the face. Erika tells him to get lost, but he’s smitten by her beauty. En sees Shin in the hallway, and he mumbles Erika’s name with a dopey expression on his face. En then watches Shin at the Judo club, and he has the same expression. Later, Shin goes to Maria to get his love fortune told with Tarot cards, and En eavesdrops and laughs at Shin. Maria tells him the cards indicate he will do will, so he triumphantly runs out to find Erika. In the city, Erika interviews Gaku for a documentary about Dagwon when Shin interrupts the interview. He tells Erika she should’ve talked to him first because he knows the Dagwon guys, and Gaku calls him a liar. He then asks her to be his girlfriend, and she’s shocked he would attempt to flirt with her after what happened earlier. She walks away, but he grabs her by the arm and asks her to wait. She pushes him away, causing everything to fall out of her purse. She says that Shin is a Neanderthal and tells him to stay at least 10 meters away from her. In a nearby corner, En laughs at Shin for believing Maria’s fortune telling. Across the street, the cosmic witch Succubus watches Shin from a rooftop. Shin fantasizes about kissing Erika on the beach. When he comes to his senses, he’s by himself on the beach. Erika sits down next to him and apologizes for before. Shin also apologizes, and she moves closer to him. She tells him that he and Dag-Armor are hers. Her eyes begin to glow, and she transforms into Succubus. Later that night, Dag-Armor walks through the city and begins randomly firing at buildings. En, Kai and Yoku watch Dag-Armor and wonder what’s going on.

Dag-Armor continues to fire, and En asks him if this is his revenge for getting dumped. Dag-Armor punches a building, but Fire En destroys the falling rubble before it hits the bystanders. He transforms into Dag-Fire and tells Dag-Armor that he’s brought this on himself. Dag-Armor punches him, and Yoku says that he really has turned bad. Kai says that Dag-Armor is acting strangely and might be under someone’s control – possibly a Sargasso alien. The two split up and search for any signs of an alien. Succubus, disguised as Erika, watches from a nearby rooftop. Dag-Armor knocks Dag-Fire into the building where she’s standing, but Kai rescues her at the last second. Kai asks her why she’s there, and she turns one of her arms into a tentacle and wraps it around him. Yoku throws a Crystal Boomerang, causing Succubus to fall back. She says that Dag-Armor is hers and will watch as they all fight each other to the death. Yoku realizes that Succubus disguised herself as Erika to get close to Shin, but Kai says he has a plan and calls Ryu. Dag-Armor continuously fires missiles, and Dag-Fire isn’t able to destroy them all and is knocked down. Ryu arrives with the real Erika on Guard Tiger. Kai tells Erika they need her help because Dag-Armor is weak against pretty ladies. They grab a news camera, and Erika appears on a large monitor, asking Dag-Armor to stop and not fight his comrade. Dag-Armor stops momentarily, but Succubus appears and forces him to continue. Dag-Armor destroys the monitor, and Ryu takes Erika up to the rooftop where Kai and Yoku are. Kai says they should all transform, but Succubus binds them with energy rings. She tells Dag-Armor to kills Erika, and he grabs her in his hand. She calls him a Neanderthal and slaps him on his face, which triggers several memories. Dag-Armor breaks free of Succubus’ control, so she transforms into her real shape – a giant tentacled monster. She grabs him with her tentacles and knocks him down. Erika urges him to win, and he breaks free of the tentacles. He uses a Graviton Kick to plow through Succubus. She fires an energy ball, but he counters with Final Buster and overwhelms Succubus with firepower until she explodes. The next morning, Shin thanks Erika for saving him. She tells him he should give up, because her boyfriend Dag-Armor is strong. Shin runs after her, and she reminds him about the 10 meter distance by calling him a Neanderthal and slapping him.


There are some comic antics here as we see more of Shin’s pathetic failures with girls. The high school news report says that Shin’s greatest weakness is pretty girls, and this turns out to be true. It’s not surprising that Shin would fall head-over-heels for a busty girl, and Succubus uses that against him. Kai has a smart idea and fights fire with fire by enlisting the help of the real Erika. That manages to bring Shin back to his senses, and he gets to destroy the gross Succubus by himself. You’d think this would perhaps teach him to not be so girl-crazy, but obviously he didn’t learn his lesson.

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Dagwon Info

Tomomi Mochizuki

Kenichi Araki
Go Sakamoto
Hiroaki Kitajima
Mutsumi Nakano
Toshifumi Kawase
Yasunori Yamada
Yooshiyuki Suga

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Akira Oguro

Musical Composer:

48 episodes

Japan 02.03.1996 – 01.25.1997


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