Dagwon Ep. 16: A Flash from Dag-Base


Ryu takes off from the Dag-Base in his Shadow Jet. Inside the Dag-Base, Kai and the others examine the base’s functions. There doesn’t seem to be a function for moving the Dag-Base, and En wonders if it’s defective. Kai believes that if someone’s going to move the Dag-Base, they’ll have to do it physically. Later, as everyone returns to school, Maria tells En that Gaku’s in trouble. Several delinquents have taken Gaku hostage so they can fight En, but Gaku demands hamburgers and juice from them. Two of the punks are suddenly beaten down by Geki Kuroiwa, a scruffy-looking man with a broken left arm. Geki easily beats up the remaining punks. En and the others reach the bridge where Gaku is, but Geki is blocking the way with his back turned. En asks him to move out of the way, and Geki asks En if he’s already forgotten about Geki Kuroiwa, the Silent Knuckle from the third year class at Fuun High School. Shin asks En if he knows Geki, and En says he was suspended from school for a week because he broke Geki’s arm. Kai asks Geki if he’s seen Gaku, and En wonders if Geki was the one who kidnapped Gaku. En and Geki trade insults and prepare to fight, but Gaku runs onto the bridge and tells them to stop. He explains to En that Geki saved him and points out the beaten up delinquents. Maria arrives and thanks Geki for rescuing Gaku. She gives him her card and tells him to contact her about any bizarre occurrences. Geki blushes and begins to walk away, but he tells En that he’ll be the one to kill him. At night, an airplane is covered in strange foam and crashes on a runway. Giant crabs appear from the ocean and begin attacking the control tower. Lian arrives and jumps in front of the plane to stop it. A crab grabs him, but he knocks it away. He then uses Lian Vulcan to kill all the attacking crabs. The next day, Maria finds Geki loitering outside her club room and asks if he’s come to fight En. He says he has, but he also shows her what he describes as paranormal pictures. She debunks them all and tells him that En hangs out by the mountains. Geki lies down on the grass and follows En after he runs by. At the Dag-Base, Yoku examines a giant crab claw that Lian brought back. Ryu senses someone approaching, and Geki enters the cave. Lian grabs Geki and lifts him in the air, and En asks him what he’s doing. Lian tells Geki to shut up and threatens to crush him. Kai tells En to lock Geki up inside the Dag-Base while they investigate the crabs. Geki yells at them and gets locked inside a room in the Dag-Base.

The team take off and head out to the ocean. En wonders if it’s a good idea to leave Geki alone in the Dag-Base, but Kai says their focus right now is investigating the ocean for monsters. En gets a warning signal on his screen that something is wrong underwater with Yoku. Yoku’s plane is under attack from a giant octopus, but Dag-Fire breaks him free. The giant octopus swims away, but Dag-Fire chases after it and surfaces in a large cave with an otherworldly atmosphere. Everyone else reaches the strange cave, and Yoku says that everything is ten times more powerful than on the surface. Lian believes the strange atmosphere is familiar and says that it’s identical to planet Zargoss. Ryu thinks he’s right because everyone is suddenly attacked by Zargoss aliens. Geki climbs through an air duct and reaches the control room, where he sees a live feed of the battle. He sees a Zargoss coming behind En and warns him, which allows En to dodge the attack. Geki asks En what he is, and En tells him not to wander through the Dag-Base. The attacking aliens are killed, but a Zargoss spaceship transforms into a humanoid form and attacks. En transforms into Dag-Fire and attacks the head of the Zargoss, but it grabs him with one of its arms. He uses Star Burn to blast the arm and then Fire Blaster to punch a hole through the Zargoss. The Zargoss laughs and tells them that the cave is just an experiment. The Zargoss unveils a large missile, which when detonated with transform the Earth’s surface into Zargoss. The missile fires and Dag-Fire grabs hold of the tail end. As the missile reaches the surface, the tail end breaks off, causing Dag-Fire to fall. Dag-Fire combines into Fire Dagwon and catches up to the missile just as it reaches the city. Fire Dagwon touches the missile, which causes it to detonate and turn into a black energy ball. Fire Dagwon is knocked unconscious, and the energy ball begins to turn the city into Zargoss. Geki yells at Fire Dagwon and urges him to get up. He tells En that he can’t die now because he’ll be the one to kill him. As the energy rays approach Fire Dagwon, Geki angrily punches the monitor. The Dag-Base begins to move and floats up into the sky. It fires an energy blast at the black ball, which destroys it and returns everything to normal. Afterwards, Geki tells everyone that he doesn’t care if they’re Dagwon. Kai tells Geki he’d better keep their secret, and he says he will. He then tells En not to get killed by Sargasso aliens because he’s going to be the one to kill him.


This episode introduces a new character, the delinquent Geki Kuroiwa. He may be a third year high school student, but he looks like some guy in his thirties. It’s not surprising that someone would eventually find out the secret identities of Dagwon. He may put on a tough guy act, but underneath he’s a nice guy. He clearly has a crush on Maria, so it’d be interesting to see where that goes. Lian returns after not being in the last episode. Apparently, he can shrink himself down to a normal size sword for a human to use. I guess it’s the same principle that allows Megatron from the original Transformers to turn into a small pistol. These Zargoss aliens sure don’t like to give up, given that this is their third appearance so far. Most of the Sargasso aliens come to Earth just for mischief, but the Zargoss actually want to colonize it. I’m sure we’ll see them again.

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Dagwon Info

Tomomi Mochizuki

Kenichi Araki
Go Sakamoto
Hiroaki Kitajima
Mutsumi Nakano
Toshifumi Kawase
Yasunori Yamada
Yooshiyuki Suga

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Akira Oguro

Musical Composer:

48 episodes

Japan 02.03.1996 – 01.25.1997


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