Dagwon Ep. 4: Destroy the Ultimate Weapon


As the tsunami approaches the coast, everyone wonders what to do. Dag-Armor and Dag-Wing use special attacks on the tsunami, but the water continues to approach the city. Dag-Turbo, Dag-Wing and Dag-Armor are swept into the tsunami, but they jump out and combine into Liner Dagwon. Liner Dagwon then unleashes the Liner Blizzard attack to completely freeze the tsunami water. It then fires the Armor Buster to smash the tsunami into small chunks of ice. Ryu rushes to En’s side to see if he’s okay and tells him that the tsunami has been stopped. Afterwards, the five boys stop at a food stand to eat some soba noodles. While everyone else eats up, Kai refuses to eat while standing. Shin is proud that they destroyed the tsunami, and En makes a comment about the three of them combining that angers Shin. Kai stops their argument and tells En to get back to school. In the ocean, the crew of a super tanker are overwhelmed by a huge flock of birds escaping from the direction the tanker is heading. The tanker is suddenly caught in a whirlpool created by the giant top emerging from the ocean. Later, Kai, Yoku and Shin fly over the ocean and see the wreckage of the tanker. Shin spots a survivor in the debris and takes him to a nearby island. While Kai examines the sailor, Yoku searches for help and calls them over to a cabin with two bodies in it. The sailor starts to scream and runs towards the ocean, but Shin tackles him and asks what happened to the tanker. The sailor cries out and says that the ship was sunk by a giant top. Just then, a top flies by and slices a tree in half. The alien Death Pulse appears and sends out more tops. Ka, Shin and Yoku use their watches to activate their Dagtector suits and repel the tops. The ground suddenly shakes as the giant top emerges from the ground and begins to spin through the island city. The three boys transform into their robot modes to face the giant top. Dag-Turbo wants them all to combine into Liner Dagwon, but Dag-Armor refuses and says there is no need. The three individually attack the giant top and are all tossed aside before the top escapes.

At school, Yoku theorizes that the electromagnetic waves sent out from the spinning of the top interferes with a bird’s natural radar system. En bursts into the room and demands to know why they didn’t call for his help. Kai asks En if he finished his schoolwork, and En tells them that even if they combine it’s not enough. Shin gets up to leave, and Kai tells him he can’t defeat the top by himself. Shin tells Kai not to order him around and asks when he became leader of Dagwon. En agrees and insists he is the leader of Dagwon, and Shin says he and Yoku won’t be Kai’s lackeys when they combine. Kai tries to explain that all three of them are important, but Shin refuses to listen. Kai tries to stop Shin, and Shin responds by punching him in the face. He flies off in his train plane and searches for the top on his own. While flying over the forest, he spots a large wave of bats flying away from something. He lands to investigate and is attacked by tops. He activates his Dagtector suit and destroys the small tops, but he his captured by Death Pulse and imprisoned in the giant top. As the giant top wreaks havoc in the city, Shin unsuccessfully attempts to escape. Everyone else attacks the top from the outside, and Shin tells En he is trapped. Kai tells En he will become Dag-Turbo to hold the top back so that En can save Ryu. Dag-Wing freezes the top in place while Dag-Turbo holds it in place. En uses his Fire Bird attack to break into the top and rescue Shin. Elsewhere, Ryu activates his Dagtector and fights off Death Pulse’s tops. Back in the city, En transforms into Dag-Fire and then combines with his vehicles to become Fire Dagwon. Dag-Armor tells Dag-Turbo he owes him his life, and they combine with Dag-Wing to form Liner Dagwon. Fire Dagwon uses the Jet Fire Storm to knock away the top, and Liner Dagwon uses the Liner Tackle to destroy it. In the cave, Ryu performs the Whirling Dervish attack and kills Death Pulse. Later, Kai punches Shin in the face. He helps him get up, and En tells Yoku that this is what youth is all about.


Uh oh, there’s trouble in the Dagwon team! While Kai, Shin and Yoku successfully combined to stop the deadly tsunami, Shin feels that Kai is bossing him around. This ends up causing trouble when he refuses to combine and later runs off on his own to find Death Pulse. Of course, he learns his lesson and they all work together in the end to defeat Death Pulse and its top. Ryu is still the mystery man working on his own, and although he kills Death Pulse on his own, he still has yet to transform into Dag-Shadow. Maybe he will when the next alien fiend appears.

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Dagwon Info

Tomomi Mochizuki

Kenichi Araki
Go Sakamoto
Hiroaki Kitajima
Mutsumi Nakano
Toshifumi Kawase
Yasunori Yamada
Yooshiyuki Suga

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Akira Oguro

Musical Composer:

48 episodes

Japan 02.03.1996 – 01.25.1997


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