Dagwon Ep. 6: Game Over


The phantom alien Chaos escapes from Sargasso and heads for Earth. In Sankai, Gaku follows Ryu down a city street and loses sight of him. As he looks around, Ryu sits on a wall and asks Gaku why he’s following him. Gaku tells him it’s for a special client, so Ryu throws an apple around a corner and hits En. En comes out from the corner and claims it’s a coincidence to run into them. Ryu asks Gaku if En is the client, and Gaku says he did it because En promised him an autograph from Dagwon. As they talk, En spots the spectral form of Chaos flying overhead. Chaos flies into a museum and takes over the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex skeleton breaks out of the museum and begins trashing the street. En and Ryu arrive and attack the dinosaur using Shoulder Burst and Shadow Kunai. En then uses his Fire Bird attack to destroy the skeleton. The spirit of Chaos flies out of the skeleton and into a nearby toy store. It possesses a doll and attacks En, but Ryu destroys it. The spirit of Chaos then flies into the nearby VR Dome arcade. Ryu and En run over to the arcade and find the door open. They go inside to search for Chaos, and En asks Ryu what type of game is his favorite. Ryu says he has no favorites and asks En why he was following him. En tells Ryu that he’s secretive and that as leader of Dagwon he wants to know more about him. En asks Ryu what his likes and dislikes are, and Ryu says he has none. En and Ryu walk into the virtual reality game Battle on the Red Planet and are attacked by a samurai type enemy. At the scene of the previous battle, Maria is excited about the paranormal activity and tells Gaku to take lots of photos. Shin and Kai talk nearby and figure the trouble was caused by a Sargasso alien. Yoku calls Kai and tells him that he can’t reach En or Ryu. At the arcade, the door closes inside the VR room and the game suddenly becomes real. En and Ryu destroy the samurai drones and run from attacking UFOs. En figures they can only escape by beating the game, so he and Ryu attack the UFOs. Kai, Shin and Yoku launch from the Dag-Base to search for En and Ryu.

En and Ryu ride on the Guard robots and head for the tower where the final boss is located. They are suddenly attacked by a giant monster crab, which En explains is the sub boss. The three Guard robots transform into a humanoid form and attack the crab. The Guard robots destroy the crab and free En and Ryu. As they are about to move on, the crab makes one final attack and hits En as he pushes Ryu out of the way. Ryu destroys the crab and takes En to safety. He tells En to stay put because it would slow down the journey if he came along. Ryu then tells En that his hobby is incubating chicks, and En laughs at him for having such a stupid hobby. He then asks if it’s hard, and Ryu says it can be. He promises to show En how it’s done when they escape. Ryu heads to the tower by himself and kills all the samurai drones. He then confronts the demon-looking final boss, which grabs Ryu and stabs him. Ryu vanishes and more appear from behind thanks to his Kage Bunshin replication technique. He destroys the final boss and ends the game, which allows him and En to escape the room. Suddenly, Chaos takes over the entire building and begins to move it. En and Ryu use a double attack to break out. The other three attack the building in their robot forms, but Chaos shoots out an electric net which disables them. Ryu summons the Shadow Jet and uses it to destroy the nets and set everyone free. Chaos then attacks En, so Ryu transforms into Dag-Shadow and saves En. He then uses his sword to fire an Absolute Stasis Blast at Chaos. Dag-Shadow combines into Shadow Dragon and uses the Dragon Plasma Burn to destroy Chaos. The other guys come over to where En is, and he says they can fight any alien now that Ryu can transform too. Chaos suddenly appears and attacks, but Ryu blocks with his arms until Chaos fades away. He tells En he is okay and passes out.


This episode focuses on the mysterious Ryu, who has up until now mostly fought on his own and never used his Dag-Shadow mode. En yet again claims to be the leader of Dagwon, but his action in saving Ryu has earned him Ryu’s loyalty. Unlike a lot of other robot series, it’s taken some time for the Dagwon boys to work together as an effective team. Ryu’s definitely got quite the impressive arsenal with his Guard robots and his transforming Shadow Jet. Even as Dag-Shadow, he can transform into the Shadow Dragon mode. I’ll bet that Dag-Shadow can also further combine with the Guard robots to form an even bigger super robot. We’ll see soon enough when the action calls for more robots.

Overall Rating

Dagwon Info

Tomomi Mochizuki

Kenichi Araki
Go Sakamoto
Hiroaki Kitajima
Mutsumi Nakano
Toshifumi Kawase
Yasunori Yamada
Yooshiyuki Suga

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Akira Oguro

Musical Composer:

48 episodes

Japan 02.03.1996 – 01.25.1997


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