Dagwon Ep. 7: The Mystery of Sargasso


Ryu is taken to the ambulance after his encounter with Chaos. When he wakes up, he tells En and the others that he saw Sargasso in his mind. En wonders how that could be, and Ryu says that he sensed it when he touched Chaos. Yoku thinks that because Chaos was a spirit, it must have shared its memories with Ryu when they came in contact. Ryu continues and says that Sargasso holds 5,000 alien criminals. The criminals are all locked away in artificial black holes which are watched by Guardroid robots. The prison was completely secure until it flew into a cosmic storm one day. Because Sargasso’s systems were damaged, the criminals were able to break free and take over the prison. Ryu says they come to Earth because they see the planet as their playground. Later that night, En asks Shin and Yoku to come to the school. He says he wants to explore because he thinks Ryu lives on the mountain behind the school. Shin doesn’t want to come along, but En tricks him by saying their friendship must be lie. Kai appears and tells them they can’t go onto school grounds without permission, but he says he will go apprehend Ryu. As they all walk through the forest, they hide when Asahiya walks by. Although they are hiding in the bushes, Asahiya tells them to get home soon before they catch a cold. They continue to walk and find Ryu, but he runs off and leads them to a cave. Inside the cave, they discover En’s Fire Jumbo and all the other vehicles. En realizes this is their base and thinks Brave must have set it up. They enter the base and find automated repair facilities working on the vehicles. Ryu calls En and informs him that a flying saucer has landed in the middle of the city. An army of Guardroid robots exit from the saucer and pour into the surrounding area.

At the Dag-Base, En drives off in his police car while everyone else takes off in their train planes. The Guardroid robots begin attacking the city, and Ryu fights them alone until En arrives. The two use their Shoulder Burst and Shadow Kunai to destroy several robots, but more keep appearing from the saucer. The others fly by overhead, and Shin fires his cannons at the saucer. The blasts set off an explosion, but the saucer is left undamaged. It then opens up and deploys an artificial black hole which begins to suck in everything. Shin, Yoku and Kai are all sucked in to the black hole. En is nearly sucked in as well, but Ryu grabs hold of him and holds onto a ledge precariously. He summons the Shadow Jet, which arrives just in time to save them from the black hole. En and Ryu then transform into Dag-Fire and Dag-Shadow. Dag-Fire attacks from the front and Dag-Shadow from the back, but their attacks have no effect on the saucer. The saucer begins firing at them, and Dag-Fire is placed on the defensive. Dag-Shadow uses the Dragon Plasma Burn to attack the saucer. The black hole closes and reopens, spitting out Kai and the others. With everyone else injured, Dag-Shadow combines with the Shadow Guards to become Shadow Dagwon. Shadow Dagwon attacks the saucer and fires the Shadow Cannon at it. He then uses the Meitou Kagemurasaki sword to slice the saucer apart. Afterwards, En and the others congratulate Ryu on his work in the battle. En teases Ryu about not telling them about the base, but he is interrupted by the appearance of a hologram. The alien hologram identifies itself as Arch, and Ryu figures he must have been controlling the Guardroids. Arch says he was just testing things this time, but he thinks they’ll have fun next time.


This episode changes the course of the series. Up to now, the Dagwon boys have been fighting whatever alien randomly appeared on Earth. Now, we learn the details of why Sargasso’s criminals are running amok. The boys also discover the base for all their vehicles, which is conveniently located behind their school. Instead of a random alien, this time we get mass produced guard robots on a rampage. The Guardroid robots are somewhat reminiscent of the Death Army robots from G Gundam. The end of the episode provides another twist with the appearance of Arch. It appears he was testing the Dagwon team, and my guess is that he controls Sargasso and will be the main villain of the series. We’ll see soon enough if that’s the case.

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Dagwon Info

Tomomi Mochizuki

Kenichi Araki
Go Sakamoto
Hiroaki Kitajima
Mutsumi Nakano
Toshifumi Kawase
Yasunori Yamada
Yooshiyuki Suga

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Akira Oguro

Musical Composer:

48 episodes

Japan 02.03.1996 – 01.25.1997


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