Dagwon Ep. 8: The Dangerous Sleep


A Zargoss spaceship enters Earth’s atmosphere and drops the space beast Mognel onto the ground. Nearby, En and Yoku walk to school and watch as Shin unsuccessfully hits on a girl. Despite being shot down, Shin chases after the girl and is stopped by Kai. Kai tells him he should be focusing on other things and asks him if he’s ever really been in love. Shin says he hasn’t found anyone yet, and Kai says he’ll lose with that attitude. En laughs at Shin, and Kai chases after him. In class, Kai gives Shin a dirty look for almost falling asleep. Later, Kai fights off sleep himself and notices that all the students and the teacher have fallen asleep. He goes to En’s class and sees that everyone has fallen asleep there as well. The Zargoss ship flies over the city and drops a tower in an open area. With his armor equipped, Kai walks through the city, where everyone has fallen asleep. An out of control truck barrels towards Kai, but he stops it just before it would have hit a bus of school children. Nearby, Ryu jumps down from a rooftop and heads toward the Zargoss tower. Kai hears a strange snoring sound and follows it to a forest, where he finds Mognel sleeping in a tunnel. He attacks Mognel with a Wheel Kick and is knocked back. Mognel then wakes up and digs deeper into the ground. At school, En, Shin and Yoku wake up and receive a call from Kai on their wrist communicators. They meet Kai in the science room, and he explains that an ugly monster is causing everyone to fall asleep. The three begin to doze off, so Kai slaps them to stay awake. He tells them it’ll all be over if they fall asleep. Ryu continues to approach the tower, and two strange policemen tell him it’s forbidden to walk through that area. They say they have orders to shoot anyone suspicious and begin firing at Ryu. Ryu dodges their shots and tosses a smoke bomb to distract them. Ryu then kicks the two policemen, and they transform into Zargoss aliens.

Yoku does some computer research and determines that Mognel is a space beast. He believes that Mognel’s snoring is a form of hypnotism. Ryu calls them and informs them that he’s found some Zargoss aliens in the city. En decides that he will meet up with Ryu while everyone else searches for Mognel. Kai, Shin and Yoku head to the city in their vehicles and blast a hole in the ground, revealing the sleeping Mognel. En arrives at Ryu’s position, and Ryu activates his armor. Kai, Shin and Yoku bombard Mognel with missiles and beams, but their attacks have no effect. Kai transforms into Dag-Turbo and attacks with a Turbo Dash, but the grating of Mognel’s teeth causes him to falter. Yoku then crashes into Shin and they fall into the ground. The two Zargoss aliens are beamed up to their ship, and En and Ryu are overwhelmed by Mognel’s sound. The tower then begins to suck up parts of buildings to fortify itself, and the spaceship transforms into a humanoid mode to attack En and Ryu. Yoku and Shin transform into Dag-Wing and Dag-Armor to join Dag-Turbo in attacking Mognel. Mognel wakes up and stops making noise, but it quickly falls asleep again. Dag-Fire fuses into Fire Dagwon and attacks the Zargoss. Dag-Wing has an idea, and the three combine into Liner Dagwon and use Liner Blizzard to freeze Mognel so they don’t have to hear its noise. Unfortunately, Mognel breaks free and spreads its snoring again. With Fire Dagwon and Dag-Shadow in trouble, Liner Dagwon jumps onto Mognel and rides it like a wild bull. Fire Dagwon then uses Fire Hold and Fire Blade to destroy the Zargoss. Suddenly, the Zargoss tower explodes and begins to sink into the ground. Afterwards, everyone wonders what they should do about Mognel. Kai says he feels sorry for it because it was just being used by the Zargoss. En and the others conclude that Kai should deal with Mognel because he found it first and is the person who deals with lazy guys. Kai says that’ll take forever, and everyone laughs at him. Ryu finds the space pod that the Zargoss used to drop Mognel on Earth, so he suggests using that. They then load Mognel onto the space pod and fire it back into space.


This is the first episode to feature the return of a previous villain, the Zargoss. They’ve come back to Earth to cause more trouble, and this time their plan is to make the city fall asleep while they suck up buildings to make a fortress. Yeah, it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? This episode is mostly played for laughs, with the ever-serious Kai going up against a lazy sleeping monster. For someone like him, that’s a nightmare opponent. Later on, everyone does the usual combinations and special attacks that once again beat the Zargoss. I wonder if future episodes will see the return of other prior alien villains.

Overall Rating

Dagwon Info

Tomomi Mochizuki

Kenichi Araki
Go Sakamoto
Hiroaki Kitajima
Mutsumi Nakano
Toshifumi Kawase
Yasunori Yamada
Yooshiyuki Suga

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Akira Oguro

Musical Composer:

48 episodes

Japan 02.03.1996 – 01.25.1997


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