Dana O’Shee


Code name: Dana O’Shee
Unit type:
 aura battler
Manufacturer: House Given
Operator: House Given
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: head height 7.6 meters
Weight: 5.2 Luft tons
Armor materials: bio-armor (gatder carapace and kamai-lug shell)
Performance: cruising speed 160 rill; maximum speed 190 rill
Aura conversion performance: 0.65
Aura power: 10 aura (basic); max power unknown
Fixed armaments: 4-tube reloadable rocket launcher, held by left hand; sword, stored on backpack, hand-carried in use

Developed by House Given, the Dana O’Shee was in part based on Shot Weapon’s first aura battler design, the Gedo. The Dana O’Shee’s armaments included a sword and a 4-tube rocket launcher. House Given produced many units and sold them to various countries. However, the Dana O’Shee’s limited armaments and inferior aura power were no match for newer aura battlers designed by House Drake. One Dana O’Shee unit was stationed aboard Nie Given’s Zelana and used by Upper Earth pilot Marvel Frozen in the fight against Drake’s forces. Once Marvel upgraded to the Botune, the Dana O’Shee was handed down to junior pilot Keen Kiss and later phased out of service.

Pilot(s): Marvel Frozen, Riml Luft, Keen Kiss
First appearance: Aura Battler Dunbine
Original mechanical designer(s): Kazutaka Miyatake (principal design), Yutaka Izubuchi (cleanup)


Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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