Dunbine Ep. 27: Queen of the Red Storm


The Dunbine crashes into a land with a strange, red desert like atmosphere with wind swirling everywhere. Nie and Marvel wonder where Shou went and wonder if what Elle said about him not returning to Upper Earth is true. Elle sits alone in the other room thinking about her mother. Nie and Keen tell her everything will be alright. Shou sees some Garou Ran flying around near him, looking for a Ferario. The pink haired Ferario they are chasing shows her face and is soon surrounded by them. They demand to know where Ceila Lapana is, but Shou arrives in his Dunbine and tells them to let her go. The Ferario flies into the Dunbine’s cockpit and Shou yells at them to leave her alone. The Garou Ran’s leader, Shindoro, arrives and attacks the Dunbine with an electric whip. Shou knocks him away and the group of Garou Ran retreat. The Ferario tells Shou her name is El Fino. Shou wants her to lead him to Naburo, but she laughs at him. Suddenly a giant red monster, a Ruguu arrives, led by Shindoro. It tosses the Dunbine around using its long tongue. Shou knocks sand in the beast’s eye and flies off. Todd meanwhile looks around for Shou in his Vierres and finds the Dunbine’s tracks. El Fino leads Shou to a forest of mushrooms where he meets Ceila Lapana who says she was deceived by Shindoro into coming here into the Sphere of Tempest. She wants Shou to help them leave. The Garou Ran arrive, firing everywhere in an attempt to find Ceila. Ceila tells Shou she’ll stay there and watch him defeat the enemy. Shou flies off in the Dunbine. Todd arrives on the scene and meets El Fino. Todd tricks El Fino into thinking Shou’s his friend. The Dunbine is nearly crushed by the Ruguu but manages to force it off. He isn’t able to escape from it though as the beast grabs the Dunbine with its tongue.

The Dunbine knocks the Ruguu away, but it jumps on top of him. Shou arrives with his Vierres and light glows from his weapons. The Ruguu backs off, scared and Todd heavily wounds it. Shou is shocked at how powerful Todd has become. Shindoro and the Ruguu crash to the ground and die. Shou runs back to Ceila in the Dunbine, telling her they have to leave since Todd has arrived. Todd talks about defeating Shou and El Fino gets upset at him for lying to her. She flies out of the Vierres and back to Shou and Ceila. Ceila gets into the Dunbine’s cockpit and sits on Shou’s lap. Todd arrives and attacks him. Todd is unable to summon the power he had before and Shou knocks him away. The Dunbine and Vierres head through the Wall of Tempest. Todd finds it hard to attack the Dunbine in this rough atmosphere. Eventually the Dunbine makes it out and the Dunbine lands near the Sea of Miyaran, a body of water in the land of Na. The three of them get out of the Dunbine. Ceila tells Shou how she was kidnapped by the Garou Ran to be sold to Drake. She asks Shou what he fights for, and if he fights for the sake of Byston Well. Shou says he doesn’t enjoy battle and Ceila asks why he hasn’t been able to defeat Drake, Bishot and Shot yet. Shou is bewildered by Ceila’s questions until she reveals to him that she is the Queen of Na. Ceila thinks Shou is naive. She gives Shou a kiss for saving her. Seeing Todd in the air above, Shou gets into the Dunbine and fights him. He thinks of Ceila calling him a spoiled battler and is able to destroy the Vierres. Todd narrowly makes it out before it explodes. Ceila, watching from the ground thinks Shou is the one capable of piloting the Billbine. Shou returns to the others and Nie confirms that it was Ceila he met. Shou asks Nie and Marvel if they think he’s a spoiled person.


This is an interesting episode that offers us a somewhat different perspective. Rather than continue with Drake’s conquest of Lao, we take an episode off and see the Sphere of Tempest, another bizarre landmark of Byston Well. This episode introduces the adorable Ceila Lapana, Queen of Na, who despite her high status appears to be no older than 17 or 18. Ceila’s blue hair, red eyes, mature attitude and very toned down voice reminds one of Rei Ayanami from Evangelion. Perhaps Ceila was an influence for her. We also meet El Fino, another Mi Ferario. Ceila’s take on Shou is completely the opposite of everything he’s heard up to this point, she wonders if he’s a spoiled fighter who hasn’t tried his hardest to bring peace to Byston Well. She does seem pretty pleased with him despite these words however, and decides to entrust him with the Billbine, which we’ll see pretty soon…

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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