Dunbine Ep. 31: The Omen of the Black Knight


Shou and Marvel head to the land of Na. Shou thinks about what Ceila was talking to him about before. A black Aura Battler, the Zwarth, appears in front of them and flies at great speeds around the two of them. The Billbine transforms and pulls out its sword and is immediately attacked. The Billbine flees to a large group of trees and the Zwarth, piloted by a mysterious Black Knight cuts its way through them and continues its assault. Marvel wonders if this is an Aura Battler from Na testing them. She attacks the Zwarth and has great difficultly with it. The Black Knight is confident in the Zwarth’s test run and decides to flee from the battle. Shou and Marvel wonder who the pilot the the Zwarth was. They reach the castle in Na and see a giant battleship, the Guran Galan, under construction. The Billbine and Dunbine land in the castle and they are greeted by Nie and Keen. Nie says they’ll attack again after the Zelana is repaired. Shou, Nie and Marvel go to see Ceila Lapana. Shou is greeted by El Fino as he enters the throne room. Ceila tells El Fino, and another Mi Ferario, Bel Al to leave. She welcomes Shou and Marvel. Shou thanks Ceila for the Dunbine. Shou tells her of what Jacoba said regarding get rid of all Aura Battlers on Byston Well. Shou agrees with the E Ferario’s opinion. Ceila questions whether Shou will be able to get rid of the Aura Machines he uses once the war is over. Nie asks Marvel how it is piloting the Dunbine. The Zelana takes off towards the land of Lao. Nie and Marvel decide to attack the Will Wipps at Taatara Castle using their full complement of Aura Battlers.

Shot reports to Drake about Na developing their own Aura Battlership. Drake wonders who is leaking the information about how to build them and talks about another Aura Battleship that Bishot is developing, the Gea Gring. Drake sends a soldier out to see Bishot and plot their attack on Na. At Bishot’s castle, Bishot receives the message and says he’ll send out his entire army to support Drake. Bishot’s advisors are concerned about him following Drake. Louser and Riml arrive aboard the Bull Beggar. Riml is upset about being brought along. Bishot decides to have them wait in the castle while he heads out on the Gea Gring to support the Will Wipps. The Zelana sails through the clouds towards Lao. Aboard the Will Wipps the Black Knight reports to Shot. Shot tells him to attack the Graon. Shot heads out on a Bull Beggar and the Black Knight accompanies him in the Zwarth. Before leaving, the Black Knight pledges his allegiance to Drake. Drake orders his forces to ignore the Graon and head towards the land of Na. The Will Wipps leaves the castle and heads out. The Zelana watches from the skies above. The Zelana and its forces attack the Will Wipps with all their might. Shou makes his way towards the bridge in the Billbine but is attacked by the Zwarth. Drake is angered at the strength of the Billbine. During the battle the Black Knight summons a large amount of Aura Power, so much so that all attacks bounce off of the Zwarth. The Billbine attacks the Zwarth with its sword and the burst of energy sends everyone out of control. Shou saves Marvel and their Aura battlers crash to the ground. A large amount of light emanates from the heavens. In the Land of Water, the E Ferario gather.


This episode introduces the mysterious Black Knight and his powerful Aura Battler the Zwarth, which appears to be even stronger than the Billbine. In actuality however, the Black Knight isn’t all that mysterious, he’s Bern Bunnings, hiding his identity so Drake will accept him once again. The fact that Bern is the Black Knight is never a secret; the opening sequence of the show reveals it a couple of episodes before the Black Knight even appears! Not to mention the long flowing blue hair gives it away whether the Bern is in the costume or not. Humiliated by Shou time and time again, Bern now appears to be as strong a force as there is on Byston Well. Another storyline of this episode is Drake beginning his conquest of Na, the last remaining country in his way. There was talk of another country, Ri, early in the series but nothing has been said of it since. I wonder if the writers forgot about that. Two more Aura Battleships make their first appearances here, the Guran Galan of Na and the Gea Gring of Ku. The war really seems to be escalating to epic proportions.

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Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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