Dunbine Ep. 33: Machine Expansion


A plane spots the Billbine flying across the ocean. Shou and Chum are revealed to be asleep inside. Chum awakens and tells Shou to wake up, that they are being followed. The Billbine heads to a nearby island and lands, where Shou sees Minagawa, the man in charge. He tells Shou he was sent to this poor location because of what happened in Tokyo earlier. Chum is shown a magazine with her in it and a small doll as well. Minagawa gives Shou a picture of the Will Wipps and Todd’s Vierres. A soldier comes in, informing them of Dunbine being involved in a fight over Texas. Shou receives permission to head there in the Billbine. In Texas, the Dunbine battles a group of Doros and fighter jets, causing heavy damage to the city below. Marvel attacks them, but finds the Doros and Drumlos are now a lot more powerful on Upper Earth. She wonders why the enemy is acting so recklessly and if Drake has decided to take over Upper Earth. Drake’s forces chase the fighter jets over Las Vegas, dealing heavy damage there as well. Marvel calls out for Shou and flying over the ocean, he hears her voice. Shou tries explaining the different time zone and stars while they head towards the U.S. Chum is impressed by the lights of the city at night. Marvel is surrounded by two Drumlos and they attack the Dunbine. Luckily, Shou arrives in the Billbine and blasts at them. Marvel is able to get out of the way and they are destroyed. With so many enemies still around, they decide to retreat. Aboard the Will Wipps Drake wonders if the planes flying around are friends of Shot’s. His soldiers tell him they are unable to contact either Bishot or Shot, and Drake tells them to keep trying. A few Aura Battlers head out and are immediately attacked by the fighter jets. The attack deals no damage to them however. Marvel and Shou head to see Marvel’s friend Barbara in Pearl Harbor.

Barbara greets Marvel when she arrives, thinking that she eloped with Shou since she was gone so long. Barbara is surprised at how Marvel and Shou were able to get there since the Aura Battlers have caused all flights to be cancelled. Marvel lies and says they have been in Hawaii for a week. They watch the news, showing the Leprechaun in Dublin and the Will Wipps in California. Marvel is upset to see that the Will Wipps made it to Upper Earth as well. Shou realizes that he is fully able to understand Barbara’s English. The news shows more Aura Battles in Australia and Todd’s Vierres in Boston. Todd is chased by fighter jets, whose pilots think he died on a test flight. On their way out, Shou and Marvel see the Zelana in Colombia on the news. Having been hidden in a basket all this time, Chum flies out, shocking a nearby boy as they drive by. Marvel, Shou and Chum are confident the Graon and Guran Galan have come to Upper Earth as well. Marvel returns the car they borrowed and they get into their Aura Battlers. Shou wants them to go as high as possible to avoid any enemies. They’re spotting flying away from their hiding place however, and the navy sends a number of planes after them. In Colombia, the Zelana, boarded by Keen and Nie battle a group of Doros and Tungys. Todd just happens to arrive in his Vierres, so Keen heads out in the Fou and Nie takes the Bozune. The Billbine and Dunbine fly towards Colombia as fast as they can and eventually come across the Zelana. Nie’s Bozune is damaged, but Shou joins in on the battle and attacks Todd. Shou attacks Todd in close range and able to get through his barrier of Aura Power, knocks the Vierres into the water. A huge whirlwind of water appears and Todd comes out of it. He is just narrowly able to escape the Vierres before it explodes. Aboard the Zelana, everyone decides to do their best to end this war as soon as possible.


This episode is more set up than anything else. With everyone on Upper Earth split up, it was natural that they’d have to spend an episode or so just to get everyone back together again. And luckily by the end of the episode all our heroes are reunited. One big mystery that this episode raises is that Shou and Marvel are able to understand each other (and Shou is able to understand Barbara) even though they are no longer on Byston Well, where the language barrier didn’t seem to matter. Hopefully we’ll get a proper explanation of this at some point. This episode features yet another Todd vs. Shou fight and with the Billbine, Shou has no problem dominating.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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