Dunbine Ep. 37: Hyper Jerryl


People in a town in India watch as the Graon flies by them. On the bridge Elle asks Abe about the location of the Gea Gring as they head further into the desert. Shou and Marvel sleep on the Zelana and get up once Nie tells them to prepare for battle. The Gea Gring also continues to head out. Zet greets the Black Knight on the dock and brings him to see Bishot. Bishot tells him to use the Galava as he likes for the time being. The Black Knight is surprised to see Louser on the Gea Gring. He is shocked she has come to Upper Earth as well. Shou and the others take off from the Zelana and wonder where Bishot’s forces are. Suddenly they are attacked from below by forces who were hiding on the ground. The Gea Gring approaches the Graon. Elle tells Abe to have the Graon stay at a low altitude and fire all their Aura Nozzles. Marvel finds even the Drumlos more powerful here on Upper Earth. By lowering their altitude, the Graon forces a sandstorm that confuses the enemy. The Black Knight is about to head out when Bishot decides to retreat, instead wanting to save his forces for when the Guran Galan appears. Keen attacks Zet’s Virunvee as he’s about to escape, but he still manages to get out alive. Everyone heads back to the Graon. They wonder if Bishot is trying to exhaust them. Elle arrives and apologizes for sending them all out. She has a strange vision of a red haired woman and Aura Battler. Shou thinks it is Jerryl. Marvel wonders if that’s true, since she didn’t appear to be that strong. Abe tells everyone to report to the bridge. Abe tells everyone that they’ve spotted the Guran Galan over Europe between Poland and Russia. Elle tells Abe they will head there. Members of the Upper Earth’s military spot the Graon on radar. Jerryl, whose with them heads out on her Leprechaun. The Zelana continues towards Europe with Marvel on the Dunbine and the Fou out in front. The fighter pilots tells Jerryl how impressed they are with her Aura Battler and that she seems like a second coming of Joan of Arc.

Jerryl spots the Dunbine and Fou ahead of her. Marvel notices the large fleet of fighter planes ahead of her and despite being attacked doesn’t want to attack those from Upper Earth. Jerryl attacks her and tells the planes to head towards the Graon. The speed of the Leprechaun overwhelms Marvel. Shou heads out on the Billbine, sensing that Marvel is in danger. On the way he runs into the fighter planes heading towards the Graon. He pushes his way through them. Meanwhile Jerryl continues to pursue the Dunbine but is attacked from behind by the Billbine. Jerryl knocks the Billbine away and Shou transforms it into Aura Battler mode. The Billbine and Dunbine attack Jerryl simultaneously. Jerryl becomes enraged and goes into hyper mode, her Aura Battler increasing in size more than a hundred fold. Shou thinks this is a smokescreen but the Leprechaun does manage to deal heavy damage to the Dunbine. The fighter planes surround the Graon and order it to land. Elle says she is the Queen of Lao and wishes to converse with their commander. Elle tells him they don’t wish to fight and want to talk to the highest ranking person in their country. The commander tells them Jerryl is in charge and says that the Graon must be destroyed for there to be peace on Upper Earth. Elle and Abe says she is evil but they won’t listen. Elle is surprised that Jerryl’s Aura power is so great she can now sway people’s minds. The gigantic Leprechaun charges towards the Graon. The Billbine continues to avoid the Leprechaun’s attacks but is having a lot of trouble since it is so large. Jerryl grabs the Billbine in the Leprechaun’s hand. Shou sees a vision of all his friends and bursts right out of the Leprechaun’s fist. He generates tremendous amounts of power and the giant Leprechaun starts crumbling. He sees the Leprechaun’s true form and fires at its cockpit, vaporizing Jerryl. Aboard the Graon Elle thinks of how the Aura Battlers are increasing malice and hatred. The military commander realizes Jerryl wasn’t the reincarnation of Joan of Arc after all and decides to retreat. Shou worries about feelings of hatred overwhelming the Aura Battlers, causing them to suffer the same fate as Jerryl.


The first half of this episode is much like the previous few episodes, relatively boring filler which seems to be doing little more than setting things up for the finale. The battle between the Graon and Gea Gring becomes pretty meaningless as the Gea Gring decides instead to retreat. The Black Knight doesn’t even get the chance to try out the Galava. The second half of this episode is a lot better as Jerryl returns to the scene exerting more Aura Power than anyone has seen before. She’s even able to control the thoughts of those in the Earth military into following her orders. Through this strength she is able to increase the Leprechaun to a tremendous size, but luckily Shou is able to break free of her grasp and kill her. With the Graon tracking down the Guran Galan‘s location looks like all our heroes will reunite pretty soon.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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