Dunbine Ep. 40: Paris Blazes


The Guran GalanGraon and Zelana hide in a snow filled area. Shou, Marvel and Chum head over to the Guran Galan. Bel Al complains to Ceila about the cold. Shou and the others come in to see Ceila and Elle. Shou and Marvel disagree with Ceila’s decision to have them hide here due to the tough weather. Bishot’s forces launch an attack over the city of Paris and have little trouble with the military forces stationed there. Bishot tells Todd to head back to Drake and report to him on what has happened. Todd asks if he should tell him about Louser and Riml being here, but Louser says that’s not necessary. Todd departs the Gea Gring. Louser says they should burn down all of Paris in order to draw out the Guran Galan and Gea Gring. Louser hopes to destroy at least one of the Aura Battleships before meeting up with the Will Wipps. The couple who installed the radar on the Gea Gring eavesdrop on the conversation and worry about their part in this. An airplane approaches the Zelana and drops a message from the government of France saying that at least one of the two Aura Battleships must head out or Paris will be destroyed. Shou asks Charlie to contact the other people from his company on the Gea Gring. He lies to them, telling them Elle and Ceila are fighting with each other. Bishot and Louser listen in and believe him. Riml looks out the window and is shocked to see the Dunbine and Billbine fighting each other. Shou pretends to be betraying everyone, and tells Marvel she should betray them too since they abandoned her. The Billbine slices the head off the Dunbine, which appears to crash into a pool in Paris. The Billbine is surrounded by Bishot’s Aura Battlers. It is escorted to the deck of the Gea Gring and Shou is brought out. The Black Knight borrows a Wryneck in order to investigate what happened to the Dunbine.

Aboard the Gea Gring‘s bridge Bishot congratulates Shou for his good showing in battle. Shou tells Bishot he was upset at Elle and Ceila for abandoning Marvel. Riml, upset at Shou runs in and attacks him with a spear. Shou tells Riml she’s being naive. Watching from above, the couple from Upper Earth thinks there may be a use for Riml. The Black Knight and a few other soldiers search for the Dunbine to no avail. In actuality, the Dunbine has returned to the Zelana to get repaired. The head Shou brought aboard the Gea Gring has a bomb placed in it. Frederick and Lana knock out the guard in front of Riml’s cell and ask her if she wants to escape. Aboard the deck of the Gea Gring the Black Knight arrives and says Shou is lying since he was unable to find the remains of the Dunbine. Shou tells everyone to freeze, that there is a bomb in the Billbine that he’ll detonate if the Gea Gring doesn’t head to the North Sea. They don’t believe Shou, who says the bomb’s ignition is attached to a molar in his mouth. Riml and the two Upper Earthlings get ready to escape. Riml doesn’t think Shou is really a traitor. The Zelana heads towards Paris. Shou is taken captive by two soldiers who hold his mouth open. Bishot orders the Black Knight to kill him, but Shou is able to bite down and set off the bomb in the Dunbine’s head. He says there is still another bomb in the Billbine. The Black Knight fights Shou but Riml arrives, allowing Shou to get into the Billbine and escape. Riml attacks the Black Knight, but he knocks her out with a single blow. Shou heads out where a fleet of Tungys await him. The Black Knight heads out and attacks Shou, telling him he’s to blame for the city burning. Chum senses that Shou is full of hatred. Shou attacks the Black Knight with all his might and Marvel tells him to calm down or he’ll end up like Jerryl. She is attacked by a Leprechaun which she quickly destroys. Bishot sends out a huge amount of Aura Battlers and with so many attacks coming towards him, Shou goes hyper, the energy destroying all the Aura Battlers around him and damaging the city as well. Shou didn’t mean to cause so much damage and gets back to normal. He attacks the Gea Gring‘s bridge, narrowly missing Bishot. Bishot decides to have the Gea Gring retreat. The Black Knight attacks the Billbine again but the Billbine destroys the Wryneck‘s sword with ease, then sends the entire Aura Battler crashing to the city below. The Black Knight narrowly escapes the explosion. Shou starts crying, seeing the damage he’s caused to the city.


Another somewhat exciting episode although the plot doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. Shou’s plan to fool Bishot into thinking he betrayed the others seemed like a good idea, but in the end he had to abandon it when the Black Knight interfered. Riml reappears after somewhat of a lengthy absence. Trying to take on the Black Knight on her own seems pretty foolish though as he knocks her out with ease. The fact that the Zelana itself tries to take on all of Bishot’s forces also seems pretty foolish to me, luckily for our heroes Shou displays an absurd amount of Aura Power, although Paris is somewhat damaged because of it. Interesting to note is that at the start of the episode Louser doesn’t want Todd to tell Drake that she’s aboard the Gea Gring. Seems to me like she’s having an affair with Bishot and doesn’t want her husband to know about it.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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