Dunbine Ep. 42: Insurrection of the People of Upper Earth


The Black Knight takes out the Bubuly on a test flight. The Gea Gring receives supplies from Norway, which fears being destroyed like Paris was. The people are upset about this and Zet attacks one of them. The Black Knight thinks he should instead focus on completing the Bubuly. Riml tells the couple from Upper Earth, Frederick and Lana, that Louser and Bishot have betrayed her father and that she loves someone aboard the Zelana. They leave when the Black Knight walks by. Meanwhile in England, doctors sent by the Queen head to the Guran Galan. The Graon and Zelana land nearby. Shou, Marvel, Elle and the Ferario head to see how Ceila’s doing. Shou waits outside her room while the others go in. Elle blames herself for what happened. Ceila says to believe in herself and attack the Gea Gring. The Graon and Zelana head out to attack. Soldiers from Norway upset over their government helping Bishot arrive to assist them. While Zet works on the Galava the Black Knight spots a few people trying to run. Riml takes advantage of the distraction to escape with Frederick on a Barau Wing Calibur. Riml is surprised Lana decided to stay behind. Louser orders the Black Knight to head out after her even though Zet has already gone, since without Riml aboard the Gea Gring there is no reason for her to be there. The Black Knight is worried about the uprising of the locals, but Bishot says they’ll take care of that. The Black Knight heads out on the Galava. The Zelana heads towards Oslo and the BillbineDunbine and Fou head out. Aboard the Gea Gring, Bishot tells his soldiers to contact the president of Norway. Riml runs into Shou and the others, but not knowing she is the pilot, Shou fires. Riml is able to contact him and let him know she was able to escape. Zet’s forces quickly catch up and attack. A Drumlo grabs Riml’s Barau, but she is able to shake it off.

The Black Knight heads towards the Zelana, but feeling the Aura power of the locals decides to head back to the Gea Gring. Zet tells Shou to give back Riml and they’ll leave. Chum mistakingly reveals that the Graon is nearby. Bishot yells at the president of Norway for the locals disobeying. The president says his country isn’t a dictatorship and there’s nothing he can do. The people, refusing to cooperate anymore go on strike. The president says to give him 30 minutes and Bishot allows it. If they don’t stop then he’ll burn Oslo to the ground just like what happened to Paris. Lana regrets not escaping with Frederick and Riml. The Black Knight returns to the bridge, angering Louser. She slaps him and tells him to get out of her site. Bishot wonders if the president has a secret plan. Zet contacts Bishot and tells him the Graon is coming. Bishot tells the Black Knight to head out. The Barou reaches the Graon but Riml decides to fight. The Gea Gring sends out Aura Battlers and begins to take off. Seeing the Gea Gring take off, the president of Norway has his army prepare to attack it. A fleet of fighter jets approach the Gea Gring and attack it. Louser is upset at Bishot for only making threats and not taking action. The battle continues and the Graon deploys its Aura Battlers. The Black Knight attacks Shou in the Bubuly. He grabs onto the Billbine, but is blasted away. Bishot asks Elle if she’s willing to let the people in Oslo die and she argues with him. Bishot realizes that they should stop relying on taking the city hostage and advances the Gea Gring towards the Graon. Riml’s Barou is attacked by Zet and he docks with it, telling Riml they’re returning to the Gea Gring. His Vierres is struck by the Billbine and blows off from the Barou. The Barou falls apart and Frederick falls out to his death. Riml is knocked out, but the Black Knight swoops in and grabs the remains of the Barou. Zet gets angry at seeing the Black Knight trying to take credit for saving Riml but must still content with Shou. Bishot is told on the Gea Gring that they must be careful since repairs aren’t finished. He decides to retreat. Aboard the Guran Galan Ceila is told of what has happened in the battle. She is convinced those on Upper Earth hate them. Elle is upset for not being able to destroy the Gea Gring and wonders why her premonition of victory didn’t come true.


This episode features yet another large scale battle with the plot not really going anywhere. The large scale fighting is somewhat exciting, but without the plot really going anywhere things are starting to get rather repetitive. A battle between the three Aura Battleships involving a city on Upper Earth over and over again, can’t we start seeing something else? Particularly at this stage of the show. I know with a mere 7 episodes left we probably won’t have too many more episodes left like this, but the repetitiveness of the last few episodes really shows how much the setting of Byston Well had to do with the quality of the early part of the show. Things got somewhat repetitive back then too, but we had the interesting setting to keep the episode from being a total waste. It’s not as good here on Upper Earth, the novelty of the setting has certainly faded by this point. Oh well. At least the Black Knight has returned to combat in the Bubuly (mistakenly called the Galava at points in this episode).

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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