Dunbine Ep. 45: Beyond the Todd


Grimley pulls the damaged Zelana towards the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. Marvel wonders why they are helping them if America has been taken over by Drake. Although suspicious, the Zelana lands on the ship so they can conduct repairs. Marvel and Shou go out and meet with the Captain. He tells them that they are a rouge navy and aren’t acting as an official part of the American Navy. Marvel thanks him for the help. The soldiers on the ship are impressed by Chum. Suddenly a Fou arrives with a soldier from the Guran Galan. He informs everyone that the Guran Galan has received supplies from allied countries in Europe. Aboard the Will Wipps, Todd complains to the mechanics and realizes that he has to impress Drake or his hometown of Boston could be destroyed. Aboard the bridge Musiy reports to Drake and tells him the reason the Spriggan has done so little is because it was incomplete when it came to Upper Earth. Todd butts in on the conversation and complains about how they couldn’t contact the Spriggan. Drake tells Todd to be quiet and asks his advice on what to do with America’s forces. Aboard the Graon Elle finds out the Gea Gring is moving and she wants to help out the Guran Galan. Abe says they should stay where they are since they are in the middle of a joint operation. Elle doesn’t care, and orders the Aura Battlers to head out. She thinks that now is the perfect time to attack the Gea Gring, before it meets up with the Will Wipps and is fully repaired. Meanwhile on the Gea Gring Lana tries to escape on a Shoot but is spotted by a soldier. The Graon‘s Aura Battler forces arrive and Bishot sends out his own troops. The Black Knight spots Lana in the dock and tells her this is no place for a woman. Elle tells Abe to have the Graon fire at the Gea Gring. Aboard the Carl Vinson, the Captain gets angry upon hearing about the Graon‘s actions. Nie realizes their plans are now ruined. The Captain allows the Zelana to head out and join in the Graon‘s attack. Elle says she must defeat the Gea Gring to be able to face Ceila again. The Zelana‘s Aura Battlers leave the Aircraft Carrier and head towards the battlefield. Planes from Upper Earth start bombarding the Gea Gring and Graon with nuclear weapons. Aboard the Will Wipps Todd tells Musiy to help him out. She gets mad at him, but heads out anyway.

The battle continues and more nuclear weapons bombard the Gea Gring. Elle tells her troops to force their way close to the Gea Gring. Various small ships before the Gea Gring explode, but the battleship’s barrier expands its strength. Louser is upset at Bishot because their position is too much of a defensive one. Shou and the others reach the battle. Bishot demands to know why the Black Knight hasn’t headed out. The Black Knight lies to him, telling him his Aura Machine isn’t working properly. Todd tells Musiy to target the Dunbine and Billbine but she tells him she won’t take orders from him. Todd and Shou quickly meet up with each other and resume their battle. Bishot orders all his Aura Battlers to head out. The Gea Gring is struck by another nuclear bomb, and the resulting blast distracts them long enough to allow the Graon to come up close to it. Bishot tells his pilots to pull back the Gea Gring. Shot arrives at the battle in the Spriggan and brings it before the Gea Gring. Shot tells Bishot to rendezvous with the Will Wipps. Elle, feeling an evil power decides to withdraw the Graon. She says this evil power has increased due to the Spriggan‘s arrival. Musiy attacks the Billbine but Todd tells her to not interfere and return to the Spriggan. Shot tells Musiy to follow Todd’s advice and head back. Todd is cornered by both the Dunbine and Billbine and they tie him up. Todd suddenly goes hyper and the Vierres expands to a massive size, breaking through their bonds. Shot watches in amazement at the power of a hyper Aura Battler. The giant Vierres knocks away the Dunbine with ease. Shou tells Marvel to return to the Graon and takes her sword. Todd fires at the Graon then attacks it with his sword, trying to break through the Aura Barrier. Shou becomes upset and starts losing control of himself. Chum tells him not to go hyper. Shou can’t hold back his own power even though Elle tries to repress it. Shou summons great strength and fires a blast at the Vierres, which blasts right through its Aura Barrier. The Billbine charges through the giant Vierres, which shrinks back to its original size and explodes. Todd thinks of his mother as the cockpit blows up. Shot tells Musiy to watch carefully, that one must control their Aura Power to becomes a true battler. The Spriggan retreats. Shou feels weak from using up so much energy. Shou is happy that Elle and Marvel helped him repress his power. Tears start coming from his eyes. Aboard the Will Wipps Shot tells Drake about Todd’s death. As a tribute to him Drake decides to leave Boston alone. Shot tells Drake that Bishot is repairing the Gea Gring and will be late. He says now is the time to strike the Graon and Guran Galan.


One of the show’s more annoying characters, Todd Guinness, finally is killed by Shou in this episode. Although he was very unlikable at first, I gotta give him credit, at least he became a very powerful and well respected soldier by the end. Todd is the first of the show’s real major characters to die, but considering this is a Tomino show I won’t be surprised to see a lot more characters die in the final 4 episodes as well. In the end, going hyper just wasn’t enough for him to defeat Shou, just like Jerryl. Shot finally brings the Spriggan into the battlefield, the last of the five major Aura Battleships (although it really isn’t on the same level as the other four). The Guran Galan on the other hand has completely vanished, I guess they need to repair the heavy damage it took in the last episode.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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