Dunbine Ep. 46: Operation Remote Control


Shot arrives upon the bridge of the Will Wipps to see Drake. Drake is wondering about an immense Aura power he senses above the Atlantic Ocean. He feels it is a bad omen. Shot agrees and doesn’t want either the Graon or the Guran Galan to acquire that power. Shot volunteers to have the Spriggan head out and be a decoy to lure in the Guran Galan. Shot heads to the Spriggan and tells Musiy to surrender to the Guran Galan and kill Ceila once she earns her trust. He tells her to suppress her Aura Power so Ceila won’t sense her true intentions. The two kiss before she heads out. Aboard the Carl Vinson the Captain tells Nie and the others their plan to launch planes into the enemy. William, a pilot shows them how they’ll launch airplanes through the Aura Barrier and eject, then blow them up upon hitting the target. Drake’s Aura Battlers approach the Guran Galan and start fighting amongst each other. Musiy, aboard the Bubuly, calls to the Guran Galan and asks if she can surrender to them. Kawasse thinks this is a trap but Ceila says to protect her. Musiy tells Ceila she can’t tell her the reason for surrendering because it would dishonor her. Ceila uses her power to see if Musiy has any hostility and doesn’t sense any. She doesn’t know if she’s surrendering for real, but decides to help her out. Ceila contacts the Carl Vinson and tells Shou and the others about Musiy surrendering. Shou figures if one can go hyper, then they should also be able to do the opposite and repress their Aura power. Keen rushes away to the battlefield before Nie can stop her. Musiy calls out to Ceila, telling her she realizes now how evil Shot is. She destroys a Vierres to prove herself. The Spriggan approaches the battlefield and Shot tells his soldiers to attack more aggressively. Keen lands aboard the Bubuly in her Botune and swings her sword towards the cockpit. She refuses to believe Musiy is really surrendering. Shou and Marvel approach the battle and the Carl Vinson‘s planes continue to fly towards the Gea Gring. Bishot sends out his Aura Battlers but doesn’t believe the planes will be any threat to him. The planes ignore the Aura Battlers the best they can and force their way through. One of the planes crashes into the Gea Gring and blows up near the bridge. Another pilot sends his plane flying into the Gea Gring‘s deck and blows it up as well. Bishot is angry at the enemy for doing such dirty tactics. A Virunvee kills one of the escaping pilots.

Another pilot launches his plane towards the Gea Gring and ejects, only to be found by a Drumlo and killed. Using the grenade the Black Knight gave her, Riml escapes from her cell with Lana. The two of them jump into a Vierres. Shot is shocked that the Upper Earth’s forces are dealing damage to the Gea Gring. He orders Musiy to cancel the operation. Musiy uses that fact to catch Keen off guard. Ceila realizes Musiy was lying and decides to send out her forces. Ceila wants to send the Guran Galan out even though its repairs aren’t finished. A huge portion of the Gea Gring is blown off by the attacks and starts falling towards the ocean. Another escaping pilot is attacked by a Drumlo, but Shou saves him. The Black Knight heads out in his Galava and destroys an approaching plane. He forces another one away from the Gea Gring before it blows up. Riml and Lana head into the water in order to escape the battlefield. Noticing Shou and Marvel, the Black Knight attacks them. Shou and he start fighting. Bishot is mad at Shot for arriving too late. Musiy presses past Marvel and heads towards Shou. She ensnares him and the Black Knight fires at the Billbine, but Musiy pulls away, not wanting him to be the one to take out the Billbine. She fires at the Billbine but that does no good and the Billbine comes out undamaged. Shou damages the Bubuly then attacks the Galava. Mad at the Black Knight for firing in her direction, Musiy returns the favor and fires at the Billbine, which is on top of the Galava. Shou senses great Aura Power from Musiy as she attacks him. She grabs him in the Bubuly’s arms. The Spriggan lands on the Gea Gring and Shot heads to the bridge. Bishot is mad at Shot, but Shot tells him the Gea Gring is heavily damaged. He tells Bishot the Aura power has become too concentrated and he’s worried about an enemy going hyper. He thinks the Gea Gring should head towards the Pacific Ocean while the Will Wipps heads to the Atlantic. Ceila has the Guran Galan focus its attack on the Gea Gring. Bishot decides to follow Shot’s advice and retreat. Shot calls for the Bubuly to retreat from the battlefield. Musiy doesn’t want to retreat with the Billbine in her grasp, but the Billbine starts glowing and breaks free. Musiy retreats. Ceila tells Kawasse to give thanks to the Carl Vinson. The last remaining plane lands aboard the Carl Vinson. The Captain is depressed about so few making it back.


Upper Earth’s military finally gets the right idea about how to attack those from Byston Well by ramming explosive filled planes into them. Because of this they are finally able to heavily damage the Gea Gring, which is forced to retreat. Overall however, I’m rather disappointed that more didn’t happen in an episode so close to the end. Outside of Riml escaping from the Gea Gring not all that much happened. This episode shows how greedy Musiy and the Black Knight are, both wanting to take out the Billbine on their own and not caring if the other gets harmed because of it. And what happened to the Graon? Like the Guran Galan in the previous episode, it vanished without explanation.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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