Dunbine Ep. 47: Drake Luft


Riml’s Wryneck makes its way towards the Will Wipps. It flies out of the water, alerting those on the Will Wipps‘ bridge. Drake is surprised Riml escaped from the Gea Gring. He is mad at Bishot for involving Riml. Riml comes to the bridge and is reunited with her father. She hugs him. Riml tells Drake her mother was aboard the Gea Gring as well and that she’s in collusion with Bishot. Drake slaps her, telling her not to get involved with adults. He has one of his soldiers bring Riml and Lana to her room. Drake orders the ship to go after the Guran Galan, even if they have to head all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Drake wonders why Todd didn’t tell him about Louser being on the Gea Gring, then wonders if he’s the only one who didn’t know anything about it. He desires to tear her limb from limb. Aboard the Zelana Nie orders Shou to head out. Shou goes to see Marvel and sees her getting dressed. Marvel wonders if this will be their last battle but Shou doesn’t think it will be. Chum wonders why the two of them just don’t say they love each other instead of making things so awkward. The Billbine, now colored green, and the other Aura Battlers head out. Shou wonders what Chum was talking about earlier and is absolutely clueless. Marvel heads out separately to guide the Graon while everyone else heads towards the Spriggan. The Graon receives supplies from those on Upper Earth. Ceila nearly collapses and wonders if she can fulfill the wishes of those on Upper Earth. Abe says she’ll be able to if she teams up with Ceila. Marvel arrives and informs Elle of the Gea Gring and Spriggan‘s actions. She suggests the Graon head out to support the Zelana in attacking them and Elle agrees. Chum wonders why such a small force is attacking the Spriggan. Chum is upset at Shou for being willing to die. Nie informs Shou that the Carl Vinson has headed to the Pacific to assist them. A fleet of planes approach the Spriggan. Shot, aboard the bridge is informed of this. He tells Musiy he doesn’t want her to head out. Shot seeks to get Bishot and Drake indebted to him by drawing the planes away from them. The Spriggan attacks the incoming planes, which avoid the Aura Battlers and Aura Ships attacking them. One of them crashes near the bridge of the Spriggan but is unable to penetrate the barrier. Another one breaks through seconds earlier, damaging the ship. Shot doesn’t want to send Musiy out, thinking the Zelana will arrive soon. The Billbine attacks them from above but Shot is convinced it’s nothing more than a decoy. He’s right, as the Zelana and Botune fly at great speeds towards the Spriggan from above. Shou realizes the enemy has caught on and the Spriggan fires at the Zelana, damaging the engine. The Billbine and Botune do their best to hold up the Zelana. Nie tells the crew to escape. Keen, looking for Nie gets off the Botune and looks for him. Shou lifts Doroburu and other crewmembers off the Zelana and into the Billbine’s hands. Keen runs around the burning ship looking for Nie. Chum tells him that she’s come aboard the ship.

Keen is hurt and wonders if Nie is still aboard to rescue her. Nie arrives seconds later and carries her out. The Billbine and Zelana crash into the ocean, knocking the crewmembers out. The Zelana blows up seconds later. Nie and the others watch in horror as their ship explodes. With the Zelana gone, Shot orders his troops to target the Billbine. Suddenly another wave of planes approach the Spriggan. Shot tells Musiy not to head out, that they must preserve their strength. The planes crash into a Bull Beggar, destroying it. Keen wonders if they can still fight with the Zelana gone. Nie swears he’ll get revenge for the loss of their ship. Elle is informed of the destruction of the Zelana and sends the Graon and its forces forward. Drake contacts Bishot and asks him why its been so long since he’s contacted him. Bishot is shocked to see Riml standing behind him. Bishot tells Drake he spent too much time in America. Bishot tells Drake he’ll head to the Pacific where he’ll use the full complement of his forces. He says Shot is the one Drake should be questioning. Drake tells Bishot to be his advance guard in the upcoming battle and Bishot consents, saying he’ll sink both the Guran Galan and Graon. Louser wonders if Drake knows about them. Bishot tells her Riml was with him and that he knows everything. Riml asks her father to let her return to the Gea Gring and act as his agent. She says she dislikes Louser even more than he does. Riml asks Drake to bring Lana back to America and he says he will. She thinks he should stop the fighting entirely but Drake says as long as he’s on Upper Earth he desires to rule it. Louser thinks Bishot is being cowardly and that he should be thinking of what will happen after they are victorious. Bishot thinks they need to follow Drake’s orders for the time being. Louser is convinced that as long as she’s on the Gea Gring they have nothing to worry about since Drake desires to kill her with his own hands. The Zelana‘s injured crew are treated to on the Guran Galan. Nie tells Ceila that there is conflict between the Gea Gring and Guran Galan and now is a good time to attack them. Nie worries about Drake approaching the Pacific Ocean as well. The Gea Gring‘s forces approach the Guran Galan. Ceila senses confusion amongst the enemy. The Black Knight and other soldiers exit the Gea Gring. Shou and Nie leave the Guran Galan and join in on the battle. One of Drake’s soldiers informs him they are running low on ammunition. Ceila wonders if the enemy has a hidden plan. The Black Knight leads a fleet of Galavas and Shou destroys one of them. Shou finds that the Billbine can’t keep up with the speed of the Galava. Bishot is informed of Riml arriving on the Gea Gring as an agent of Drake. Bishot says she can come see him on the bridge. Riml exits the Doro she came on and asks where her mother is. Drake is informed of this on the Will Wipps. He tells his soldiers to keep an eye on Shot. Heading towards the bridge of the Gea Gring, Riml says she can’t forgive her mother.


Things really start building up to the climax as the battle increases in intensity and everyone prepares for one final battle above the Pacific Ocean. The Zelana is destroyed after a reckless attack by Nie, but luckily all its crew is able to make it out alive. I’m surprised they’d destroy it with two episodes left in the show. This episode proves once and for all just how messed up the Luft family is. That Riml would hate her mother so much and that Drake would desire to kill his wife (and perhaps worst of all she is fully aware of it) is quite shocking. Tomino’s anime usually feature broken families, but this is really going to the extreme. I guess it shows just how much of a detestable person Louser is. I was quite shocked to see a fleet of Galavas suddenly appear in this episode. It went from a single, experimental craft to mass produced so quickly? (Particularly when they’re not on Byston Well anymore and you’d figure supplies would be harder to get). And what’s with the Billbine? It suddenly changed color to green with no explanation in this episode. Oh well. Despite a few odd incidents, this is a very good episode, the best one we’ve seen in a while.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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