Escaflowne Ep. 21: Reaction of Fortune


Eriya takes a hold of Hitomi with the liquid metal claws. Van charges at her Teiring with his sword and jumps up to save Hitomi. They are about to touch hands when the Fate Alteration Engine starts going out of control. Eriya knocks Van away with the hand of her Guymelef. Naria and Eriya decide to capture Van as well as it will please Folken, Suddenly the Vione moves its position, causing the sun to shine once more. Naria and Eriya suddenly start feeling very weak. Hitomi falls from their grasp, but Allen is able to catch her. Folken tells Naria and Eriya to return to the Vione. However, as they start flying back, the energist on Naria’s Teiring starts glowing and her Guymelef explodes, crashing towards the ground. Eriya makes it back safely. Later, people hose down the fires and repair the wreckage. Naria hides under a bridge. A large group of people sit in the destroyed town square. Hitomi is upset, thinking it was her fault. Dryden and Millerna come up to her and say it would have happened regardless of what she did. Millerna apologizes, saying it was partly her fault as she asked Hitomi to tell her fortune. In the Vione, Emperor Dornkirk questions Folken on why he ordered Naria and Eriya to fall back. Folken watches over Eriya who, lays injured on a bed and tells her he is worried about Naria. Eriya says it’s alright and that Naria will be okay. Meanwhile, at the castle Naria takes out a guard and jumps over the castle wall. However, she continues to feel very sickly and clutches her neck. Hitomi, Merle and the others care for people in the square while Allen and Van talk in the castle. Van says he’ll end this by killing the puppet master of the intensified luck soldiers, the strategos of Zaibach, his brother Folken. Allen is shocked to find out that Folken is Van’s brother. Later that night, Hitomi walks through the hall with a bunch of plates and slips when she loses one of her sneakers, dropping them to the ground. She picks up her sneaker, noticing a cut shoestring. Naria sneaks up behind her and kidnaps her. Later, Merle comes downstairs and realizes Hitomi is missing. The Royal Guard heads through the streets in pursuit, and Van heads to Escaflowne. Naria, with Hitomi heads away from Palas. Allen stands on a bridge thinking sadly of Celena and his mother. Meanwhile, Naria holds Hitomi in a boat and clutches her mouth. Hitomi sees a vision of a burning building with two dead beast men, the parents of Naria and Eriya. The two of them watch from afar. They head through a rainy forest and then jump off a cliff when they are pursued by a mob, to be saved by Folken. Hitomi also sees Naria and Eriya being injected with enhanced fortune blood. She realizes that’s what led them to this moment.

Naria heads through the forest on a carriage with Hitomi captive. Hitomi asks her why she’s doing this, if it was to repay Folken for saving her years before. The carriage crashes when it hits a rock and they fall to the ground. Naria clutches her bleeding arm and tells Hitomi it’s impossible to escape. Hitomi starts walking backwards to escape, but decides to bandage up Naria. Hitomi asks her to come back with her to Asturia, and that the others will understand, but Naria refuses, saying she can only trust Folken. Hitomi sees a vision of her with Folken and realizes she is in love with him. Meanwhile, Dornkirk tells Folken to send Eriya to attack the Asturian port. Folken says he is worried about her health, but Dornkirk says the Fate Alteration Engine is functioning normally. Folken is still hesitant, but Eriya says she will be alright. Van flies on Escaflowne and sees Eriya’s Teiring flying towards him. Allen tells Gaddes to prep the Crusade. Eriya arrives, flies right by Escaflowne, not wanting to deal with him right now. Escaflowne goes out of control again and starts crashing towards the water, but is able to recover and fly upward at the last moment. Van tries to figure out where Folken is and discovers the Vione appearing in front of him, despite its stealth cloak. Naria brings Hitomi to a stolen ship in order to bring her to Folken. Hitomi says what she’s doing is wrong, but Naria slaps her, not listening. Hitomi thinks of Varie telling her that she has caused bad things to happen. She also hears her grandmother telling her to believe in her wish. Naria asks Hitomi why she hasn’t taken the opportunity to escape yet, and Hitomi says she trusts her and thinks she isn’t a bad person. Suddenly Eriya arrives in her Teiring. Van heads right for the Vione and crashes through its window. Transforming Escaflowne to its humanoid mode, he brings out his sword and starts slashes at the equipment inside, disabling the stealth cloak. Seeing the Fortress aflame, Naria and Eriya try to head up there but are extremely and both suddenly age. Naria gets in the hand of her sister’s Guymelef and lets Hitomi go. They head off to the Vione. Allen shows up in the Crusade to get Hitomi. In the Vione, Folken steps out into the view of Van. Van lifts up Escaflowne’s sword, about to kill him, but Eriya crashes into him with her Guymelef. Eriya yells at Van, saying Folken is concerned about him and he does nothing in return. Escaflowne’s energist glows, causing a giant explosion that pushes Escaflowne out of the Vione. Escaflowne crashes to the ground below. The Vione collapses and starts crashing into the ocean. Folken holds the mortally wounded Naria and Eriya in his hands. Dornkirk shows up saying a reaction took place and he now knows the answer that has eluded them. Folken removes his cloak and says Dornkirk is wrong as the screen explodes. The remains of the Vione crash into the ocean. Van watches as Eriya’s Teiring flies out of the wreckage, being piloted by a tearful Folken.


Yet another great episode filled with action and interesting scenes. The episode is a big turning point as Naria and Eriya die, the Vione is destroyed and Folken decides to abandon Emperor Dornkirk. The episode continues with Naria and Eriya’s development, which had started in the previous episode. It is unfortunate to see them die; despite being of Zaibach they were sympathetic characters. Both were willing to be experiments for the purpose of meeting Folken’s desires and unfortunately that resulted in their deaths. Hitomi’s extreme level of niceness and naiveté in this episode amaze me. Van’s hatred of his brother has risen to even higher levels and he almost kills him here.

Original Review: April 1, 2006

Overall Rating

Escaflowne Info

Kazuki Akane

Shoji Kawamori
Hiroaki Kitajima
Akihiko Inari
Ryota Yamaguchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kimitoshi Yamane
Junya Ishigaki
Mahiro Maeda
Koji Sugiura

Character Designer:
Nobuteru Yuki

Musical Composer(s):
Yoko Kanno
Hajime Mizoguchi

26 episodes

Japan 04.02.1996 – 09.24.1996
U.S. 08.19.2000 – 10.17.2000


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