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Eureka Seven Ep. 12: Acperience 1


TheEnd rushes towards the Nirvash, using the sun as cover. Anemone is excited and says she’s going to kill Renton and Eureka. theEnd grabs a hold of the Nirvash. Renton is surprised by its familiarity to the Nirvash. TheEnd launches an attack Anemone calls Bascude Crisis which bursts an immense blast of energy into the Nirvash. Renton screams out for help from his sister. The Amita Drive sparkles and Renton grabs a hold of it. Eureka puts a hand on it as well. The Nirvash heads forward through a purple portal like-realm into a black area. Near the Coralian, Hilda comments on how only the Nirvash made it to the other side. She calls out to Matthieu in his LFO and he wakes up, disappointed about how pathetic he is. Stoner says he got some really good photos. Alarms start going off as a bunch of homing missiles approach the typeR606 and typeR808. They have been fired by the nearby Izumo. Jurgens orders them to use their laser as the trapar waves are impacting their missiles. They fire the laser, but it curves around the Coralian. On board the Gekko, Ken-Goh detects the approaching laser and Talho is able to steer the Gekko so it avoids the shots. The signals from the Nirvash all go out. Holland asks Woz and Gidget for help but neither is able to assist. On the Izumo, Dominic wants to pull back so they can regroup and reassess things. Jurgens thinks they can only win by engaging in a ship to ship battle. Dominic says theEnd should be their priority and that the main objective of this mission was to monitor the connection between Anemone and the Coralian. Maria, one of the crewmembers says that if they’re defeated the enemy will recover theEnd instead. Dominic listens in on what they are monitoring from the Coralian and wonders what is going on with Anemone. The typeR606 and typeR808 start making their way back to the Gekko. Holland says once they are on board they should go to Defcon-1. Mischa shows Holland that they are detecting two signals from inside The Zone, not just the Nirvash. Renton wakes up in a classroom, although he is the only student to appear in color or able to move. His fellow students all appear as silent clay statues with no detailed features. His teacher talks about butterflies, despite being in the same state. The other students start to answer the teacher’s questions and a butterfly drawn on the chalkboard becomes real and approaches Renton. Renton sees a small model classroom on his desk and he suddenly appears in a desert instead. He sees himself as one of the clay-like unmoving beings, which freaks him out and causes him to drop the model. Renton finds himself back in the classroom with it being a wreck. The classroom starts getting crushed from the outside and Renton flees. Back on the Gekko, Mischa confirms mental and vital signs from Renton and Eureka. She also detects a REM pattern from Renton only; a sign that he may be dreaming. She says Eureka’s mental signs are synchronizing with his. Mischa hands Holland headphones where he can hear Eureka talking. The typeR606 and typeR808 make their way back to the Gekko which opens its deck. Ken-Goh detects more lasers which the Gekko narrowly avoids. The enemy seems to be adjusting their aim, knowing the Coralian’s effect and is getting closer. Holland orders them to go to Defcon-1. The Gekko is about to speed up but a large trapar wave strikes it. Once they make it out of the wave, the enemy ship appears before them. Jurgens orders another shot fired at the Gekko.

The lasers miss the Gekko due to the trapar wave’s interference. Holland orders Ken-Goh to fire the Gekko‘s main cannon, which he does. They also miss. Gidget realizes they are on a collision course with the enemy. Both Jurgens and Holland decide to hit the enemy with everything they can as they near each other. Dominic disagrees with this strategy but Jurgens says the enemy is doing the same, it’s us or them. The two ships close in on each other and fire their missiles. Meanwhile Renton runs through a seemingly never-ending hallway, with a black void coming behind him. Renton rushes into the bathroom and holds it back from bursting out of the door. The bathroom seems to go on for eternity before him. Renton has to use the bathroom but is told every stall he knocks on is occupied. When he reaches the last one he sees a giant version of himself watching from above. The final stall door opens and Renton heads inside, seeing a large black void below him with a giant toilet in it. Renton is pushed from behind and falls into the toilet bowl. He sinks under the water and sees the silhouette of Anemone as the one who pushed him. Eureka meanwhile appears in Renton’s classroom, where the desks are restored but all the clay statues of his fellow students appear wrecked. The butterfly on the blackboard also comes to life for her and she follows it. The Gekko is struck by several missiles from the enemy. Renton walks his way down a black void, feeling like someone was just calling for him. He comes across a fridge and opens it. Inside, a naked Anemone calls him a pervert. Renton opens it again and sees just her eye, again calling him a pervert. On the Izumo, Jurgens thinks they have succeeded. Dominic hears Anemone and Renton’s conversation with each other. Eureka finds herself in the bathroom now and sees the open stall at the end. She runs through it into the light. On the Gekko, Holland plans on them attacking the enemy ship again once they meet each other having circled around the Coralian. Renton finds himself back in Bell Forest, but again sees a giant version of him looking at him from above. A skyfish bumps into him and tells him there’s a lot of hate in the world and no reason for it. It can’t understand it, so neither can he. Suddenly Anemone appears and grabs his hand. Dominic softens his stance with Jurgens, saying he knows he doesn’t agree, but asks him to please accept his order to rescue Anemone and theEnd. He believes they can recover them in an area where the trapar density has thinned out. Jurgens says it’s not currently possible as they need to be careful about the Gekko. Renton says he isn’t sure who Anemone is and she says he called her. He claims she wasn’t the one he was calling for. Anemone dismisses him and says he can die. The Gekko and Izumo spot each other coming around the Coralian again. Ken-Goh aims the Gekko‘s main cannon at the enemy and fires. Renton finds himself traveling through a portal-like realm; a giant Anemone appears behind him and opens up her mouth, bearing shark-like teeth. Suddenly Eureka’s hand appears and grabs him, with Anemone falling off behind him. The Izumo is hit by the Gekko‘s shot. Renton finds himself standing in a body of water and sees his sister behind him, although she quickly disappears. Eureka appears next to him and asks if they should go back together. The two hold hands and look to the horizon. Green bolts start going out of the Coralian, which quickly shrinks and disappears. Renton wakes up in the Nirvash on the ground of where the Coralian was. Eureka lays unconscious next to him. TheEnd also lays nearby with Anemone unconscious in it.


Beyond the first two minutes or so of the episode, which are just a repeat of the last scene from the previous episode, this is quite the exciting episode, although also a very strange one! In the real world we see the Gekko and Izumo take each other on. It seems like an evenly matched battle and good to see a ship on ship battle, something I don’t think we get enough of in mecha anime (I have seen it used to good effect in non-mecha sci-fi anime like Legend of the Galactic Heroes). Meanwhile with Renton we experience what is by far the strangest and most surreal scenes of the show to this point. I’m not really sure what it is supposed to mean, although there does appear to be some big connection with Eureka and Anemone since Renton’s desire to get back in touch with Eureka just ended up summoning Anemone instead. Is this supposed to be occurring within the Coralian? Have these characters been summoned to some other dimension? Or is it all just in their head? It’s a complete mystery to me, but was a very interesting thing to watch.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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