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Eureka Seven Ep. 20: Substance Abuse


Renton and the kids sit outside in the hallway, worrying about Eureka. Holland tosses Renton back when he tries to go inside. In the medical room, Mischa looks over Eureka’s vitals and says that her cardiovascular functions seem stable, although she’s not sure how to remove the scub from her. Holland says for now what happened to Eureka is to be kept a secret between them. Talho asks what he plans to tell Renton. Holland leaves the room and tells her children that Eureka is fine so as to comfort them. Renton asks if she’s really alright and thinks they should bring her to a hospital. Holland insists that she is fine and tells him to shut up. Happ calls Holland and Talho to the bridge, saying they have been contacted by Master Delgel of the Vodarac. Later on board the bridge, Happ says that they have been asked to save a “High Priest X” locked up on the Dove Grave Prison. He is set to be executed in two hours under a false charge. While it seems like an impossible task, the Vodarac are paying 50 million for it. Considering the low current battery state of their LFOs, Happ wants to pass on this job, but Holland says to go ahead with it. Renton gets mad, thinking Holland cares more about money than Eureka and the two get into an argument. Holland repeatedly strikes Renton, saying he’s too full of himself. Happ stops him, saying he’s their leader and should be ashamed of taking everything out on Renton. Renton insists that he’s going to protect Eureka and will take her to a big hospital. He tries to attack Holland but is held back by him. Renton says he refuses to help on the upcoming mission and Holland says he doesn’t need him anyway. Renton bites Holland causing him to throw him off the bridge’s balcony. Later, Holland talks to Happ, planning out the mission using a map in front of him. Happ thinks Holland has been immature towards Renton. Talho comes in and Happ leaves, forcing him to talk with her. She asks why he accepted this mission and wonders if it’s because a Vodarac high priest may be able to help Eureka. She insists that he has used Eureka to get away from the military and a certain someone, and that he can’t help blaming everything on others. Holland insists that he isn’t really like that. Meanwhile in the dock, Eureka’s children pour water over Renton to wake him up. The kids completely believe what Holland said about Eureka, despite Renton’s worries for her. Holland steps into the typeR606 LFO, exchanging an angry look with Renton. At the nearby military base, guards appear to take the Vodarac priest out of their cell. Renton sits in the Nirvash, trying to talk to it like Eureka does. Stoner and Jobs spot him and Stoner says he’s going to take a photo in there; evidence that Renton is breaking Holland’s orders. Meanwhile Holland continues on in the typeR606. Happ tells him to come back if he gets in trouble. He may have been an ace pilot before, but that was three years ago. Holland converts the typeR606 to its humanoid mode and makes his way into a gorge underneath the military base. At the military base the Vodarac priest is brought out to the courtyard and told that this is his last chance to look up at the sky. He holds his hands up into the air. Just then Holland appears in the typeR606 and grabs the priest in its hand. Holland tells the priest to get in the back seat of the LFO, which he does. He also tells the priest that he’s got a girl he wants him to help. Holland spots some military KLFs nearby. Back on the Gekko, Renton heads into the medical room where Talho is standing over Eureka.

The typeR606 tries to avoid the enemy but Holland is hurt and starts bleeding from his head, telling the priest to bandage it up. In the medical room Talho asks Renton why he’s here and he says to be able to look at Eureka’s face. Talho jokes about if he intended to do lewd things to her while she slept then jokes about killing her. She is frustrated about everyone being obsessed with Eureka and feels like she’s going against the entire world. Happ announces on the loudspeaker that the enemy has found Holland. Holland defeats several of the enemy and tells the priest to hold on as they nosedive into the gorge below. Approaching a fork in the gorge, Holland heads left and is immediately confronted by a Mon-Soono which destroys his surfboard. Renton says Holland deserves this; that heaven is punishing him for choosing money over Eureka. Talho slaps him, telling Renton that Holland is doing this for Eureka and that only a Vodarac priest could help her. She says Holland cares more for Eureka than any of them, even himself. Ken-Goh says the Gekko has to head out and help Holland, so Talho heads back to steer the ship. Renton realizes that Holland has always been protecting Eureka and that he’s been an immature kid. He runs over to the Nirvash. Meanwhile, three Mon-Soonos approach the typeR606. Holland rushes his way towards them and pulls one down to the ground, blasting another that he uses for cover. More Mon-Soonos approach from behind. Holland wonders if this is it for him and admits to himself that he’s pathetic. Suddenly the Gekko appears in the sky above him. Renton has also headed out on the Nirvash and quickly takes out several Mon-Soonos. Holland talks to himself about how Renton is still a kid, although isn’t angry. Renton tells himself he’s just a kid who can’t do anything, but makes his way down into the gorge. He admits that he didn’t know anything, including about Holland and Eureka. Several Mon-Soonos surround the Nirvash. Renton rushes towards the Mon-Soonos, slicing two of them through the middle, a red blood-like substance bursting out of them. Renton soon takes out another one. Holland tells Renton that this is enough, but he continues on, grabbing the Nirvash’s surfboard and using it to slice through another Mon-Soono, which erupts the same substance. Holland calls out for Renton, who doesn’t answer and spends his time punching the Mon Soono. Renton sees a spectral humanoid type being appear on the cliff above him, upon which his own face appears. Renton screams in horror and continues to attack the Mon-Soono. Holland wonders if this is a rider’s high and says Renton has gone even beyond that. Renton stomps on the Mon-Soono one last time and stops his assault. Renton pulls out the Nirvash’s arm and the severed arm of the Mon-Soono’s pilot falls off of it. Staring at the severed arm on the monitor, Renton’s heart beats loudly and he throws up.


While the early part of the episode looked like it was going to be yet another episode of Renton being miserable and Holland taking out all his frustration on him, things end up going in a completely different direction. I’m quite happy to see the developments we have here. Renton, after all this time thinking he’s the only one who cares about Eureka realizes how important she is to Holland. This is something that has been clearly bothering Talho a lot this whole time but she hasn’t let out until now. Hopefully we are also seeing Holland turn a corner regarding his attitude towards Renton. For much of the episode Holland is acting the hero and we get to see a lot of him in action rather than Renton, which was a nice change of pace. Despite realizing how much of a child he has been, Renton ends up going completely overboard and appears to be having a meltdown after rescuing Holland. This provides us what has been the most violent sequence of the show to this point as the Mon-Soonos appear to be emitting blood (something I can’t recall happening before this episode) and Renton witnesses the severed arm of the enemy pilot he’s killed. This sequence reminds me much of episode 18 of Evangelion, especially with us hearing Renton’s heart beating (although he throws up rather than simply screaming as that show’s protagonist, Shinji did). It will be interesting to see if this causes Renton to realize how many people he’s killed since becoming a pilot of the Nirvash and how that will affect him. Also rather scary to see that spectral-type being with Renton’s face appear, and I wonder if that’s supposed to be considered a real phenomena or just Renton having a hallucination.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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