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Eureka Seven Ep. 28: Memento Mori


In the past, Ray wakes up in a bed in a medical bed with Charles sitting next to her. She starts crying, saying she can no longer have children due to light from a recent phenomenon. Charles kisses her and puts a ring on her finger saying they should get married. Back in the present Ray looks at the ring. She sits in a room in the Hakucho, with a lot of destroyed stuff around her. On the Gekko, Eureka sits out in the hallway and gets up, walking into Renton’s room where he is all curled up in a sleeping bag. Renton says he couldn’t do anything and wonders if Charles’ death is his fault. If he hadn’t spoken up about the Nirvash he wonders if he’d still be with Charles and Ray now. Eureka says they should go see the Nirvash. Elsewhere, Jobs tells Woz that the hull came off not simply due to Charles and Ray’s attack. He thinks the Nirvash archetype itself is trying to evolve. Woz says this proves a theory of Mischa’s about the Amita Drive tying the will of the archetype to the people it’s connected to. As the wills of Renton and Eureka resonate with each other, it works upon the Nirvash. He thinks they need to upgrade its operating system and hardware, although that type of work won’t be possible on the Gekko. Eureka and Renton stand before the Nirvash and put their hand upon it. Eureka senses it shaking and Renton thinks it was scared. He spots something on the floor nearby and picks it up; Charles’ wedding ring. Eureka says this isn’t going to be the end of it and wonders what she should be doing. Renton says it may be best for her to sleep as both she and the Nirvash are tired. She says she hasn’t been able to sleep for a while and this occurred once she couldn’t hear people’s voices in her head anymore. Renton talks about them getting some food but that it may be best to check with Mischa about any medicine she may need. More of the interior of the Hakucho is trashed. Mischa talks to Hilda and Talho about them needing to replenish their blood supply at the next rest stop. Holland was fortunate that the bullet went right through his leg, but it may be needed for future injuries. Eureka comes in saying neither she nor Renton can sleep. She tells them Renton split off from her to go to Holland’s room. Talho heads out. Renton stands in front of the door to Holland’s room and is hesitant to knock on it. Hearing music he heads to another room where Holland is loading a gun. He asks Holland why he did that to Charles. Holland tells him to come in. Hilda lays Eureka down and Eureka asks her to help her make potage soup later. Hilda brings in Eureka’s children who are about to sob. She asks them to come forwards and Linck and Maeter run into her arms. Maurice stays back. Gidget sits next to Moondoggie, talking about Ray setting off the bomb on Charles. Happ and Ken-Goh says there’ no turning back. Talho tells Happ where Eureka and Renton are. Renton spots the book The Golden Bough on a table but sits down on a sofa instead when Holland interrupts him. Renton asks if there was a way to not kill Charles. Holland tells him that Charles and Ray were SOF member like he and Eureka. Ray hates Eureka because she blames her for her inability to have children. Holland says he’ll protect Eureka and him even if it costs him his life and tells Renton to protect Eureka if he dies. He says he killed Charles because they’re the same type of people and don’t know any way. Happ contacts the room telling him the same song is playing everywhere both on public and military channels. He plays it for Holland and Renton recognizes the song. Holland says it was Charles’ favorite song. Two KLFs fly in the sky above the Gekko with Ray in one of them.

Gidget senses two KLFs approaching. Matthieu and Holland sit in their LFOs about to head out. Holland says one of them is remote operated. Holland takes off in the typeR909. Renton heads to the Nirvash saying he has to stop her. He tells Eureka that Ray is back. The two KLFs split up and approach the Gekko from different directions. Eureka says she wants to head out too and Renton turns on the communications trying to call out to Ray. One of Ray’s KLFs heads right past Matthieu and launches several shots on the Gekko. Holland pursues one of them. Renton gets frustrated but Eureka holds his hand. Renton says if Ray doesn’t stop this time he’ll fight. He says he’s going to protect Eureka, causing a reaction from Ray. Happ continues to try and jam the signals and via a comment from Matthieu has Gidget change their settings to be able to pinpoint it better. Holland is able to shoot down one of the KLFs. Renton asks if none of this would have happened if he stayed aboard the Hakucho and became their son. He asks if he’d have been able to make them happy by staying. Holland is able to successfully aim at the second KLF and blow it up. Renton tears up, but the song continues. As the Gekko make its way through some clouds the Hakucho appears and approaches them. Ray says it’s too late and tells Renton that Eureka took every happy future away from her. Now it’s her turn to take away everything from Eureka’s future. She says Renton is possessed by a dangerous monster and she’ll rescue him, bringing them to where Charles is waiting for them. The Gekko fires at the Hakucho, blasting the right side off of it. Holland brings the typeR909 nearby, firing on the bridge. As such the Gekko is able to avoid being hit by the Hakucho. The typeR909 is heavily damaged and sinks down into the clouds. On the Hakucho, an injured but still living Ray looks up. She flashes back to Charles speaking to the Seventh Swell effect which caused Adroc’s disappearance and Ray’s sterility. He tells Ray that they should always be together. Ray spots that her left arm, which includes the hand with her wedding ring has been severed from her body. She crawls towards it before the Hakucho blows up completely. Later, Mischa tries to help a knocked out and severely injured Holland. She calls for Renton to come in as the only one who can give blood that is safe to use. Talho says she can’t, Renton has the same blood as “her” (Renton’s sister) flowing through his body. Talho comes to the catapult deck to ask Renton to save Holland, despite the fact that he killed Charles and Ray. Renton is brought to the medical room where he provides a blood transfusion to Holland. Afterwards, Renton says everyone is selfish and that they say what they want to say rather than the truth. Talho bites her lips and kisses the unconscious Holland. Renton says he can’t do anything. Eureka grabs his hand, revealing he’s still holding onto Charles’ wedding ring. Eureka says it’s alright, she believes in him in all her heart and he can talk to her about anything. She says she wants to know more about him and he says the same about her, causing her to look hesitant.


As expected, Ray returns to launch a revenge attack against the Gekko in another fairly strong episode. Similar to the previous episode we feel some dread knowing she’s coming and the repeated cutting back to the interior of the Hakucho doesn’t help. The callbacks to Mobile Suit Gundam continue as Ray’s suicidal quest for revenge is much like the character Hamon in that show. Her inability to have children was rather obvious already, but here we find out that she directly blames Eureka for it, explaining her hatred of her. Something I was especially pleased about in the episode was that Holland seems to have finally accepted that Eureka has chosen Renton over him. Hopefully this, as well as Renton providing a blood transfusion to save his life (perhaps another callback to a Yoshiyuki Tomino directed show, although this time Ideon instead of Gundam) means the relationship between the two of them will be much better going forward. Although we’ve seen this relationship go backwards in the past, so it’s not a guarantee. With the Charles and Ray arc over there’s many places where the plot can go from here and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. Hopefully the increase in quality that this arc has provided us will continue.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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