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Eureka Seven Ep. 3: Motion Blue


An employee at the Blue Forest airport argues with Jurgens over the consequences of locking down the airport. Jurgens is sure the Gekkostate’s craft, the Gekko, is there and connected with the strange effect from earlier. The airport employee says the Gekko has submitted approved federation government documents allowed its landing here, but Jurgens won’t listen. Airport personnel talk about how they will handle the multiple crafts trying to land now but restricted from doing so. Crew of the Gekko, including Talho, Gidget and Happ talk to Holland about the lockdown the airport has imposed. Talho is upset as Holland’s desire to go to an out of the way spot has led to this predicament. The blue haired girl wants to head off now and Holland says they’ll have to be forceful in their exit. Holland is surprised to see Renton there with her. She says she’ll read the waves, further surprising Holland and runs off to do so, bringing Renton with her. The girl raises her hand to the sky and tells Renton to do the same. Renton is unable to concentrate, staring at her face instead. She tells Renton that she finds him amusing and he’s like one of her kids. Renton freaks out upon hearing this. He digs through the wreckage to find a magazine giving love advice. The magazine says it’s hard for romantic feelings if you treat the girl you like as a sibling, and you should act like a wild beast instead. Renton starts screaming in frustration, thinking he’s wrecked his chances with her and that she thinks of him like a kid. Renton starts talking out loud about how bad he’s messed things up, not realizing she is right there in front of him. Upon hearing that he doesn’t know her name, she tells him its Eureka and he tells her his. Eureka says he is amusing and it’s been a while since she’s met someone like him. She says he reminds her of someone she met before. She holds out her hand saying they have to go. Talho complains about Holland’s request for them to drop in and pick them up. Woz, another member of Gekkostate says they have successfully hacked in. Holland says they shouldn’t worry about the Amita Drive going out of control and that they’re going to put Adroc’s son in the Nirvash. Holland tells Renton not to worry, that Eureka will handle the controls and to just watch the Amita Drive; disconnecting it if something unusual appears. Renton asks to have three minutes first. At that moment, Axel is talking to a photo of his son. Renton comes up to him, saying that he’s sorry from running away from his responsibilities until now. He says he’s going to go train and become a mechanic like him someday. Axel tearfully walks away after their farewell. Renton asks Holland to let him train onboard the Gekko. Holland pats him on the head and says he’ll see him later. Eureka tells Renton she never knows what Holland is going to do, but because of that she can believe in him. Holland takes off on his surfboard. Axel is talking to himself about some tools he’s going to give Renton and sees him in the Nirvash about to take off, which it shortly does Eureka says that them heading in the opposite direction of the airport will work out as the trapar waves tell her they will be changing direction. The Nirvash takes off into the sky. Eureka says it’s been a while since the Nirvash has been this happy.

Having not heard from the state forces, Jurgens orders their Mon-Soonos to be sent out. One of his subordinates spots the Nirvash coming. Renton is fearful about going up against a military aircraft and three KLFs, but Eureka isn’t concerned, saying she always charges in like this. The military fires at the Nirvash but only ends up hitting airport structures. One of the aircraft personnel reveal they have been hacked; at that moment the Gekko starts moving. Jurgens orders they send their KLFs after the Nirvash. A smoke screen distraction set off by the Gekko goes off by the elevator. Eureka takes advantage of this to destroy all three Mon-Soonos before they take off. The Gekko rises up to the surface, which Renton is excited to see. The Gekko starts its takeoff and maneuvers its way right around the Izumo. The Gekko flies off the top of the airport runway, managing to head into the air before it crashes into the ground. Holland appears on his surfboard, helping the Gekko crew find the trapar waves to enable their escape. Renton is amazed with the Gekko‘s feat. Eureka tells him they will be going to the Gekko. Jurgens is depressed over his failure and thinks he’s going to be dismissed from the military over this. Renton looks to the ground, and is surprised by the effects on the ground caused by the Seven Swell, not realizing he caused it. Renton talks to his sister in his head. On the ground, Axel and Digger watch them take off, and Axel says like father like son. While Adroc and Diane didn’t come back, he’s sure Renton will. He says Renton has his father looking over him right now. Later, the Nirvash has landed on the Gekko and the crew looks, rather mystified at Renton, surprised that he’s so normal. Gidget tells Renton he is out of style and soon everyone but Talho departs. Talho grabs Renton’s face and pulls at his cheeks before walking off. Holland, wearing just his boxer shorts, stops by and hands Renton a tent. He says a guy can walk around in his underwear in his own home and that they don’t have any rooms for Renton right now. He wonders what job they will give Renton and says they’ll think of something. Eureka asks Nirvash if Renton can live near the Nirvash so he’ll always be by its side. Renton is happy and starts talking to himself but Eureka walks off as three small kids calling her mama have come out to greet her. Eureka tells Renton she’s their mother and walks off with them as Renton just stands there shocked.


This episode has Renton saying goodbye to his home and joining up with Gekkostate. Although his departure is rather abrupt, it seems to be fitting what his grandfather expected and is in line with his father and sister. While the Gekko is locked down at the airport, it has itself a fairly easy escape, which I can’t say was unexpected. Rather than an extended escape battle sequence, Eureka manages to take out three KLFs in mere seconds after a smoke screen is raised. Although we don’t have much time with them in this episode, we are able to see much of the Gekko crew, which appear to be a wide variety of interesting and diverse characters. They certainly come off as far different than the formal military-type crew that we are used to seeing in franchises like Gundam. The episode features multiple instances of Renton embarrassing himself as he obsesses over Eureka and he finds in shock as the episode ends that she is mother to three children. Although given their and her age they are surely not her real kids. Also, rather than be praised as a super special kid as anime protagonists often are, the Gekko crew are quite disappointed at how ordinary Renton is!

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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