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Eureka Seven Ep. 30: Change of Life


Matthieu, Stoner and Renton work on pulling up Moondoggie, who is carrying a large duffel bag with him. Various members of the crew work around the ship. Renton thinks to himself about how he doesn’t understand about Eureka being a Coralian, as she seems like just a girl to him. He had thought about taking Eureka away someplace to live in peace before. Now he wants to know about everything he doesn’t already know about, and will go through with things, including protecting Eureka. Renton heads to Holland’s room, where a sign from Talho says he is asleep and to stay out. Renton opens the door anyway and finds Talho sitting on Holland’s bed with him still asleep. Renton says he thinks she doesn’t like his blood flowing in Holland’s body. Talho tells him that Holland can’t forget about Renton’s sister Diane, who dumped him. She calls him a good for nothing and starts crying. She tells Renton that she’s sorry Holland is someone like this. Renton says he really liked his sister but is not her. He tells her she is the only one who can support Holland and give him what he needs right now. Talho calls him an idiot. Later, Matthieu expresses surprise about Happ’s plan to bring them near an army facility, the only place where they can repair the Nirvash, Tresor Laboratory. They have prepared fake IDs and have guns; planning to take hostages. Woz and Job says that won’t be necessary as the people there will be researchers rather than soldiers. Renton agrees and thinks they simply need to show them the Nirvash. Holland, on a crutch, comes in and says he’ll do the negotiations. Talho rushes to his side to help hold him up. Happ is cautious about Holland given his relationship with Tresor Labs, but Holland doesn’t worry and says to trust him. The Gekko descends towards Tresor. A researcher stands on a roof and watches as it lands. Happ tells Renton that Morita, the lab chief and Holland didn’t get along while Holland negotiates. Holland signals for them to come down and they are led in the facility. Morita comes in and is surprised to see the current state of the Nirvash. Holland requests some technical adjustments to the Nirvash and Renton and Eureka begs Morita to help after his initial complaints about Holland’s past behavior. Hilda says she will forge the reports to enable them to do it. Morita says things are currently a mess due to the military orders being received and that the researchers are ready to drop from exhaustion. He says working on the Nirvash will be a break for them. Morita announces on the loudspeaker that they are going to change shifts. Talho asks Morita another favor. Later, Eureka worries for the Nirvash, which has its armor removed and looks naked to her. Renton says not to worry and that the people here are like his grandfather. A researcher comes in, Sonia, and greets Eureka. Eureka says this is the first place she was brought to since she was found and has known Sonia since then. Renton thinks of how Eureka must have been discovered. Sonia introduces herself to Renton. On the Gekko, Mischa tells Talho to get some rest as she replaces bandages for Holland. As they watch over him, Mischa says things are different now and Holland is trying to take responsibility for the situation. Talho wants Holland to remain the Holland she’s always known. Mischa tells Talho that if she feels that way she should probably stop dressing the way she does. Morita announces them conducting an experiment for Orange. Stoner, Matthieu, Gidget and Moondoggie sit on a jeep outside. Gidget is surprised at how peaceful it is considering the weapons they make here. Stoner says they originally used this facility for unearthed archetypes and haven’t been making weapons from the get-go. Something is fired off into the sky and lands nearby. Holland comes to the roof to talk to Morita, thinking this is a new weapon being developed for Dewey. Morita says it’s an order from the Ageha squad, but they have no idea about who is in it. The goal of the weapon is to make as deep an impact as possible in an area with Scubs, as such it has been loaded onto a denser than usual missile. Holland thinks they have some preposterous fantasies about the future. He says they will get out of here once the Gekko is repaired. Morita says it will be easy for them to fix the Nirvash and he should focus on fixing his body. Talho stares at herself in the mirror in the bathroom and starts cutting her hair.

In the lab, Sonia is impressed with the Nirvash but is looking for a total overhaul, something that will take them 10 days. Mischa whispers about someone not being here and Sonia says he’ll be back in no time. Eureka points to the cockpit area on the Nirvash’s back where it looks like there’s space for two cockpits. Sonia says this is what separated this archetype from the others. She says debate continues over why the archetypes were in the shape of humans and why this one has space for two pilots. Eureka apologizes for having no answers. Sonia says there is a movie that their chief has created about it. They start watching the movie. In it, researchers have discovered the Nirvash archetype in a cave. By applying electric current, it was able to move. We see a different style set of armor put around the Nirvash and a pilot struggling with it. We then cut to Eureka, who has headphones put over her ears and is put in the cockpit. She is then shown being able to successfully operating the Nirvash and it transforms into its vehicle mode. The Tresor Labs continue to try and draw more power out of the Nirvash and determine that using trapars to power it is optimal. It was then customized so it could perform lift boarding. The movie then cuts to Renton’s grandfather, who was also participating in the design at his workshop. Shots from Eureka continuing to participate in the tests are shown. Eureka says she still remembers some things from that time. It is said that the Nirvash became the model for any later LFOs created here at the lab. Renton tells Eureka this was pretty strange. They realize Linck and Mater were there and they start teasing Renton. Eureka asks where Maurice is and they don’t know. Maeter says he has been acting funny lately and not wanting to look at her. Eureka runs outside shouting out for Maurice. She spots him with Stoner, using his camera. Eureka spots Talho nearby with her haircut and a new outfit. Eureka says Talho has changed. Talho says she hasn’t, she’s just gone back to the way she was. She says she thought about throwing everything away for a while. For her everything had gone back to the way it used to be. Eureka says that she thinks Talho really has changed and that she had changed herself without realizing it. She says she shouldn’t look at it as a scary thing. Eureka removes her hat and looks at it. Morita hangs up on a call, rather frustrated at someone. Renton walks up, telling him he was surprised to see his grandfather in the movie. Morita says Axel was like a mentor to him. He had a huge argument with the higher ups here and quit. Morita visited him in Bell forest at times after that to help get the ref-board work for the Nirvash. He compliments Bell Forest, but Renton calls it boring. Noticing the time, Morita makes an announcement on the loudspeaker about them entering a special shift. He puts on a record and starts playing it on a large speaker. The engineers and workers throughout the lab start celebrating. The loud music wakes up Holland who is frustrated by it. Talho, sitting over him says he hasn’t changed a bit and has always hated music like this. She says they’ll be old someday too. Work on the Nirvash continues. Renton rushes up to Eureka who is happy at the prospect of Nirvash changing. We cut to the trash barrel where Talho threw out her clothes and see Eureka’s hat there.


In this episode the Gekko makes its way to the Tresor Laboratories for some needed repairs on the Nirvash. Despite building it up as a military base, they have no trouble arriving there and receiving help. I found it rather odd that an important military research facility, in fact one that developed the Nirvash and other LFOs is given such leeway and lack of oversight that a group of rebels can both arrive here and stay for a long period of time without anyone getting in trouble. The episode provides a fair amount of exposition about the Nirvash’s original development, and the roles of parties like Eureka and Axel in it. We also learn about Eureka’s discovery. Change is a big theme of the episode as well. We see this most notably with Talho, who swaps out the rather casual and risqué outfit she has been wearing the entire series for something a lot more toned down. One of anime’s most overused tropes (and one of my most disliked), a hair cut that represents character development also occurs. I am hoping that, similar to Holland, she treats Renton a lot better the rest of the way. We also have Eureka speaking to the change she has undergone, although from a design standpoint it is much less significant (simply getting rid of a hat she’s been wearing for a while now). This episode’s theme and the movie footage of her does a good job showing how much she really has changed throughout the show though, with her being much more of an outgoing person than she was early on.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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