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Eureka Seven Ep. 37: Raise Your Hand


Most of the Gekko crew gathers in the lounge where Norb sits. Maeter complains about his smell. Stoner has set up a camera and asks Mischa and Greg to explain the scientific side of what’s going on, with Norb following up with the religious side. Greg says he believes the Scub Coral is a living intelligent entity with the Coralians being a form through which it communicates. Mischa is more hesitant, claiming this is just a hypothesis. Based on a question from Morita, Greg claims that the military’s Operation Orange is creating Antibody Coralians when getting in contact with the Scub Coral. Three military crafts drop objects onto the Earth to spurn the appearance of more Antibody Coralians. Mischa compares them to white blood cells in the human body, and is hesitant on considering them intelligent beings. Greg doesn’t think creating Antibody Coralians is the military’s goal. He says the increase in intelligent beings will cause the material universe to collapse. Norb seems bored. He says this world, which he calls the third plane is just the foam of the Vodarac’s ideas. Someday it will be ripped up and disappear. He says he agrees with the idea that the increase in intelligent beings will cause it to collapse due to the increase of worry, pain and doubt. He says Vodarac is a state of being, not a God, although it does have a will of its own. Greg says the amount of Scub Coral has already surpassed the Limit of Questions. Norb claims the land is dreaming. Greg is happy to hear this as it agrees with his theory that the Scub Coral was hibernating, which is why they haven’t reached the limit of questions. Meanwhile on the Izumo, Ageha squad members look over the tectonic shifts caused by one of the craters caused by Operation Orange. They predict a Kute-class Coralian will appear in 26 minutes. They start a countdown, which Anemone sees from inside theEnd. After some pressing from Holland and Talho, Greg explains more. He claims the intelligence department had information about the Great Wall within which the laws of physics are ignored. He believes a meteor fell there thousands of years ago and that it caused some hibernating Scub Coral to awaken and exceed the Limit of Questions. He believes they quickly reentered hibernation. If all the Scub Coral awoke, a pocket of space created by them would swallow everything. Norb says they must unite with the Scub Coral before then and should head to the tenth plane and seek their Vodarac. He compares the Scub Coral to ships that will take them to their shores. He claims the trapar waves are the wind that guide them to such ships. Greg pulls out his laptop and asks why they are able to get energy out of trapars and realizes thought is power based on what Norb tells him. Norb claims the seventh plane, the thoughts of living creatures, impacts the third. He says the compac drive is what connects them to such wind. Renton wonders if the sky fish are impacted as well since they appear at times when the compac drive lights up. Renton asks if Eureka is affected as well and she says she doesn’t know. Norb says science and religion are two ends of the same road and they can be free because they possess both the spiritual and material. This creates worry and the two don’t always intertwine. Stoner wants to edit this interview and release it to the world, which he thinks will flip over it. Sonia asks why the military seeks to awaken the Scub Coral given the consequences. Greg says that the military intends to eliminate all the Scub Coral, although Norb says it’s really Dewey in particular. Meanwhile, the Ageha Squad’s countdown reaches zero and another Kute-class Coralian appears, with a lot of Antibody Coralians near it. The Antibodies head through a city. People flee in fear from them. A mother and son are about to be killed by one, but The End appears and tears it up. Anemone asks them why they are taking their time and that she can’t concentrate due to people like them. She says now is time for the game to begin. A number of KLFs accompanying her approach from nearby in mid-air.

Anemone heads to the air on theEnd and the six KLFs accompanying her generate energy that is emitted to theEnd. Anemone calls it the Bahaluc Swell and an orb of energy emits from it, destroying many of the Antibodies. On the Izumo, Dominic is concerned about the people in the city and the fact that they are just going to watch them die. One of the Ageha Squad members asks him if he has an acquaintance there and to stay quiet. They plan to send in Anemone’s squadron once the Antibodies cease function so that way it will look like they annihilated them. They consider the victims to just be numbers. Meanwhile Dewey is inside a large stadium. One of the Ageha Squad members reports to him on Operation Orange and points out the nearby media members. Dewey walks up to a podium and starts speaking. He says they have to face the truth even if it is harsh. He shows footage of the Antibodies attacking the city. He claims that humanity is under attack by the Coralians and the Sage Council is trying to hide this from them due to being scared. He claims they are powerless. People in a bar discuss. Dewey asks if their only option is to sit and wait for their death. He says no to that, even if it means going against the Sage Council. If the enemy has absolute power, they should claim the same thing. TheEnd and a number of KLFs fly overhead. People in the crowd start getting riled up. Anemone expresses disgust at the crowd. Dewey announces the Ageha Squad as their last hope as theEnd and the KLFs land. He present Anemone as the goddess of war who leads the squad. The crowd cheers in response. Dewey claims the one to predict this was not him, but Adroc Thurston, saying he left behind the Ageha project. An Ageha Squad member walks up to Dewey and whispers something to him. Dewey is silent for a moment and the crowd wonders what is going on. Dewey says he just learned of something tragic, that the area of Capitol Hill is under attack. He says the Sage Council does nothing but sit and watch, but he will be the one to act. He claims he will head to there and rescue it. Dewey leaves the stage. The Gekko crew watches the broadcast, appearing disgusted by it. Stoner is disappointed, with such a big lie announced to the public by Dewey it is doubtful they will accept the truth. Stoner is insistent that he’ll finish his article on it, and that it will be worth it even if one person reads and believes it. Happ believes they will now seek to exterminate the Coralians which gets Eureka worried. Talho stops her from walking out. Renton appears shocked by the speech. Later, Greg, Morita and Sonia say goodbye to Eureka in the dock as they are going back to the lab. Sonia says they need to determine exactly when the Limit of Questions will happen. Eureka says she’ll be lonely without them. Greg asks Mischa if she wants to come, but she says she still has things to do. Greg asks if she’d work next to his desk if she researches something in the future and she teases about him losing weight and them having a family together. Greg whispers to her that Eureka is changing too quickly. Their craft departs the Gekko. Holland talks to Norb in his room, who says it is up to the people to decide what ending mankind will see. Holland says he’s not a worshipper of Vodarac and can’t let something like this determine mankind’s destiny. He is upset at Dewey for mentioning Adroc’s name. In the dock, Eureka sits next to Renton and asks if he believes what Dewey said. Renton says no, but apologizes as she’s the one really hurt by this. Eureka says it’s alright and leans into him. Norb says Eureka is losing strength. It is vital for a Coralian and human to ride the Nirvash together. He says Eureka is trying to be something she isn’t, a human. He says they must go through it all before that happens and that’s the promise he made to Sakuya. Holland says he’ll hurry now that Dewey has made his move. Dewey takes off on a military craft, accompanied by Anemone and Ageha squad members. He comments on how easy it is to manipulate the masses. Eureka is happy to be considered the people’s hope. Dominic asks about the Antibodies near Capitol Hill and an Ageha Squad member says they aren’t there, yet. Dewey says someone has to light a beacon to awaken the masses. Renton asks what is beyond the Great Wall and Eureka says she doesn’t know aside from one word, “future.” She says Adroc said this. Renton is surprised that she knows about his dad.


The first half of this episode is very exposition heavy with us getting a lengthy explanation of what is going on with the world, the Scub Corals, Coralians and how the Vodarac beliefs tie into this. The sequence felt a bit too dragged out for me, and I’d have appreciated it if they had put more effort into explaining exactly what terms such as the “Great Wall” and “Limit of Questions” signify. Meanwhile Dewey works on manipulating the masses through the Antibody Coralian attacks; attacks that his own underlings caused. In a show that already has had several Mobile Suit Gundam references, his propaganda speech comes off like the one from Gihren Zabi at his brother Garma’s funeral. Despite being freed by the Sage Council earlier in the show, he uses his platform to get the masses upset with them, presumably so he can seize power in their place. It’s terrible timing for Gekkostate, which obtained all this helpful information only for it to be unlikely to be believed by the public.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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