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Eureka Seven Ep. 38: Date of Birth


Renton asks what is beyond the Great Wall and Eureka says she doesn’t know aside from one word, “future.” She says Adroc said this. Renton is surprised that she knows about his dad. Renton says she should have told him about his dad and she has a hard time understanding why. Renton unintentionally says anyone human would understand; Eureka says she isn’t human and leaves. The news reports on Capitol Hill where for 6 hours fighting has occurred between the military and Coralians. Holland and Happ watch. Happ says everything is going according to Dewey’s plan. The two go over a map. Stoner wonders what they can do right now. Back in the dock, Norb, who had been lying down in a patched up cardboard box asks Renton if this happens often. Renton asks if he has any advice for him and Norb asks how he wants to end up with her. Later in the store part of the ship, Renton reaches out for some snacks but then thinks it over and changes his mind. He sees a magazine with a risque photo of a cover model that looks like Eureka and opens it up, seeing some romance advice articles within. Hilda walks in and asks him what he’s doing. An embarrassed Renton hides the magazine behind his back but she snatches it away from him. Renton runs off. Stoner sits in a room by himself, wondering what he can do as one who can’t operate an LFO or the ship. He thinks it’s nothing more than tell the truth obvious to them. He thinks about trying to setup a counterattack to what is being reported as the truth to the general public. He thinks he’s missed his chance and needs a new plan. Stoner realizes Eureka is sitting next to him. At that moment the news has a photo of Adroc displayed. Elsewhere in the ship, Hilda, Matthieu, Gidget and Moondoggie look at the magazine Renton was reading. Hilda feels sorry for Renton but doesn’t know what to do about it. She doesn’t want something to happen between them as they are about to cross the Great Wall. Moondoggie and Matthieu think they should just leave Renton alone and as a teenage boy it’s natural for him to be reading such things. Moondoggie is about to ask something then hesitates. After being pressed, he asks if Renton and Eureka can do it. Gidget and Hilda get mad at him. After Matthieu says it’s important for Renton the two women angrily get up and leave. Eureka talks to Stoner about what she should have done regarding knowing of Renton’s father. Stoner claims to be a war orphan and says he understands why Renton is getting worked up by it. Footage plays on the news of KLFs fighting Antibody Coralians. Eureka wonders if she really belongs at Renton’s side and if it’s okay to stay on the ship. Hilda and Gidget come in, seeing her crying. Stoner says she can’t get a clear line of communication with Renton. Misunderstanding and thinking that Renton wanted to have sex with Eureka, Hilda and Gidget tell Eureka it’s okay to decline. Gidget says they should go to their room and they bring Eureka with them. Meanwhile Renton lies down in his room, thinking of how he’s never thought about how he’d like to end up with Eureka. He wonders how his parents hit it off and that he wouldn’t be here without that happening. Matthieu and Moondoggie open his door and show him the magazine. They claim to be on Renton’s side and have brought him more romance magazines with scantily clad women on the cover. Elsewhere on the ship, Talho shows Holland, Happ and Ken-Goh the shortest route to the Vodarac shrine provided by Norb. Ken-Goh and Happ are concerned about refueling options along the way and military presence. Holland thinks it’s only a matter of time until Dewey uses this uproar to take over the capital. Ken-Goh is doubtful that everyone in the military will support his coup de tat, but Holland says he will remove such people. Talho thinks they have about two weeks until that can be completed. Talho is asked to come to the sick bay over the loudspeaker by Mischa along with Holland. The two head down the hall and run into Eureka. Holland admits to Eureka that he’s going to be a dad and she asks how. Eureka says dads are important and wonders if Renton was aggressive because he wants to be a dad himself. An angry Holland runs down the hall yelling for Renton. Holland arrives at Renton’s room, where Matthieu and Moondoggie still are and grabs Renton demanding to know what he did to Eureka. Stoner, holding a photo in his hands wonders if they’ll form a giant wave to overtake the world.

Matthieu, Renton and Moondoggie, all with beat up faces, sit before Holland who now knows what’s going on. Renton says he never thought Eureka knew his dad and he barely interacted with him, hence his reaction. Renton says he had hated his father for abandoning his family and spending all his time researching. He says he’s never even seen his face. He admits he didn’t realize how much he wanted to know about his dad. Holland tells Renton to talk to Eureka about his dad and hear it from her mouth. In the medical room Mischa does an ultrasound of Talho while Eureka watches. Talho says a family starts with feelings of affection and that a new life is born when it turns into true love. She lets Eureka put her hand on her belly. Holland comes in. Eureka returns to the dock where Renton is sitting. Noticing her there he gets up but remains silent. She sits next to him. Various crew members watch via an open door nearby but Holland closes it. Renton and Eureka say sorry to each other at the same time. Renton apologizes for yelling and Eureka says she was the one at fault. She says it’s because she doesn’t know anything about families. She didn’t realize how important Adroc was to Renton. Renton says he’s the worst and should have understood that about her. He claims he failed to protect her and doesn’t deserve to sit next to her. She says Adroc once said the same thing to her. Before she was assigned to the SOF, Adroc was the lead researcher in the project analyzing her and the Nirvash. She says he taught her how to talk, act, control the Nirvash and other things. She says he’d always tell her that he’d protect her. One day he told her he failed, the day of the Summer of Love. She says she didn’t understood what he meant back then when he said he didn’t deserve to sit next to her. He claimed he had children to protect and couldn’t let the world end, pulling out the Amita Drive from the Nirvash. Things light up as he does so. Eureka says that’s the last day she spent with him. When she regained consciousness it was all over. Two researchers open up the Nirvash, finding Eureka inside but Adroc has vanished. Eureka tells Renton that Adroc did it to save the world, and to save her. Renton cries. The crewmembers, who are now along with Holland watching from the nearby open doorway wonder about what’s going on. Renton says his father was thinking about them after all and that he really saved them. Renton tells Eureka he was able to meet her because his dad protected her. Eureka says she realizes that being a father is protecting your children even if it results in your death. She says that Adroc was her father. Norb, listening from nearby, smiles and the crewmembers wonder why Eureka and Renton, who were just crying, are now laughing. Stoner comes upon them and tells Holland he has something to tell him. Later, the entire crew has gathered in the lounge. He says he wants to use the photo of Renton and Eureka as the cover for a revival issue of Ray=out. It is the sight of Eureka, a Coralian, and Renton, a human, riding on a board together. He thinks this is the truth that may become hope for the people. He doesn’t want to hurt either of their feelings so he’s asking permission to use it. Eureka says she’s okay with using it, as does Renton. Holland also says yes, and tells Stoner he’s in charge of Ray=out. Eureka’s children come in and show wonder over the photo. Meanwhile, an underling reports to the Sage Council, saying Dewey has used poison gas in the lower floors of their building and that they should be evacuated. Dewey appears before them. He says this is happening because they hid the truth. Braya and Kuzemi claim there were already too many people living, and not enough to board the arc that guided them to this planet. Dewy pulls out a gun. Braya and Kuzemi claim Dewey will bear the burden of the lie himself. Dewey shoots both of them. He then kills the guard in the room. Coda lowers her seat to Dewey’s level and says from the moment they released him she wondered how long it would take for him to do this. She kneels before him, holding her staff in her arms.


This episode takes advantage of the often used anime trope of various mishaps happening because of simple miscommunication between others, in this case Renton and Eureka. It quickly spreads to numerous members of the crew though, with many of them mistakenly thinking Renton has immediate sexual intentions towards her. Thankfully things between Renton and Eureka are patched up fairly quickly; we’re late enough in the show where there simply isn’t enough time to have a multi-episode arc of problems between them. It was good to get some revelations about Renton’s father, who similar to Renton’s sister Diane is mentioned often in the show but is someone we’ve seen very little of. It looks like he could have been Eureka’s partner in surpassing the Great Wall but ultimately declined in order to protect his children. The episode takes place almost entirely on the Gekko and while we are told of what is happening at the capital, see very little of it. Dewey is able to implement his coup de tat and kills two of the three Sage Council members with Coda, the final one presumably set to meet a bad fate herself.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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