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Eureka Seven Ep. 41: Acperience 3


Looking at the large flower bud off in the distance, Renton asks if it is Sakuya. Norb asks Eureka if she feels it and she nods. He leads Renton and Eureka out of the Nirvash towards it. Eureka tells the children to stay behind and Maurice holds back Linck and Maeter, who want to come along. Meanwhile on the surface, shots ring out as Hilda and Stoner hold back their pursuers. Holland asks if the Gekko has been raised yet and is told by Matthieu that communication circuits are broken. Holland says the monks aren’t attacking past this wall for some reason, causing them to believe there is a secret there after all. Holland tells Hilda to bear with it until Renton’s group comes back. Matthieu thinks up an idea and arranges to send an encrypted message to the Gekko. In doing so he claims it hits an invisible wall that is preventing it from going any further. Via boat, Renton, Eureka and Norb have reached the flower bud and Renton asks if Sakuya is inside. Norb walks up to it and a hand comes out, embracing him. He tells Sakuya it’s been a long time and confirms that Eureka, Renton and the Nirvash are here. He asks Renton what he thinks is beyond the great wall. Renton says he doesn’t know. Norb says the Scub Coral created Eureka and Sakuya as mediators to communicate with humanity. The Nirvash exists as a ship to enable them to go past the Zone. He asks Renton what he thinks of that and Renton can only respond that he doesn’t know. Norb says he and Sakuya once attempted to see past it but never got there. Eureka walks just before the flower bud and it opens up. Renton fears as she walks into it, but she says she’ll be okay. Norb holds Renton back from following. He says Eureka looks very much like Sakuya. Inside the flower bud, Eureka finds herself in a library. She sees the shadow of someone else nearby, who flees. In a flashback, a man says to a younger Norb not to speak one word in front of the saint; to not taint her with the dirt of this world. Norb asks if he’s qualified to do every day duties and is told the saint needs someone to take care of her as she can’t do it herself. The High Priest Council decided he had the qualifications to do it. The two of them lower their head to the ground to pray. Looking off in the distance in a large room, Norb sees a girl sitting behind a veil. In the present, Eureka wanders through the library, seeing the shadow again. She looks at the books nearby and takes one off the shelf. Opening it, she finds the pages blank inside. She is suddenly touched from behind by a purple haired girl who welcomes her, Sakuya. In the flashback, Norb is surprised to realize the saint, Sakuya, was a young girl. He was told she was a girl born from this land that was selfishly set up as saint. In the library, Sakuya tells Eureka how happy she is that she’s here and that she’s been waiting to see her for all this time. She’s only the second person to come visit inside her and the first in 40 years. She asks Eureka to listen to her story, about her and Norb. Norb explains to Renton the various tasks he was responsible for with respect to taking care of Sakuya. None of them were special things only he could do. Sakuya always had a gloomy look on her face and would only take one bite of her food. Sakuya tells Eureka the food tasted awful and as she barely got any exercise she couldn’t eat that much. She says she had nothing to do each day and no one would speak one word to her. Finally, one day, Norb puts a flower bud on her meal plate. Sakuya is about to bite into it and he yells out to not eat it as it’s a lotus flower from the lake. He immediately covers his mouth, realizing he shouldn’t have spoken. He then mistakenly blabs out his name to her once she asks if lotus flower is his name. Sakuya smiles and says Norb’s name. Norb says it was the first time he ever saw her smile. Sakuya tells Eureka she was falling in love. She couldn’t help it. All the monks before him were uptight, but he’s the one who taught her to smile.

Outside the Vodara shrine, Hilda hesitantly fires a beam into the sky after being told to by Holland. It hits an invisible barrier. Holland says all they need to do now is defend against those on the ground. Meanwhile inside, Norb continues to talk to Renton, saying Sakuya never showed her smile to other people. It was something for him alone. We see her getting dressed by another Vodarac follower. After they leave she smiles at him again. There’s suddenly an earthquake outside. As a result he accidentally starts a fire and has to put it out. He sees various parts of Sakuya’s body glowing; the glimmer of the Compac. She is embarrassed, but he finds it beautiful and goes up to her. Another monk walks in and sees them embracing. Sakuya tells Eureka that being imprisoned forever wouldn’t be so bad if it was with him. But then, the day finally came. Norb is told he’s to go to the Great Wall with Sakuya. He is told that she has made her choice, speaking to him despite having never been taught to speak by any of them. Norb realizes he’s being tasked with being a link to the land and the people. Sakuya sits atop a platform and is lead out in front of a crowd in the streets. Norb follows on his own. Inside the body of water in the Vodara shrine atop a leaf, Norb says accompanying Sakuya past the gates to link humans and the land would give him a meaning of his existence. He feels down however, saying she never would have chosen him had he not said his name back then. Sakuya holds his hands and shakes her head no. Norb says to forgive him and kisses her. A green light shines from around them, and the Vodarac faithful are able to see from outside. We see Norb heading through a portal. Sakuya calls out to him but as he reaches her, her arms start disintegrating. She says she loves him and they embrace, but the rest of her body starts disintegrating. All he is able to grab is the Compac drive component in her chest. Norb awakens on a leaf, on his own. The Compac drive now appears in his chest. Norb is shocked about this and sees some petals coming from a giant lotus flower bud that appears behind him. He cries out in terror. Back in the present he says he doesn’t know what would have happened had he not pulled out that Compac drive. The fact is that Sakuya became the flower and they weren’t able to break through the Zone. Sakuya tells Eureka it was a big failure but she found out then that Eureka would be born. In the flashback, Norb sees the Compac drive on his chest light up. It forms the word Sakuya, which then changes to Eureka. Norb says that time stand still in the Zone and is waiting for the Compac drive in his chest to return to Sakuya. He then says it isn’t really waiting, and the land is just there, watching over them. Sakuya tells Eureka she has no regrets. She thought they’d finally become one when he called out her name. She draws hearts in the blank book Eureka picked up. Sakuya asked Eureka how she feels about Renton. Eureka blushes and draws a giant heart on the same pages. Sakuya says she’s a little jealous of the things Eureka has. She says she’s kidding and it’s all right. The two of them will be fine and it’s not scary to become one. Sakuya says goodbye to Eureka. Eureka gets up and she tells her to stop. Sakuya says that Eureka tried to go back once and asks her if she wants to remove the scar from her face. Eureka declines, saying its proof she survived to this day. The library lights up. Suddenly there is a tectonic shift. Hilda says to look in the sky. The cloud cover disappears and Holland realizes the barrier is gone. In the Vodara shrine, the flower bud opens. Eureka appears and falls out of it, into Renton’s arms. She tells Renton she’s fine. Eureka tells Norb that Sakuya told them to be happy. The flower bud closes. In the sky, Woz confirms Compac interference waves on the radar and that there are three battleships approaching. Communication is restored and Talho asks Holland if they can retrieve them in eight minutes. Holland says that isn’t enough time; they need to hold this spot until Renton returns. He says to make the first move with the Gekko. Suddenly a number of missiles strike nearby. Holland continues to insist that they won’t die and that they’ll survive this.


In this episode we meet Sakuya, who just like Eureka was a humanoid Coralian created to foster communication between the land and humanity. It was nice to see the flashback sequence between her and Norb, a relationship very similar to the one Renton and Eureka have today. Although I would have appreciated it if we more explicitly got an answer for why she and Norb were unable to reach the Zone and why she turned into a flower. Is it possible the same thing will happen to Eureka? Through her experience with Sakuya, Eureka’s original appearance is restored, including her hair growing longer and her eyebrows returning. This fact was spoiled by the new opening sequence which started playing last episode. With the military arriving and the barrier protecting them going away, I expect we’ll get some action in the next episode as our heroes try to escape.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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