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Eureka Seven Ep. 42: Star Dancer


Inside the Vodara Shrine, Norb tells Renton and Eureka that it has begun, and there must be a big commotion on the surface due to an attack. He believes it was ordered by Dewey, who doesn’t want Renton and Eureka to make it past the Zone. Norb believes in Holland and says he has a hunch he won’t be defeated. He explains that this tower had a barrier around it using a portion of Sakuya’s powers. With them being able to hear the rumble of the attacks down here, he says its proof that she needs to use the power for another purpose. He says Sakuya is building up her powers so they can together send Renton and Eureka to the true Promised Land. On the surface, civilians watch as military crafts travel ahead; launching their KLFs. Matthieu doubts they can win with the numbers being nine against two. Hilda says the monks have stopped attacking. Holland tells Matthieu he has a favor to ask. Aboard the Gekko, Talho questions the plans Holland tells her. He insists she go through with it and it’s the only way. She tells him to not do anything too rash. Moondoggie tells everyone to hold on tight and the Gekko descends. Meanwhile in the Vodara shrine, Norb, Renton and Eureka make their way back to where the Nirvash and Eureka’s kids are waiting for them. Norb says he was glad to be able to meet them. Renton says not to talk as if they will never see each other again. Norb says meeting people suddenly are what changes people and causes them to move on. The same can be said of farewells. He claims he will create a porolocca with Sakuya. He says he will momentarily reverse the barrier around the Great Wall. Porolocca is the phenomenon caused by that. He tells them to fly towards the center of it and that beyond it is the Zone, the true Promised Land. Eureka asks what will happen to him and Sakuya and he just insists that they go. On the surface, buildings are struck by military blasts. Matthieu asks Holland if he’s sure of this and Holland says he believes in Moondoggie. While Matthieu is still hesitant, Holland has him launch. Aboard the Ginga, Dewey is told by Ageha squad members that their attacks have been successful and they are currently in phase 4. He says to launch an Orange at it, even though three of their own ships are in the area. He asks what the disappearance of the barrier means, and that they’ve made contact. He orders theEND to be sent there. He desires for it to be sent through before then and asks why Holland has gone through with this, despite having no chance. In the Vodara Shrine, Norb turns towards Sakuya’s flower and says they are finally alone again. The Compac drive on his chest starts glowing. The flower pedals open up and Sakuya appears inside. On the Ginga, Dewey walks into Anemone’s room, realizing she’s already injected herself. She says she can’t fight without it. He asks what meaning there is if she needs to use such drugs. She believes in it as it’s what Dewey wants. theEND takes off. Underground, Renton pilots the Nirvash, wondering what the Promised Land is. He recalls Norb saying he doesn’t know, as he failed to make it there. Norb claimed Renton and Eureka have something they lacked. Back in the present Renton thinks of how Norb was crying. He wonders if the Nirvash is what they were lacking. The Nirvash makes it out of a tunnel and by the surface. Renton wonders where they are. The Gekko fires upon military crafts. Ken Goh tells Moondoggie to stay firm. A countdown over, the dock opens, and the typeR909 is released. Matthieu is already in the air piloting the typeR606 with Holland standing aboard it. Matthieu tells him not to die and Holland jumps towards the typeR909, making his way into it. From space above the planet, three military crafts launch 3 of the Orange missiles into the ground. Eureka grabs her head in pain and Sakuya senses it. Woz realizes a Kute class Coralian has appeared nearby. Renton says they are in danger.

Antibody type Coralians fly around the area, destroying military crafts and LFOs. The Vodarac faithful on the ground seem pleased, but are attacked themselves. Hilda, piloting the typeR808 says there’s no end to them. One attacks her but is blasted by Matthieu just in time. Several approach Mathieu’s typeR606, but Holland’s typeR909 is able to defeat them. He apologizes for being late. He tells them to hold the line to the end. Hilda thinks there isn’t much they can do, but Holland says to wait for Renton to appear. Renton calls out to them from the Nirvash. He says Norb told them to go and that he’ll open up the Zone in the Great Wall. He tells Holland that Norb stayed underground with Sakuya. Eureka says she can feel them and they should go beyond the Zone. Holland tells Talho to recover the typeR606 and typeR808. Once the Zone in the Great Wall opens they are going in. Talho appears hesitant given what’s between them. Underground, Sakuya smiles at Norb. He hesitates and the flower closes up. He asks what’s wrong and if she’s dissatisfied to be with someone like him. He wonders if she is unable to forgiven him for leaving her back here. She says if he hadn’t called her name, she’s sure she wouldn’t be here right now and opens up the flower. She hands him a book, saying it has 40 years of blank pages. He finds a heart drawn on several pages. She says she has been waiting for him to call out to her all this time. She puts her hand on the Compac drive on his chest and says they should begin, for the sake of the children. He says for their fate as well. A rainbow colored light appears from the ground on the surface. A large light emits. Eureka says this is the porolocca. Holland tells Renton he doesn’t know where he’ll end up, but to use the thing in the subpilot’s seat if they are in a bind. He says it’s something he deserves to have more than him. He says they don’t have time and must continue fighting through the Antibody Coralians. The Gekko pushes forward, attacking the antibodies. Holland heads out on the typeR909 to fight more of them close up, defeating many of them. Renton fears they will die before they make it through. Talho tells him and Eureka they are the hope of every living thing on the planet. She says they’ll be sure to stay alive until they come back and they should hurry up and go. Renton tears up. Holland says to not hesitate. The Nirvash on its own takes off and heads forward. TheEND appears approaches and Holland attacks it. Anemone says he isn’t the enemy she is here for. TheEND is able to grab the typeR909 and tears it in two. Renton tells the Nirvash to go back but it doesn’t do anything. Anemone nears in theEND and shoots at the Nirvash. Renton thinks back to Talho, then to his grandfather, and various members of the Gekko crew. He also thinks of Charles and Ray. Finally he thinks of Holland. He says they should go for everyone’s sake. The Nirvash heads into the light before it. Anemone heads after them. Both make their way through a portal, but Anemone finds she isn’t able to catch up with the Nirvash. She sees Sakuya and Norb and then Renton and Eureka. She sees the images of other individuals as well including someone grabbing her and starts tearing up. Sparks of light fall from the sky towards the city below. Tiptori steps out of a building and watches it. On the Ginga, an Ageha Squad member confirms that the Nirvash has entered the Zone and they’ve confirmed theEND’s position, but it’s failed. Dewey says he has other plans and to head back after recovering theEND. Holland sits on the destroyed typeR909 as petals fall towards him. On the Gekko, Talho tells Renton and Eureka to take care on their journey. The Nirvash continues through a portal. We see a young Norb and Sakuya walking through a green landscape. Renton and Eureka see them before them. Renton says he feels like they’ve left a lot behind them. Eureka says she’s not scared as long as they’re together. On the Nirvash, Eureka’s kids wake up Renton and Eureka as the Nirvash start descending through what appears to be a large tunnel. They depart and Renton sees the island of Japan underneath them.


We have a fairly exciting episode here as things come to a head between Dewey’s forces and the Gekko at the Vodarac Temple. This includes Dewey inciting the appearance of more Antibody Coralians, resulting in our heroes having to fight them off. Anemone also takes part in the conflict and easily defeats Holland, although is unable to catch up with Renton and Eureka. At least on this front, the show continues to refrain from showing us much of a battle between the Nirvash and theEND. Anemone has lost any hesitation in heading out to fight to the point where she’s now willingly injecting herself with drugs that she was so hesitant of in the past. Those people she saw appear to be quite the mystery. It seems like things are finally coming to a head with the story as Renton and Eureka head to the Zone. Seeing them appear on what appears to be Earth, above the islands of Japan at the end was quite the surprise.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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